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The Biggest Cat Event of the Year in the Middle East

Over the weekend the Kuwait Cats Club hosted “the biggest and most prestigious cat show in the Middle East”. I didn’t know this event was taking place which is why it wasn’t posted on my weekend to do list, I just found out about it by accident while on the Madeenah Tour of Bnaid Al Gar. Turns out it was a two day event taking place on Friday and Saturday but I only got to see the last couple of hours of the show Saturday night. I was really surprised at how organized and legit the whole set up was. The event looked very intense, the cat people in Kuwait really don’t mess around, they take these competitions very seriously.


All the judges were brought in from the US and Europe just for this event, I am assuming from the prestigious Cat Fanciers’ Association since they were the event partners. The event was being held at the Safir Hotel and I just wish someone had told me about it earlier. If there is anybody from the Kuwait Cats Club here, please let me know when you have future events, it’s a shame not to share these cool events with more people.

The video on top is of the cat that won best cat in the show. [YouTube]

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I know about it :p Casper is eligible to enter and actually has a certificate from the Cat Fanciers’ Association! His mom has won this contest before, planning on entering him (maybe next year) 😀

Hi Mark,

There was the 5th International Arabian horse festival you missed.

Venue is at Arabian Horse Center Bait Al Arab Kuwait Stud Show Arena Sabhan, at the round about of Sahara golf, keep going straight and the venue is to your right. Today is the last day, it was very well organised and the event is covered live on KTV2 with some nifty drones owned by KTV.

Some details of the vent from the web…

The festival will include:

The 5th Int’l Championship Kuwait 2016 (ECAHO B-Show for all Purebreds) AND

Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse Days Kuwait 2016 WITH

5th Int’l Egyptian Event Kuwait 2016 AND

A Stud Tour to the major private farms and Bait Al Arab, Organized by the Arabian Horse Center – Bait Al Arab

I wondered why it was so busy around there. Saw the board with the cat on it. Sorry I didn’t go in for a look.

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