Can you guess what this car is?

Post by Mark

I spotted this while I was in Lebanon. It looks like a custom Bentley crossover of a sort but I don’t think it originally started off as a Bentley. Any guesses to what it was?

Note: I don’t know the answer but I took a peek at the dashboard when he drove by so I should be able to confirm if your guess is right or wrong.

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  1. tamerjammer says:

    looks like a Porsche cayenne

  2. mEL says:

    looks like a modded porsche cayenne

  3. buttoye says:


  4. ahmadi says:

    سبارو امبريزا

  5. Mark says:

    It’s none of these so far. When I drove by the dashboard in front of the steering wheel had like 3 dials that were standing.

  6. Milanista says:

    ita a rover…

  7. Ahmed says:

    Hyundai Elantra 2005

  8. Mark says:

    So far my best guess is a Mitsubishi Lancer based on the dashboard dials

  9. Saud says:

    I believe this was a turd and they did the best they could .. but you know the saying, right?

  10. khaled says:


  11. unknown says:

    some hooligan driving a bentley, i assume he meant it to be Bentley SUV! tsk tsk tsk a huge fail!

  12. Burhan says:

    I guess its a copy of Bently Imported from China ! no seriously China makes copy of almost all famous cars… google it !

  13. P.J says:

    Looks as if it might have some original Lexus GS300 on it ( side profile, back lights)

  14. Gohar says:

    I think it’s a jaguar. ! Maybe I am wrong…

  15. Nixon says:


  16. Shadeed says:

    it’s Bentley, but in black and white :)

  17. hamad says:

    its a BENTLEY! wtf!

  18. Azeem Mohiudin says:

    To me it seems like KIA Opirus

  19. Toto says:

    Easy. It’s a piece of shit

  20. Toto says:

    It’s very obviously a disgustingly modded cayenne – or fake Chinese cayenne. Either way. It’s 1000% the form factor of a cayenne

  21. hamad says:

    … looks like a piece of shit .. 3AGIDNY!!

  22. Vijay says:

    If you imagine the car without the body kits it looks like kia Oprius I am 99% sure about this only the spoiler and the trunk cover is of some Mistsibushi vehicle

  23. Mark says:

    Actually after discussing this with a friend, it does look like a cayenne. It has the same side windows..

  24. Larry says:

    Looks like he was going for a Bentley and Bugatti hybrid.

  25. Toto says:

    As I stated in my last post this is a cayenne. Easy.

  26. Mishal says:

    I think it’s a Bentley because of the lights on the front and back, he probably changed the suspension

  27. Rami says:

    This is a replicated ugly Bently

  28. Marzouq says:

    He needs to lower a couple of inches to look less hideous! lol

  29. Coffers says:

    Suzuki Kizashi

  30. akbar says:

    its a ducati

  31. naaah says:

    Looks like most people here do not know what a cayenne looks like

  32. yousefq8 says:

    Please send this jalopnik. I bet they’d post it. hahahah

    Awesome find!

  33. armando says:

    should be from the back window style a cayenne or a VW touareq both pre 2010 model

  34. Othman says:

    Not based on a Cayenne. The Cayenne has slightly longer windows in the rear, especially the top part. And the mirrors are mounted on the window, not the door.

  35. Ali says:

    Seen this car in Downtown. Asked the driver what his car was, he said he doesn’t know and he bought it like that. The guy driving it is definitely Khaleeji, and he was laughing when he said he bought it like that.
    It’s some Porsche mixed with Bentley, I believe.

  36. Ps says:

    It’s a Bentley modified
    Nothing great though but it’s a bently! The back lights says it all

  37. Yash says:

    An SX4 given a body of a Bentley maybe . Total fail

  38. nalth says:

    Most probably a Suzuki Liana…

  39. ashley says:

    porsche cayenne. you can tell by the rear end, width, tires and height with the hummer beside it :)

  40. leon says:

    looks like a Suzuki Lianna to be underneath it all !!

  41. abdulla says:

    it looks like a rover

  42. M3T4L says:

    All I can say that it can NOT be any expensive european car; the mentality behind such hideous and obvious fake modding is to feel a bit more interesting and a bit more flashy. So if they had a bentley or a cayenne, or even a jag or a beemer, they wouldn’t do this to it !! If they did, I say we hang them !

    I bet it is either korean or japanese. 10 KD here !

  43. VEER says:

    For sure a Porsche Cayenne but a horrible looking modified car!

  44. Miro says:

    Cayyenes got no trunk ,, more like a lancer

  45. PFunk says:

    looks like Ultima prob a 2.5 too lol

  46. abdullah says:

    i think its a replica

  47. Ahmad says:

    Porsche Cayenne

  48. umar khan says:

    ok ..give up! now tell us the correct answer..

  49. blush says:

    Looks like Altima to me.

  50. joe says:

    Its a freakin Subaru !

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