Every Car Needs a Lithium Jump Starter

Post by Mark

I’ve been wanting to review this lithium jump starter ever since I got it, but I didn’t have a reason to use it until last night. While leaving the gym my car wouldn’t start because the battery had died. Usually in a situation like that you’d start asking cars around you if they had jumper cables and if they could help you jump start your car. Super awkward and involves you having to rely on and get help from complete strangers.

But a few months ago I read about lithium jump starters and decided to order one to keep in the car for situations exactly like the one I experienced last night. Lithium jump starters are small lithium battery packs that you connect to your car’s battery when dead to help restart it. It’s super easy to use, you just turn on the battery pack, connect the red jumper cable to the red terminal on your car battery, the black jumper cable to the black terminal and thats it. You then go back into your car and turn on the ignition and voila! Even if you’re not a car expert its pretty easy to do.

There are different brands of these battery packs with different strengths, I got the NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB40 1000 from Amazon which has 4.5 stars and over 1,300 reviews. The battery is good enough to jump start a car 20 times and the model I got can jump start engines as large as 6 liters (so basically overkill for my needs). This battery packed saved me a lot of time and awkwardness last night and got me out of the horrible humid weather back into my air conditioned car pretty quickly. Even though it’s not something you’d use often, a battery pack like this should definitely be in your car as part of your emergency kit. You can even use it to charge your phone and has a built in flash light.

I’ve seen similar jump starters available locally, but I wanted the NOCO branded one and so bought mine from Amazon for KD29. It’s extremely well built and the overall quality of the case and cables is top-notch. Here is the [Amazon Link]

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  1. Joe says:

    One Think Mark, lithium battery cells do not fare well in high temperatures such as inside a car here in Kuwait during the hot season. Exposing a lithium battery to such extreme heat can cause them to ignite in a very violent manner!

    • Mark says:

      Don’t think thats an issue with these jump starters that are made to be stored in your car and are expected to be exposed to high temps. Check out this video where they NOCO is tested in freezing cold and hot temps (40 degrees but direct sunlight)

      I had mine in the trunk of my Lotus which is right next to the hot engine bay all summer and it’s perfectly fine, no bloating or anything. I think the issue arrises when you penetrate the battery and the Noco battery case is so well built it would be difficult to do that unless you drill a hole in it.

      • Joe says:

        Could be that the NOCO is well built but temps inside a parked car in direct sunlight during the summer in Kuwait can double the 40 degrees as tested in the video. I would for example never expose my RC cars or drone lithium batteries to such temps.

        • Mark says:

          yeah but i think there are different kinds of lithium batteries, i read there is lithium ion and lithium something else, so could be they’re using different lithium batteries for these packs.

          • Joe says:

            Your gamble…..

            • Mark says:

              It’s not a gamble, these things are meant to be kept in the car and I’m not the only one who is doing it. You shouldn’t compare these to your RC car batteries…

              • Kerkin says:

                DO NOT GET THE LITHIIUM -ION jumpstarters. you want one with a lithim iron phosphate battery (meant for faster and more demanding discharge like jumpstarts). schumacher red fuel or napa blue fuel (they are the same just different color and sale prices) i have had a blue fuel for over a year, it is great and i have used it to jump 2 dead suv batteries. it lives under my passenger seat and only comes inside once every 3 months for a maintenance charge, (not really necessary). i am in upstate ny so it has seen high temps in summer as well as sub zero temps.

  2. Sam says:

    The Lotus battery died already?

  3. Hisham says:

    Which service did you use to ship it ? shop and ship dont ship batteries any more.

  4. Fiel Jr Espiritu says:

    here in the internal review


  5. manabry44 says:

    i was just looking to buy one 2 days ago, my sister’s car battery died 2 days ago, but wanted something local, i found anker brand on blink, but this one looks better … dunno if it is available locally

  6. k says:

    i’ve been meaning to get one of these, a couple of days ago our car’s battery died and it was parked at the end of our driveway behind the other so we couldnt use either car, had to push it out of the driveway so we could bring the other one side by side and use the jumper cables, was a fuckin pain in the ass.

  7. Kuwait says:

    I got this one for my bike a couple of years back, already served me well for the bike and 2 cars, brand is REVO:


  8. izzyq8 says:

    You bought and charged it for the first time.
    You throw it into the car. Assuming you don’t use it, when do you have to charge it again? or is it that it will keep the charge for X time?

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