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F1 TV in Kuwait Update

In my last post on accessing F1 TV in Kuwait, I wrote about how you can access it if you used a VPN and that it would probably start working with SmartDNS soon. Well two weeks later and my prediction came true, F1 TV now works in Kuwait using Smart DNS!

You no longer need to use a VPN which in my case improved streaming speed considerably. I’ve only tried it with my service (the same one I use for Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc..) so not sure if it works with another provider. [Link]

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This is random but Kuwait is on the cover of wallpaper the magazine and now has its first recommendation by wallpaper.

I’m no pro when it comes to these things, so what is the benefit of this smartdnsproxy? I clicked on the listed links such as HBO, I got to the site then it asks me to create an account? You can’t just go to the site and watch the shows without having to sign up? If that’s the case I can watch them on my free streaming site.

HBO, Hulu, Amazon Video and Netflix US require you to be in the US to access them. Smart DNS or VPN’s allow you to access these services by fooling the services into thinking you’re in the US.

Mark, under which region is F1 TV listed in SmartDNS? I couldnt find it. Will be helpful if you can post a screenshot.

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