100Gbps Internet in Kuwait Starting Next Month

Post by Mark

Kuwait is on its way to become “a country with the strongest and fastest Internet in the Arab world” through the use of optic fiber cables, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting a source close to the Sate Ministry for Services. The source pointed out that majority of the advanced countries provide Internet with a speed of 50 gigabytes, whereas the ministry will provide 100 gigabytes starting from August. [Source]

And somehow I’m still stuck barely getting 10Mbps because I live in Salmiya.

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  1. Joe says:

    Lol good luck with that, Can’t even make it up to Mb let alone Kb sometimes.

  2. BlarneyBob says:

    Speed is measured in “bits”, data in “bytes”

  3. Kuwait says:

    Kuwait Times

    A prominent MP has raised a bill in parliament to limit the speed of Internet to 1 MBPS for Expats to avoid crowding of the Country’s fibre lines. It was proposed that Citizens be able to use the remaining 99 MBPS bandwidth. It was then pointed out that the proposed plan of ‘100 MBPS’ Internet is delayed for 3 years already as it was first promised way back in 2018.

    • Mark says:

      hahahahahahaha you killed me!

    • Sulaiman-COGNAC says:

      I have a better one.

      Kuwait Times

      Kuwaiti government today implements taxes of 20% on people’s wages as well as 20% VAT, excise duties and other taxes imposed by other lading nations. MPs also implemented the gcc expats rights which includes owning your own businesses and only being allowing to own over priced apartments. MPs will also implement the gcc laws where expats critical of Kuwait get immediately deported.

      Separately MP Safaa Al Hashem is pleased with the pace her “robotisation” proposition is being implemented. The project is now 30% complete and involves replacing all expats with robots.

      And remember kids big brother is watching. Also I made intentional spelling mistakes to make it more realistic.

    • yousef says:

      You own the internet for today.

    • hd says:

      You should make a parody twitter account similar to the Onion but for news about Kuwait hahah

  4. AAA says:

    I’ll take this news with a grain of salt cause here in Salwa we got fiber optics and yet I cant get 50 Mbps that is already offered, the fastest thing I can get is 20 Mbps, Save us 5G network I have faith in the future.

    • blackswan says:

      You`re getting 20Mbps and complaining? You do realize that you are in Kuwait and you get what most of us just dream off? I`m stuck between a 6Mbps/D DSL line with a crap 1Mbps/U from MOC or the the other LIE of 4G+ which works nothing like advertised, dropping continuously and Salmiya is still far from getting Fiber.
      Be happy my friend you are years ahead of us..:)

  5. Pedro says:

    Well We Hope though I have little to no hope in this to be honest we still don’t have stable 4G

  6. Quintin says:

    100? wont happen anytime soon for the areas that most people live in.

    two weeks ago i called kems and asked them if its possible to up my fiber line a bit from 20mbps to 50mbps, im willing to pay any amount, the guy on the phone talked to me for an hour!

    he told me that the main sub boxes from the ministry that supplies the internet to the areas are capped at 20mbps per house hold (fiber,ADSL) and it cannot exceed that, i asked him what if i put in a bigger fiber box ? turns out its capped from the ministry, and less populated areas further out in Kuwait where most kuwaiti’s live get 50mbps! so this 100mbps will most likely be for the new areas.

    on the other hand, few days ago when i was next to scientific center, my phone speed test from ooredoo got 78mbps.

    • Jamal says:

      I also got KEMS internet on my fibre cable. I was not gettimg more that about 15 mbps and when I complained. Iwas told that the router provided by KEMS does not give more than that. When I pulled another cable and installed another commercial router within the apartment, I did get close to 50mbps, which was what I was paying them for.

  7. Sulaiman says:

    I’m pretty sure they are talking about Mbps (Mega Bits Per Second). No one on earth is getting 50Gbps as an internet connection, let alone 100 Gbps.

    Just to put it in perspective, having a 100Gbps connection means that you can download a 12 GB Blu-Ray movie in 1 second (Assuming you have a server that can provide you with this bandwidth).

    Small b: bit
    Capital b: Byte

  8. Varma says:

    I miss that better road network in Kuwait but Ooredoo in Qatar implemented FTH like 5 years ago and the actual speed is like advertised!

    100Mbps for QR550

  9. Manabry44 says:

    4 mb here max
    Crap as hell

  10. Kuwait says:

    I’d be happy just to get a fiber cable with no internet.

  11. vampire says:

    who r the isps?
    My internet plan costs 6.5kd/month.
    How much the fiber optic internet cost?
    A gamer would benefit from the new network but as an average consumer, i won’t pay more than my current plan.
    This suppose to happen a decade ago.. And i hate Nizha residents

  12. EveZ says:

    i understood it differently.

    Only the areas having 50 MBPS will be raised to 100 MBPS. Areas with a pre-dominent asian-expat population will continue to remain at a maximum of 2MBPS.

  13. Arch. Visualizer says:

    I get download speeds of Max to Max 3-4mb / Sec on good torrents. So yeah that’s my speed living in salmiya.

    Ooredoo 4 Kd Package.

  14. a random expat says:

    I lived in Kuwait for 5 years (till 2009) and unfortunately couldn’t get a phone line to get DSL internet because i lived in Salwa. Back then the idea that i need to be a local to own a phone line was preposterous, fast forward to 2018; “Kuwait is on its way to become a country with the strongest and fastest Internet in the Arab world” i guess salwa is not in the Arab world ;)

  15. Monstanet says:

    I think they should just turn Kuwait into one big public free wi-fi zone like it used to be in Seattle.

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