iPhone X is NOT Water Resistant!

Post by Mark

Over the weekend while chilling poolside in Dubai I had my iPhone X on the side of the pool with me because I was expecting a work-related email. I didn’t think it would be an issue since I knew the iPhone X was water resistant up to 1m deep for 30 minutes and other than a few splashes every now and then, my iPhone wouldn’t be anywhere that deep. I even watched a video on YouTube of a guy submerging the phone in 20ft of water, then throwing it in the washing machine before freezing it in a block of ice in the freezer so I didn’t think a few splashes of water would be an issue at all. Turns out I was wrong because somehow my iPhone X now has water inside it.

The amusing part is that last week my mum messaged me while on vacation asking me if she should get one of those waterproof bags to use with her phone for taking underwater photos. I told her she didn’t need to since her iPhone 7 was waterproof. She was like are you sure??? And I was like yeah of course and then sent her screenshots of articles talking about how the iPhone 7 is waterproof. A couple of days later I get the message below from my sister. Clearly I got hit back with karma.

So now I’m back to using my old iPhone 8 and the smaller screen makes it feel so dated compared to the X. Not only that but I deliberately don’t have any social media apps on this phone so I feel so disconnected from people. I’ve got bowling tonight with friends and I’m having trouble organizing things without WhatsApp and I have another friend who is having her baby any day now, and she could have had it already and I wouldn’t know.

But I kinda like the phone like this since it partially feels like I’m detoxing, but also partially feels like I’m being punished for being so stupid to get my phone wet. So learn from my stupid mistake and don’t get your iPhone wet unless it’s by accident.

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  1. Arch. Visualizer says:

    Almost a month back my iPhone 128gb was almost full of memory.
    Deleting stuff back and forth I had to restart to get the phone working. Little of my knowledge I didnt know the phone would not switch on.

    3 – 5 days i had to Reboot from Itunes backup & it was hell of a task.

  2. Kuwait says:

    Interesting! Since the 7 upwards have been advertised as water-resistant.

    If I may ask, who’s fixing your phone now? X-cite? And is it considered under warranty?

    • Mark says:

      Nobody is fixing it, the phone works just my front camera and rear camera are fogged up and the screen isn’t working right sometimes. Also because of the water fog up the facial recognition was turned off by the system.

      Right now its lying in that bowl of rice pictured in the post. Water damage isn’t covered under warranty.

      • Kuwait says:

        What I mean is, your phone shouldn’t have all those problems at all – and if it does, there’s something wrong with the build quality (as pointed out by Nasser below as well).

  3. Nasser says:

    It is water resistant you just have a faulty iPhone X. Have you ever dropped it or have any cracks or dents on it?

  4. Lewi says:

    Something is really weird … This shouldn’t happen!

    I personally was on a vacation with my wife in Malaysia back in January 2018, and we went swimming and snookering.
    I used my iPhone-7 and my wife’s iPhone-8 to make a video underwater. Nothing happened to neither of the iPhones, and we are still using them until now without issues.

    This is the video I recorded underwater with these two iPhones for reference.


  5. Think of it as a blessing in disguise.

    Taking time off from your phone is really a form of detox as you put it.

    I went three whole weeks without a smartphone once and despite the first few days being kinda frustrating, I gradually adjusted and felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders.

    How long have you gone without a smartphone?

    • Mark says:

      I’ve gone 0 days without a smartphone. I don’t have an issue with smartphones or social media, so don’t have a reason to disconnect from them. I actually love smartphones always have even before the iPhone came about. I love having the ability to stream F1 TV from my phone while having my coffee at Arabica. Why would I not want that? Why would I not want the ability to connect with so many people instantly using Whatsapp? Now I miss my iPhone x :(

  6. Amna says:

    Something is definitely wrong. I went swimming and took underwater pictures with my iPhone X and it’s 100% fine. I think you got a faulty phone! Every iPhone X user I know claims to have had used it underwater and it is still working (unless we were just lucky lol)

  7. Bader says:

    Similar thing happened with my 7 Plus recently. Apparently the phone had a slight bend and that made it less “water resistant”. Got it replaced and now I’m back to using my phone in the shower again. (Personally, I would refrain from telling others the phone is waterproof though—you don’t know the exact condition of their phone or how far they’ll go.)

  8. The Other Ahmed says:

    Couldn’t you just redownload WhatsApp or any other apps on your other phone? It’s not that hard.

    • Mark says:

      Yes but as I mentioned in my post I’ve chosen not to install any social media apps on this phone. Only thing I have is Carriage and my Reddit apps.

  9. Kong says:

    Something is wrong with your phone. Every morning I shower while watching the news on Sling on my iPhone X. Phone gets drenched.

  10. Ali says:

    iPhone Xs are water resistant. I accidentally tested this with mine. Is it possible that you might’ve dropped your phone on solid ground and might’ve dented it which allowed water to penetrate it? Coz this happened to my iphone 5.

  11. Ali says:

    Sorry about your experience. I don’t think any manufacturer claiming water resistance covers it under the warranty. I’ve had a Sony Z3 long before any other manufacturer started implementing this feature and water damage was not covered by the warranty. That was like a Sony’s 3rd gen water resistance smartphone.

    I suspect in your case the rubber seal must’ve deformed because of the extreme heat.

  12. vampire says:

    i thought out generation won’t put water on their mobile phones.
    I wouldn’t bcoz It’s hard coded that water damages electric goods

  13. k-man says:

    Not saying Mark said this, but I love how Apple fans used to stick by “why need such a big screen like Android, it’s too much!” to loving the new iPhone big screens.

    • Mark says:

      The issue never was with the big screen, I don’t think anyone wouldn’t want a larger screen, the issue was with the large sized phones that accompanied the large screens. The iPhone X is different because it has a large screen but its basically the same size as the regular small iphone, thats what makes it great and why I hate the iPhone Plus so much.

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