Detailing at the Al Falah Car Wash

Post by Mark


I took my car yesterday to the Al Falah car wash to get it detailed since everyone I know takes their car there. Marzouq posted about them before and last year it was the official Gulf Run car wash so it was a no-brainer choosing them to do the detailing.

I took an appointment on Saturday to drop off the car on Monday but I got lucky since someone canceled their appointment and I ended up dropping my car off on Sunday instead. The whole detailing process took 24 hours and when I went to pick up the car they told me to take all the time I wanted and to go over every inch of the car to try and find a spec of dust which as expected I didn’t find. They then told me to remove this small tape from the seats which revealed a dark red spot. Turns out that was the color of the seats when I brought it in and they were able to return it to the original red color. The exterior of the car got polished, the rims got polished, the seats got conditioned and the whole car was just sparkling.

Al Falah car wash

They were really great and very professional but the best part is they aren’t an international franchise but a local business. The detailing cost me KD40, originally they quoted me KD50 but since the Z4 is like half a car I was able to negotiate the price down a bit. I would definitely recommend them so try them out if you need detailing done.. They’re located in Kuwait City (if Tri-Star is on your right, keep going straight past where Al-Mulla used to be, past the first traffic light and then take a right on the second traffic light where you will find them on the right corner). You can call them on 22452432 for an appointment.

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  1. vampire says:

    how much did u pay if you don’t mind me asking ?! “

  2. Mark says:

    oops sorry forgot to mention that. just updated the post.

  3. holla says:

    Jesus fuck u need an appointment for car detailing and it takes 24hrs? It’s not in shuwaikh so that’s cool at least.

  4. T-Num says:

    Got more pics?

  5. ali says:

    next time try DITEC Car Clinic a franchise from Sweden in Shuwaik behind warah complex

  6. S E 7 E N says:

    Ali … i’ve tried DITEC 2 years ago and i tried al-fala7 car wash …. trust me they r reaaaaaaaaaally good and the owners really care about the job that gets done in the wash … try it once …. and also tell them to clean ur car engine u’ll be amazed

  7. fadibou says:

    Try Sarah Auto care in Dubai, great service,
    you just have to drive your car here.
    They are a franchise from UK (United Kerala)
    Price 600 Dhs
    Rating 4/5
    The road in and out of the shop is sandy, so forget about cleaning the tires and rims :(

  8. vampire what happen,,, suddenly you are all polite :P

  9. borzaiga says:

    i think im taking my car for detailing too!!

    thanks for the advice

  10. Sunshine B says:

    is ur car M power? what color is it?

  11. Zahed says:


  12. Mishari says:


    I think thats my car next to yours, was it a black BMW 530i?

  13. U2 says:

    What products do they use for detailing?

  14. dj_will says:

    is ur car manual transmission ??

  15. K.TheKuwaiti says:

    Al-Falah is the best detailing center I have used in Kuwait. The owners actually know what products they are using and which ones work best with your car. They even checked my paint and told me which areas I should have checked because the clearcoat was thin (from the dealer’s polishing).

  16. Mark says:

    Mishari: Yeah I saw your car there. The guy was showing me how clean your engine looked, it looked like it had just rolled off the factory.

    Dj Will: No, its not a manual manual its an SMG

    Sunshine: No its not an M Power it just has M seats.

  17. Mishari says:

    Its amazing what those guys did with the car.

    My car was already clean from the inside and the engine was ok, but after they were done with it, it really looked brand new. I might not sell it after all.

    The owner of the place is a friend of mine, and the guy knows what he’s doing. All the staff there were excellent and did their job very well. I would highly recommend to anybody wanting to clean their car (inside or out) to try them.


  18. Mr.pedro says:

    Do they Clean under the Car ?!

  19. HeartBeat says:

    next available appointment is 14/10 !!!!

  20. Mark says:

    Mishari it looked really clean and the black exterior was super glossy

  21. Mark says:

    HeartBeat: you snooze you lose, you should have called them up as soon as I posted ;)

  22. joey says:

    this is cool and all, but whats the point of doing all that in kuwait? it’ll just get dusty right away the next day. the weather here sucks, big time.
    still.. if you really recommend them, guess i’ll go for it. i’ve got an ugly stain on my backseats. ;(

  23. Marzouq says:

    I have tried multiple detailing centers over the years and just as it was mentioned. These guys know what they are doing and know the products.

  24. Meshoooo says:

    My dad told me once that this car wash/detail shop is one of the oldest if not the oldest car wash stations in the country…

  25. suspic says:

    A bit pricey.

    Any ideas how much interior only would cost?

    And the last time I went there there was only one guy at the cashier and he didn’t seem very professional. Is there a special staff for detailing?

  26. Mark says:

    yeah there is a special guy for detailing, the cashier guy doesn’t know much, tell him you want to do detailing and he will call the main guy

  27. PUX says:

    Does they have like special cleaning stuff for convertible tops ?

    Restoring the color of the top an removing difficult stains ?

    How was ur top ?

  28. Mark says:

    My top was really dusty, like you slap it with your hands and end up with a huge dust cloud. Plus had some dust stains on it but now its all clean and black. I have some minor discoloration in one area where it folds and the guy told me where i could go get dye for it but its really minor so i wont be doing it.

  29. Mansoor says:

    Al Falah is amazing. I dropped my car on 12 Oct and received it the next day with in 24hrs. It was nicely done interior and exterior both were cleaned and polished, leather smells like new. The car almost looks new now.

    Last year I got my other car done from Dawliya car detailing center (Shuwaikh) for less money but quality of work was also low.

    I will recommend Al Falah for car detailing.

  30. lfc-q8 says:

    i took my car there 2 days ago …. i didnt like thier work at all
    the car is greasy from inside and the best part when i wanted to start my car the batery was dead and the guy said oh maybe its winter now! WTF!

  31. KUMAR says:

    i am kumar staff of detaling center from alfalah car wash and detaling.actually i am going to mention about here.we have profesonal guys for the detailing depart.always we are use the american chemical which are so expensive and and realiable.we dont wants to use cheap and unrealiable as a result it will be damage.if some body wants to make good they didnot care about price.thats would be better.more service better care ALFALAH-CAR WASH

    • Chandan says:

      I have Jeep Grand Chrokee and was interested in getting the interiors cleaned.

      How much do you charge and time taken to do the work. Further where is the location of your outlet.



  32. q8 says:

    i hope i win

  33. ahmad says:

    ldo they come all they way home am lazy ;p

  34. Akbar says:

    Hi Mark,

    Which is the best place to get the upholstry done?

  35. staff of alfalah says:

    we make alot of car.but still now i couldnot find anyone person who unsatisfaction from the alfalah car wash and detailing center.if some body who wants to do the detailing.he most have to take appoitment first.because always we have remain alot of car in our appoitment.

  36. Ahmad says:

    The minimum standards of a detailing shop is to polish the car at temp below 30C and a clean place free of dust, most of detailing shops in Kuwait dont have these standards and the consumers are not educated enough about detailing there cars.
    Also the chemicals to be used and the wax to apply on the paint.

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