Have you Reported Traffic Violations by Whatsapp?

Back in January, I posted about how the Traffic Department set up a Whatsapp account (99324092) where residents can report violations. I tried them once and got no response so really didn’t bother contacting them again. But, they’ve recently been reminding people about this service and they even posted the video above with some examples of violations that were reported.

I think I’m going to give them another shot, maybe starting with something easy like reporting people who park in handicapped parking spots. Oh and those guys who drive up and down the Gulf Road going 10km/h trying to chat up girls. Yup, I’m going to be a snitch. If it works then maybe I’ll have a reason to upgrade my now 6-year old dashcam with a 4K version.

Has anyone tried this Whatsapp service recently? Did they respond?

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I’ve tried them a month back for a couple of vehicles who parked overnight randomly on the middle of the road near my building. They responded with their standard reply.
No clue if the violator was fined or not.

Similar thing here, some dude was parked in the handicap spot and we sent the picture, and just got the automated reply

I have reported couple of times. especially once a private bus driver was driving rash and almost crashed into my car. I got a response on whatsapp and they confirmed that they had custody of driver.

Also, once i was in shuwaikh outside al bahar. and someone had blocked my car and no one seemed to recognise that car nor was their a contact number on the car. hence, after a good 40 – 45 mins i raised a complaint on whatsapp and there was a towtruck in 20 mins to lift the car to impound.

I’m going to report vehicles parked on the road in front of their buildings on Amman street, effectively making it a one lane street and creating bottlenecks, especially at busy times in the morning.
Also, people parking and double parking on the amman street roundabout in front of the restaurants creating a major hazard

This has massive abuse potential. Also I’m pretty sure that unless a cop goes to see the violation in person, the ticket would not be valid if you dispute it in court. I know that’s what happened with the Saudi app.

You can use your imagination.
For starters you can photoshop say a handicap parking sign in front of your bosses car.

However, more likely you can target someone you hate by just following them with a dash cam. Example: To get back at mark for posting this (and generally being a comment nazi) you can follow him with a dash cam until he messes up. Speeding, checking his phone, not signaling when changing lanes (I got a 20kd ticket for that, cop was 4ft tall). If you target someone that way it will not be long until you catch them doing at least 1 thing that is ticketable.

So instead of accepting that you broke the law and were fined for it, you decide to body shame the cop to justify yourself. Smh

lol, keep shaking, maybe something will connect and you’ll figure it out that I meant he had an napoleon complex and fined me for something that 95% of road users do 100% of the time. Shake harder.

Lol so he has a napoleon complex because he did his job?
I think its safe to say that the majority of people dont wear seatbelts for example, doesnt mean you wont be fined for it one day

Take the fine like a champ and dont be such a sore loser, next time if you want to break the law dont be dumb enough to do it right in front of a cop and then cry online about how you got caught hoping people will sympathize with you lmao

You have nothing to say to what i replied so you tried to say something clever and make a joke out of this so you’d win the arguement.
ps dont bother replying, just keep changing lanes without signaling and calling cops short, i mean its gotten you this far right? 😉

Hmm, interesting… the parking idea did come to mind and I guess that might explain why there’s not much response to parking violations (and why I’ll probably not bother sending one)
As for your video taping point, end of the day the guy ur following did an offense so fair game, not much of a system cheat

I thought the number was also for suggestions so I only used it to suggest they change some of the traffic light sequences in salmiya:)

Too many traffic lights where they have no left turn. Doesn’t stop cars turning left where they currently shouldn’t as the alternative is a long drive round the area.

It used to be like that in hawally on 3rd ring road but that was changed.

Need the traffic lights by Salam mall and on amman street altering to make it easier and give less temptation to cross traffic.

I’m a bit wary of reporting cars as theres no guarantees that you pick on the wrong car and end up with issues yourself.

If you had the same experience I did, I would question the legality of the situation.

I am an expat male and I was going on the road on the right lane. I was minding my own business when a Kuwaiti car came of left side of me and started cutting me off. I didn’t give him space because he was on my exact left side and not on front left.

He kept cutting me off to come in front of my car. I finally gave up and allowed him to pass.
Then, I moved my car to the middle lane legally. Guess what happened next, This same guy, cut me off on the middle lane in the same manner from the right side.

I kept looking at him to see if there was any problem but he gave me a look and went front. Then again he moved to the right lane.

Was it illegal? Not technically. Was it harassment for no reason? HELL YES. I didn’t know how to handle this situation because it was very awkward for me

I used it several times, got automated replys with no follow-ups on the actions taken. Will keep using it, and I hope others do the same. Hopefully it gets improved once they see a lot are using it.

I think technology is great, but rarely find it to be a solution, just an enhancement to an – functioning – analog system.

So is there a safety disclaimer you have to click to use this app?….It is not a rare occurrence for people to have verbal arguments and scuffles with government employees (policemen, even gov. doctors get attacked!!). Just imagine what you, the layman/ regular civilian, might encounter if a owner catches you snapping photos of their vehicle.

Tbh I only think this’ll work if u manage to film a major violation… like a video of a driver doing crazy shit on the highway

Don’t you know the locals, my people, are mentally handicapped? They can use the handicap parking spots as they like, kaifi

I think disabled parking should be a booking only thing where disabled people can book their spot online if they wish to show up. Otherwise leaving 4-5 spots in every parking for them is not a good idea. Plus they can always get dropped off at the vallet area or main enterance and their drivers can park in normal car spots. I’ve yet to see a disabled car take a disabled car spot. They are always empty and when they are taken the cars parked have no disabled card or sticker so it’s some normal car owners being brave.
PSA for Mark Snitches get stitches……LMAO

There are SO many traffic violations, people would be blowing this number up. But, for non-moving violations (mainly parking), like one other commenter said, unless a cop comes down immediately and tickets them, and they won’t, it’s pointless. And, honestly, if they’re as blatant as the Patrol in the pic, either nothing will be done or the fine is pocket change to them.

If they stopped people for moving violations…well…there aren’t enough hours in the day nor cops in the force to do that.

Now, if they get lots of reports for similar violations in the same area, and use that data to have more of a deterrent presence, I could see the value of adding to the “report trend”.

I pitty the one who is going to park in the handicapped parking tomorrow inside crystal tower parking.

Is there any whats app number for baladiya or any other relevant department who are responsible to maintain footpath which is not been repaired for years?

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