Dubai police and their supercars

Post by Mark

So they now have a rare Aston Martin One-77, a Bentley Continental GT, a Mercedes SLS, a Ferrari FF and a Lamborghini Aventador. According to the police chief, the police received an amazing reaction from the public when the Lamborghini police cars hit the roads in Downtown Dubai so they decided to add more luxury sports cars to their fleet. “These sports cars will not be roaring and chasing speeding motorists,” he explained. “They will be used for road security in different areas of Dubai,” he said.

That’s just insane although the amount of publicity their police force is getting because of these cars is also ridiculous. Dubai really know how to market themselves. [Link]

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  1. lahdiah says:

    Almost makes you want to break the law, just to get chased by an Aston Martin doesn’t it?

  2. MM99 says:

    Class Act! Yes the marketing is top-notch in Dubai. Kuwait snooooooorrrrrrr.

  3. xandra says:

    Kuwait follow the leader! LOL

  4. Othman says:

    Had these cars been used in Kuwait instead, I think public opinion would’ve been far different.

  5. mentabolism says:

    Kuwait had the first skating rink in the region, but everyone talks about Ski Dubai
    Kuwait had the first Tower of any kind, but everyone talks about Burj Khalifa
    Kuwait had the first aquarium, but everyone talks about the one in Dubai.
    and so on….no one knew about the stuff in Kuwait…when it was built!
    its all about the marketing!!

  6. Security Adviser says:

    I am sure a lot of cops here will be envious of the Emirati cops who get to drive these wonderful super cars on a daily basis. Imagine not being rich enough to be able to afford a Lamborghini , an Aston Martin or a Ferrari yet get paid to drive one everyday for a living. Makes me kinda wish I was a cop in Dubai.

  7. Security Adviser says:

    And oh yeah Mark its not like the Kuwaiti Police don’t have their own share of publicity that is just as ridiculous…….

    Kuwait Traffic Police are famous right now for the highest amount of expatriates they have recently harassed and also deported for not minor offenses such as not wearing a seat belt or for changing lanes without using your turn signals or for smoking while driving or talking on your mobile while driving..

  8. bader says:

    and recently added a Bugatti veyron to their fleet of popo cars. LOL

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