Car crashes into bakery

Post by Mark

This happened a couple of hours ago, a car crashed into a bakery at Al-Rumaithiya Coop. Check out the video below. Both photo and video are from @alihassan80

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  1. Sumsang says:

    The baker dude looks so pissed. It’s a hilarious picture.

  2. Kuwait says:

    Didn’t want to wait in line for cupcakes

  3. May says:

    He should be stripped OFF his driving license….

  4. J Cena says:

    This is what happens when booze is made illegal and therefore, no proper checks are made in this regard.
    Take Dubai for instance, you have proper laws and regulations which are strictly implemented to control and oversee such sort of issues.

    Then again, it could have been that the driver was trying to cut the queue to get his ‘sugar’ fix!

  5. Nixon says:

    Can driving get any worse

  6. stanjohn123 says:

    Maybe he thought it was a drive through Bakery

  7. BuYousef says:

    Lol @ drive through comment :)
    Love the photo.

  8. hellppp says:

    If this guy is an Expat he better pack his bags……………

  9. brownsuger says:

    How did u get instagram video to play on the blog, is it a blog-in?

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