Double Decker Busses Now in Service

Post by Mark

Nabil Al-Jeraisy, Vice Chairman and CEO, stated that City Bus is committed to providing world class public transportation services to its customers in Kuwait in cooperation with the Traffic Department Authority to contribute in the reduction of traffic congestion and support the environmental protection agenda.

He also affirmed to providing a better service to citizens and residents alike, and to encourage drivers to abandon their cars and use these public transport services. Here Al-Jeraisy invited both citizens and residents to try the new “double decker buses”, which will begin its maiden trip today on Route 999 starting from Sheraton hotel bus stop in Kuwait City going along the coastal road of the Arabian Gulf passing through “Al-Ta’awen” street to Fahaheel costal road ending in Fahaheel area and then return. [Source]

I doubt people are going to abandon their cars for busses anytime soon, but I like his optimism. Now the metro on the other hand, I’d use that for sure.

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  1. Dun says:

    Did they even start the metro project? Will they?

  2. zaydoun says:

    Ye Olde Double Decker Busses

  3. DeViL says:

    Saw one on Amman Street a week back, maybe were doing test runs. Good going! One double decker better than two regular on road. I wish they start a round trip on Gulf Road for simple sight seeing or enjoying the sea view from upper deck.

  4. lolno says:

    I’d use the public if they had reasonably small wait windows and a precise schedule. I’m not standing under the sun for a half an hour for a bus that may or may not show up.

    Keep German time, get German pedestrian flow.

  5. alphanso says:

    now they should put a tracker on every bus so the people waiting at the bus stop would know, when their bus is arriving.

  6. Priscilla says:

    So I travel on the bus every evening which is a nightmare as the driver is constantly speeding which results in jamming on the brakes to avoid any accident. So for those who are standing, we are thrust forward falling on top of each other. Wonder what the situation will be on the top deck.

    The question here is since the bus driver moves the bus while we are still trying to get off or on the bus (our feet are still on the steps)will he now throw the passengers off from the top window? I really don’t see how those passengers on the top deck will be able to get off with such aggressive drivers who don’t even give us 30 seconds to get off the bus.

  7. tony beckett says:

    At 07:34hrs yesterday morning I sat in the double decker bus an while on the Abdul Aziz Bin Abdulrahman Al Saud Road(i.e 30 number road Fahaheel express road) the bus broke down an when inquired with bus driver he explained while going over the speed bumps due to the weight of the engine(at the rear end) an few passengers the oil tank/component below the bus was damaged an oil leaked out thats the reason why he was slowing down and the driver had to stop the bus immediately.

    My advice-
    Double Decker is good for passengers who have alot of time to spare and should/must have bus conductors to see any mischief being done by anyone ;)

  8. Naveen says:

    Bad drivers .They dont even stop for teens and kids.

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