Emergency Lane Accident

A friend caught this accident on video using his dashcam. The whole emergency lane rule is honestly confusing. Either open it up and let everyone use it like a normal lane or just keep it an emergency lane. Having it open during certain hours and giving it a different speed limit than the other lanes just complicates things. [Vimeo]

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you can clearly see that the guy on the right went from the middle lane to the emergency lane horizontally, what a dick move.

It all depends on where you are from the Pajero the moment it merged. Since the Pajero driver wasn’t looking when (s)he merged and was merging straight across you’d never see him/her or know until its too late no matter how slow you were going. A car that was driving at the speed limit would have probably still hit the Pajero.

Drivers in Kuwait seem to work on two faulty assumptions:

1) The other guy will stop;

2) The other guy has good brakes.

I think they should either make:
1- A regular lane since there are highways without emergency lanes on the left, like 4th ring road.
2- A carpool lane and that will help with traffic.

Carpool lane won’t work, cops weren’t stopping being driving on the emergency lane why do u think they’ll stop single drivers in the car pool lane

You making more rules that will be flouted by the local population? People can’t keep at 45 on a lane and you’re actually going to enforce a designer lane?

my father’s car was hit by some maniac, we were told that his insurance company will pay for the repairs. we got nothing and eventfully end up paying over 150kd for the repair from our own pocket, and its been over 4 years now. if u arent kuwaiti, it is best to let go, because going to the police is pointless.

My 5-month old Durango was hit in March 2014 – the police detective ruled against the Kuwaiti guy that hit me (he ran a stop sign AND turned the wrong way onto a one-way street – thus running straight into me)….about 3000KD in damages on my car….my husband is still going to court to get money from the guys insurance to pay for the repairs…..

Get full (proper) insurance next time. You won’t have to worry about who is wrong then. Full insurance pays for repairs to your car regardless who is at fault, and without waiting for any courts.

The first year. The following years you’re paying over the odds and you share a percentage of the repairs.

Either way, full insurance or not, you still have to go through the worse part of any accident. The police station.

Did the Prado intentionally crash into the Land Cruiser at the end? After the initial accident it looks like he sped up and crashed into him again.

Can’t really tell, but you will notice that as soon as someone puts on an indicator or shows signs of intention to change lane, the guy who had been sleeping all along in track beside wakes up and decides to go faster to stop the other guy from moving in … sounds confusing … well possible, but yeah, you get the idea 🙂

It’s like when someone decides to change the lane, the guy who was 5 kilometers away, and had no intention of going any faster suddenly feels offended that someone else should come in his path.

Well a Kuwaiti friend of mine was the one who advised me against using Indicators while changing lanes and now I stick to his word as changing lanes without the indicators is safer.


safer for who? for you? what about the other drivers? Because of people like your friend and you, traffic goes worse instead of improving.

No, that’s ridiculous advice!

Don’t become like that or become part of these regressive third world bullshit customs. Or I will have rant about de-evolution again.

Drive legally and safely.

Set an example of how you hope others would drive around you.

What I actually do is slightly different. When I want to change the lane, I put the lane change signal but with no intention of doing it immediately. The guy on the lane I want to go to, who till then was going at a leisurely pace, will now speed up for sure to stop you from changing over. Once he (or she) passes you, you can safely change.

the problem is the grooves, you cant do 45 or it shakes the car too much 60 is about tolerable, and you cant break because of the grooves, stupid law that does nothing except decriminalize those who were already breaking the law by using it.

I have the same questions. Is recording in public allowed in Kuwait? as i heard from a friend it is not allowed and you can land in trouble for that.

This entire emergency lane opening was a stupid, short-sighted idea that bred exactly what many thought it would: more senselessness than we already dealt with.

The highways were always crowded at certain patches because people here generally drive like morons. Cases in point:
1. You have people in the first lane who’ll drive all the way to the very end to execute a full turn across four lanes of active road to access an off-ramp or exit – and as they do, the drivers in those four lanes won’t allow the person in lane one to go so the person in lane one slows down and therefore builds traffic up behind them as they inch forward to turn.
2. One-lane exits off the highway become three lanes wide as people jump the queue and line up on the dotted lines separating the highway from the exit, therefore choking off lanes that could otherwise be used by other drivers.
3. Now that the emergency lanes are open, they’ve created another traffic buildup. For example, on the 50/King Faisal, the emergency lane tapers off around the Fourth Ring Road bridge at Khaldiya and becomes part of the first lane. When you’ve got people charging through to the very end and then having to merge onto a lane filled with belligerent drivers who won’t let the people in the emergency lane through, you’ve got traffic.
4. Similar scenario to point 1, where you’ll get drivers in the leftmost emergency lane who will move from the far left to the far right in one quick swoop.

This doesn’t include the fact that everyone in the emergency lane speeds well above the 45 km/h limit, the airborne rocks that have the front of my car looking like acne on a teenager and the jerks who use the emergency lane during off-hours and jump into the first lane to avoid a camera. These are but a few samples I see every morning and to top it all off, every single damn cop I see in their cars on the side is ALWAYS on his phone. If not, roving patrol cars just turn their lights on, scare people into some brief form of submission and then just carry on without penalizing anyone and as soon as they’re gone, drivers revert back to their uncivilized selves. The cops don’t care and don’t work to enforce the law, so why should anyone else?

Bottom line: opening the extra lane didn’t ease traffic, it just gave people an extra lane to drive like Hell in.

Opening up the Emergency Lanes to ease traffic was the dumbest thing to do as it is now misused even when there is no traffic.

Now, some people just speed insanely on those lanes…

What is worst is those lanes are not properly tarred and you have small stones flying about and hitting the windshield of the cars in the next lane…

The Emergency Lane definitely requires Speed Breakers / Bumps…

Then it won’t work as an actual emergency lane, where ambulances etc can get to where they are going quickly.

The problem is the entrances & exits of the highway! People do not know how to merge properly which causes traffic. Timing of lights needs to be adjusted properly. And some other more things to bring up but it’s useless.

You think the cops here have the brains to do something wisely?
They are nothing but a buch of idiots with Muscle pumped up. They can only show off on expats because they know that they cant fight back.

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