Short Film: Rift

Post by Mark

Rift is a short film produced by a GUST student and his friends (Good Mango Productions). The short film (less than 3 minutes long) is about a young man who witnesses a murder. It’s not the first time I’ve posted their work but this is their best one yet. [YouTube]

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  1. teenum says:

    it was awesome.

  2. afroman93 says:

    The whitness and the killer were also in this samsung ramadan ad also shot in kuwait.

  3. TJC Films says:

    Pretty nice. Question though. Why would there be a shell casing on the ground when he was using a revolver?

    • Good Mango Productions says:

      Thanks! and wow that’s a good question. I actually never used a gun before and frankly have no knowledge of them. I was really bent on having a revolver used in the film and it never occurred to me that they didn’t produce shell casings in the aftermath of the gun going off.

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