Al Shaheed Park Now Has a Tesla Charging Station

Post by Mark

A Redditor spotted a Tesla charging station in the Al Shaheed Parking lot. We don’t have a Tesla dealer in Kuwait so I was curious to how this station came to be. Turns out it was donated to the park by a Tesla owner as a way to support the growing local EV (electric vehicles) community. The charging station is located in the basement of Al Shaheed Park 1 and the spot is reserved only for electric vehicles. Owners of any electric vehicle can park their cars in that spot and use the station to charge their cars for free. And yes, you can use the Tesla charging station to charge other electric vehicles like the Chevy Bolt or BMW i3 if you have the correct adapter.

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  1. Chuck says:

    Interesting. I have seen 1 Tesla in Kuwait so far, no other electrics and I don’t think I have seen any hybrid vehicles at all.
    I have seen hybrid cars all over Dubai though.
    Kuwait has Tons and tons of old, nasty black smoke belching trucks and busses.

    Kuwait really needs to do something quick and effective to clean up their air quality. It is absolutely terrible here.

  2. Meshari says:

    There are many Teslas in Kuwait. I’ve seen Model 5 and X more times than I can count.

    The number increased significantly after Tesla Opened in the UAE.

  3. Buzz says:

    There goes our only source of income. #SelfInflictedWound

  4. Quintin says:

    only tesla i saw in kuwait is at the back of XCITE at old souq salmiya, always parked at the back somewhere :)

  5. Manabry says:

    I have seen 5 so far, 2 model x (white & blue), 3 model s different colors

  6. vampire says:

    Electric vehicles are meant to use clean energy, save the environment.
    The electricity used to charge EV’s suppose to be clean energy, i.e. hydro/wind …etc.

    In kuwait, the electricity is produced by burning fuel oil, which is the heaviest cut of the crude oil, containing more impurities and polluting substances than gasoline or diesel.

    Using EV’s in kuwait is not environmentally friendly.

    • Sulaiman-COOKIEEE says:

      I my opinion in the future mechanical cars will become the equivalent of mechanical watches. Only the rich will have them e.g Ferrari’s and AMGs.

    • Jimmy says:

      A power station is far more efficient than any vehicular combustion engine, so over the lifetime of a car, an EV running off fossil fuels is still more environmentally friendly than an ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle.

  7. Kuwait says:

    I have seen like 27 Teslas.

  8. Fawaz says:

    I thought there was a dealer ? Keep seeing those billboards around kuwait Advertising tesla car franchise

    • Mark says:

      Those billboards are advertising a Tesla car giveaway, not a dealership.

      • Burhan says:

        Further, Tesla’s business model is that they sell directly to customers. There is no such thing as a Tesla “dealership”.

        There are only two Tesla dealers in this region; Dubai and Jordan.

        You can go online and view their inventory and order directly.

  9. Kuwait says:

    Since we’re on the subject, how much would a Tesla cost here anyway, since its imported from Dubai I guess?

    I’d like to buy 2 or 3 (magazines with Tesla pictures)

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