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Recently I’ve been doing a bit of maintenance work on my car and one of the things I badly needed to sort out was my windshield. The windshield had thousands of tiny pits that were mostly invisible unless the sun hit the windshield at a certain angle and then my visibility would completely get killed. Last time I swapped out my windshield was at the dealership, it cost me around KD180, I needed to book an appointment and I needed to leave my car with them overnight. It was just too much of a hassle which is the main reason I had put this job off for some time. But, last week a friend of mine snapchatted a video of his windshield getting fixed at a place called Glass Clinic so I decided to pass by and check them out.

When I got there and started talking to the employees I realized the place was legit so I told them to go ahead and swap out my windshield. There are plenty of places on Canada Dry Street that can swap a windshield but majority of them are pretty sloppy with their work, reuse your rubber moldings and most importantly, use silicon instead of a windshield polyurethane sealant. Glass Clinic solves all those issues.


Firstly the place is pretty clean with a waiting area upstairs that overlooks your car. They covered my interior seats before they started any work and the employees wore latex gloves the whole time while working on my car. Instead of using a silicon sealant, Glass Clinic use the Totalseal brand of sealant which is specifically made for automotive glass and is a lot safer and stronger than regular silicon. If you’ve ever replaced a windshield on Canada Dry Street you probably had to suffer with the horrible smell for days after installing the glass, thats the smell of the silicon. With a proper polyurethane sealant there is no smell. The whole installation process took around 2 hours, which is more than double the time it would usually take you on Canada Dry Street so you get an idea of the amount of care they put into the job.

I opted not to install an original Toyota windshield since it was going to cost me KD135 without installation. Instead I went with an OEM version and the final cost with installation was just KD55. Slightly more than what it would cost me on Canada Dry Street but a fraction of the dealership cost. They also fix tiny windshield cracks and they also offer the service of coming to you wherever you are for an extra KD3. If you’d like to find out more, they’re on Instagram @glassclinic and here is their location on [Google Maps]

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  1. Neo says:

    Thanks Mark … Was on the lookout for such a place…

    In your experience, who does the best value for money – car detailing here in Kuwait…

  2. ahmad says:

    Can you update us after a few weeks on how good the air insulation is. Especially at high speeds 120-140+

  3. Dun says:

    Little known fact, almost all comprehensive insurance policies will change your windshield free of charge once a year if it got cracked, without even a police report. If your package includes maintenance at the dealership, then your new windshield will be replaced at the dealership. I’ve had to do this twice with two different insurance companies. Surprisingly easy process since no cops are involved.

  4. SkyWalker says:

    That is exactly what I was looking for. I have 3 bad cracks in my windshield because of the ongoing highway renovations. And because the FJs wind shield is perfectly vertical it easily gets those nasty cracks. One question though!!! Does the glass you installed have this green shading at the top??? Or do they have a full clear glass? I hate that green shading.

    • Mark says:

      the first windshield they got me had that shading so i asked for one without it and they got me one without it.

      i also just fucking got a tiny crack tonight from a pebble so going to head there tomorrow get it sorted. seriously fj windshields get cracked so easily it’s ridiculous. my hold one had over 10 cracks i had repaired.

      • SkyWalker says:

        The roads here are in such a bad dirty condition. I always get those cracks whenever an ass hole drives fast on the emergency lane and the pebbles start flying over my windshield. Now whenever I spot one of those bastards coming on an emergency lane, I slow down and drive on the far right lane. This is the only way to minimize the cracks….

  5. JBR says:


    This post and the one on the Audi Service Garage has saved me a ton of money in the past 2 months. Thank you.

    The Beauty (or Curse, depending on your attitude) of Kuwait is that it’s filled with these little hideaways of competent, inexpensive businesses. It’s like a huge Easter egg hunt. Ha.

  6. Kuwait says:

    Can they completely repair those cracks which keep increasing? Or is it only possible to fix minor star cracks? Asking coz I have both and was thinking the only solution is to replace the glass?

    Complaining about FJ glass? Talk to Prado owners… their glass cracks if a fly sits on it!

  7. The Gorter says:

    I met the guy behind it once, I believe it was Nasser Khuraibut, nice guy. The Khuraibut’s are a very honorable and respectable family.

  8. thek5 says:

    i have that nano cermaic protection and its saved me from a lot of cracks.. but the shield is now all scratchy and what not. a viable option.

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