Shows to Watch: 13 Reasons Why, Atypical and Ozark

Post by Mark

Now that Game of Thrones finished for the season last night, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share some great new shows I recently watched.

13 Reasons Why
This show first aired back in April but I just got around to watching it a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t sure at first if I’d like it but I got hooked right away. 13 Reasons Why is about a high school girl called Hannah who ends up committing suicide. Before she died, she recorded 13 tapes with each tape discussing one of the 13 reasons why she decided to commit suicide. The show is 13 episodes long with every episode covering one tape and I loved that format. Although a lot of people found the show disturbing when it was first released, but I don’t think it’s that bad. Actually the only thing I found disturbing in the show was her suicide scene which I forwarded through anyway since I don’t like watching emotional scenes like that (or rape scenes for that matter). If you have Netflix, watch this if you haven’t already.

Atypical aired a couple of weeks ago and I binge watched all 8 episodes back to back in one day. I loved it and its right up there in my top 5 or 6 shows of this year but thats probably because the show deals with autism, a subject I’ve been fascinated with for some time now. The show follows an 18-year old high school student called Sam, who is autistic and has decided to try and find a girl friend. The result is a lot of super awkward scenes and some really great development of characters including the dad who’s played by Michael Rapaport. This show is also on Netflix, and is also a must watch.

Starring one of my favorite comedians Jason Bateman, this show is far from being a comedy. Ozark is a super dark drama in which Jason Bateman plays the role of a financial advisor that ends up relocating his family to the Missouri Ozarks after his dealings with a drug cartel go wrong. It’s such an out of character role for Bateman especially when he’s mostly know for his character Michael Bluth on the television sitcom Arrested Development. But Bateman played the role so well that now its going to be awkward for me getting used to him again as Michael Bluth when the 5th season of Arrested Development premiers. This is the last show on my list here but if you had time to just watch just one, this would be the one I’d recommend.

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  1. Sonia says:

    Yes!! I loved 13 reasons why too. I liked that this issue was addressed as bullying has really gone to another level these days. Ur older post got me to watch Unreal but i think the new season will not be aired until early next year.. Now that’s a long wait.

  2. q80 says:

    I have watched 13 reasons why.. I was hooked to it.. it is very sad.. I understand why some people were disturbed from it.. I think that parents, teachers and grownups should watch it more than teenagers.

  3. whizb says:

    Bateman plays the role* of

  4. Xtina says:

    Gonna binge watch the first season of 13 reasons why tonight. Hope it’s good!

  5. Patrick says:

    I disliked 13 Reasons Why because it featured some of the dumbest adults I’ve seen on TV. I did end up finishing it because I enjoyed the format of the show.

  6. zaydoun says:

    OZARK KICKS ASS!!! I love Jason Bateman and he’s outdone himself with this show. The scenes in which he talks his way out of trouble/beatings/death are TV gold

    I generally enjoy series and movies in which there are very few decent characters. Almost everyone on Ozark is a different kind of low-life

    Looking forward to season 2

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