Ministry of Education books on your iPhone/iPad

Post by Mark

The Regional Center for Development of Educational Software (ReDSOFT) have created a pretty amazing iOS App which allows you to download all the books for all grades required by of the Ministry of Education in Kuwait. You just have to tell the App which class you’re in and then you will then have access to all the books that are required by the Ministry for that year. The App is called “كتابي” but if you don’t have an Arabic keyboard setup on your iPhone or iPad then you can search for “nader marafie” in the App store and you’ll find the app or even better here is the direct link to the App Store [Link]

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  1. a alserri says:

    such a failure , while other countries try to create cheaper tablet for the use of students, MOE puts their books on the most expensive tablet that won’t run a flash memory .. just typical

    • Mark says:

      Those “cheaper” tablets are being created for use by poor children in third world countries where they barely Can afford education and food. Kuwait isn’t a third world country.

      Secondly this app was not created by the ministry.

    • Bader says:

      Why cant you just say good job? They did something at least. Big or small progress is still progress. Wouldnt it better or our kids to go to school with a tablet that only weighs a few pounds than carrying 15 books in their backpack? They did it for the ipad maybe soon enough they’ll do it for the andriod. Just support them

      • Talal R says:

        I guess you are kinda right but we shouldn’t commend half-ass progress if it could be done much more efficiently; that’s not healthy for the growth of our society. The only reason I’m not complaining is because this is not made by the Ministry, otherwise I would’ve complained of the cheap attempt to copy down books on the iPad. Not only can’t I write on the electronic copy, but I can’t highlight anything. I can just see a big image of a scanned book.

    • aaa says:

      That tablet is easily the most used one in Kuwait, why would he want to make an app for a tablet nobody is using.

  2. شيماء says:

    للاسف وصلنا لهذه الدرجه…
    بدل ما نشجعهم على الاشياء الطبيعيه و الصحيه ، يسوون لهم تطبيقات تتلف عيونهم و تتلف ادمغتهم، للاسف

  3. Ali says:

    Great work! Any ideas if the Kuwaiti curricula are available for download as a PDF anywhere online for printing? I live in Vancouver, Canada and we’d love to adopt some of the Kuwaiti curricula in our Sunday school for kids grades 1-12. We currently use the Palestinian and the Saudi curricula but I see a lot of great work in the Kuwaiti books as well. Any help would be much appreciated.

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