Avenues Phase 4 New Opening Date

Post by Mark

According to Avenues, phase 4 will be opening at the end of the month. They wouldn’t give me an exact opening date but I heard from one of their contractors that internally, they’re aiming to open on March 25th if nothing changes.

All construction related work will stop on March 15th so that they can then start the cleaning process. The two photos in this post were taken this week.

Update: I received a copy of a letter sent by Avenues to its investor with an opening date of March 22nd. [Source]

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  1. Rob says:

    Debenhams have a sign saying their new store is opening on march 22nd. It said it’s in the grand avenues and I just assumed it’s in the new part.

    I asked when the current avenues store closes and they said march 18th, but not sure why as they are already merchandising the new store, tho maybe they need the staff in the new store to finalise everything.

  2. Jad says:

    Got confirmation letter that it is the 22nd March Grand Opening

  3. Silver says:

    Opening by PM on 22nd march

  4. Anony says:

    March 22nd, not March 25th. Wake up!

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