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Alshaya Privileges Club Card App


Late last year Alshaya soft launched their “Privileges Club” card. The card provide a number of benefits to Alshaya shoppers including automatically entering them into their monthly prize draws and giving them access to exclusive offers amongst other benefits. Back when I posted about the card their app hadn’t been released yet but now that the app is out I figured I’d post about it because it’s actually a pretty good one.

The biggest issue I have with my Privileges Club card or any other loyalty card for that matter (like my IKEA one) is I never carry them with me since I’ve got one of those slim wallets which can only fit four cards. So I end up leaving my loyalty cards at home and forget to take them with me when I go shopping. The best feature about the Alshaya Privileges Club card app is the fact you don’t have to carry the physical card with you, instead they can just scan the card’s QR code from your screen. Other benefits of the app is that it lets you know how many entries you have in their monthly draw, what new offers are available, the ability to sign up or sign out of notifications and other helpful features. It’s a loyalty card done right surprisingly. So if you’ve got an Alshaya Privileges Club card, download the app. I’m not sure if it’s available on Android but on iPhones just search for Alshaya in the Apple App Store.

Update: It’s also available on Android.

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The IKEA card is the most useless card I’ve ever used. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a 200 Fils discount on a junk item.


Can you stop them from sending SMS’s to you? I remember a while back in a post you wrote about them sending you quite a few messages.

I was told the Alshaya card is only a pre-paid debit card you use at Alshaya outlets (for some discounts), or something of that sort. And that its not a points reward card per se? Can you confirm?

And true about that IKEA card – I’ve only used it for the family meal discount in the restaurant lol

The app looks surprisingly well put together, but the program is dumb. Unlike other loyalty programs, you don’t actually get any rewards, you just enter a draw (if you spend a lot) where you MIGHT win a reward.
Thanks for nothing.

They just launched, I’m sure they’ll add more stuff down the line. Plus they do have special offers for their loyalty card holders. Like last time I think you could get a free roll at Katsuya with any order or something.

Extremely disappointed with the terms and conditions listed with the app. I dont like the idea of having to give access to my logins & passwords of other apps to them.

Where does it say that? I just skimmed through the terms and conditions and didn’t see anything about giving alshaya access to logins and passwords of other apps.

The problem with Shukran card is that you need to have the card physically. They do not accept the number or an image of the card.

Re: the Al Shaya card, where do I get it? And is it really worth it? Ever since our daughter went for her under grad, the pace of spending has dropped drastically … thankfully! 🙂

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