Bugatti Veyron in Kuwait getting $10,000 waxing

Post by Mark

Back in December I posted about a user on YouTube called paradise1man who had just received his Bugatti Veyron and shot a video of it and uploaded it online. Well I just checked his account now and he has a ton of more videos the latest is of Paul Dalton, “The worlds best car cleaner” who came in all the way from the UK to clean his car. You can check out all his videos by following this [Link]

The video above is of Paul Dalton waxing the car which alone costs $10,000. [YouTube] If it was me I would have probably gotten bored of the car a month later and just started taking it to the Bayan car wash…

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  1. attrogg says:

    Am i missing something?
    “miracle detail”…. seriously? i saw the other video with the motorized buffer but still i don’t get it. let alone the fact that if i gave the guy that does my car 10,000 dollars, no matter how good of a job he did, he’d be the happiest guy in the world.

  2. crocko rock says:

    Hi Mark, why cant we post Youtube links?

  3. Marzouq says:

    That really isn’t my type of car.. I wonder if he really drives it!

  4. Mark says:

    he also has an m6

  5. crocko rock says:

    tried posting a youtube clip and it just disappeared…..seems like your spam filter doesn’t like web links!

  6. q8dizer says:

    WoW all I see in his youtube profile is the car??
    does he sleep in it??

    10,000 $ c’mon ???
    crazy,,,,, the state shouldtake his car sell it and build an energy station. 10,000 for a car wash if I saw him on the street im gonna ram him maybe then he will spend his money on something really useful OO he can open free car wash and name it”10,000 $ car wash”

  7. Mark says:

    well think of it this way. if your car costs 10,000 you pay KD40 to wax it at some unknow local shop. Thats 0.004% of the cars cost. His car costs 400,000KD and he is paying around KD3000 to wax it by the #1 car waxer in the world, thats 0.0075% of the price of the car. That looks like a good deal to me ;)

  8. 3azeez says:

    fisag :/

  9. Bo-Bader says:

    Seriously, this guy seems to have nothing interesting in his life but his car!

    Buying expensive car in Kuwait is stupid. You never know when some idiot will cross a red light, sleep on the wheel, or scratch it with his a key just to piss you off (Happens to me whenever I buy new expensive car)!
    My next ride when I come back to Kuwait is either an M1 Abrams tank or the new Batman car. LOL

  10. ISF-Man says:

    Why!? I’m not a hater, I think it’s fine if you have a whole lot of money and you like to flash it but you need to learn how to spend it… 10k for a carwash and a wax!? how long is that going to last in Kuwait’s dusty weather? a day or two? for 10 grand you can hire a guy who lives in your garage waiting to detail your car every time you take it out.. I personally would hire one of the Victoria Secret models to wax my car in some lingerie, wouldn’t that be an interesting Youtube video? :p

  11. Dodo says:

    i really dont get the point of posting videos of all the cars i own on youtube!! psh

  12. cajie says:

    It’s his car and his money. He is free to do what he wants to do with both.

    For many, the price that we pay for your starbucks lattes seems ridiculous; but we all need our early morning fix – don’t we?

  13. Me says:

    thats a good business we should consider opening a company for such ppl … if one man can pay this much I just need to gain trust for 10 and im all set with business :p~

  14. Mark says:

    honestly I find $10,000 to wax a bugatti by the number 1 waxer in the world more reasonably priced than those starbucks lattes!

    But I agree with ISF-Man, I would rather have paid 10,000$ to a victoria secret model to wax the car hehe

  15. salah says:

    lets see now, hmm, should i go to shuwaikh , or hawally or fahahel in that car?

    i think anyone who buys that expensive cars here in kuwait is a moron..

  16. cajie says:

    You cannot get a Victoria’s Secret model to wax a car for $10,000.
    Well, at least not wearing the signature lingerie.

    Gisele Bundchen, for example, earns $5 million a year on the contract alone. Do that math :)

  17. Kuwait says:

    Is that an Arsenal bag in the hood? :|


  18. Cerebral Assassin says:

    lol @ bo-bader!!
    even the new batmobile is cheaper than this monster!! :P

  19. Af says:

    Hottest car in the world. I guess if he can afford the car. The $10,000 he can afford it If i had the same car, i wouldn’t use and cheap wax on it. WHY not get it :D Nothing wrong with the man spoiling himself.
    q8dizer someone is jealous, ram his car cause its a hot car, you are soooo mean.

  20. holla says:

    that’s cool but there is no point in doing it in kuwait because of the horrible weather and shit roads. He should have kept the money for the next oil change LMAO.

  21. Mark says:

    salah he doesn’t have to go to shuwaikh or hawalli or fahaheel in his bugatti, he could take his 4×4 or any of his other cars for that. but if he wants to chill out on the gulf road or speed all the way down to the challets, bugatti works out just nicely.

  22. 3azeez says:

    I second what ISF-Ma said.

  23. girl says:

    I know for sure the car is for sheik Hamed, only French team of mechanic touch the car …. they would not even let you touch the door

    they come from France work on it and leave…they go to his house take the car inside a close AC pick-up and take it down to Zayani, they work on it there then they take it back to his house .
    I don’t think he drive it, for him it is an investment. If he wants to go to work he takes his helicopter.

  24. paradise_man says:

    you are right mark,i am the owner of the bugatti in kuwait,holla when the next service comes i will be ready,and q8dizer if my car have bin hit i will come strait to you my friend:),and bo-bader no body scratched any of my cars here in kuwait,so i think you have a lots of people who does not like you,be careful with your cars,and girl the car have never bin to the company cause it did not reach the first service yet and there is no ac pickup here i drove it my self to the waxing place,well some of you said a wonderful things and some other were really jealous and mean as i can see,just want to tell you some thing,you did not know how much he cost me if it was $10000 or $1?and you don’t know if he was my friend or not,maybe he is making it for free you never know,i think i will keep you all guessing,sorry if i said anything hurt your feelings,but i love you all and god bless you,good luck and have a nice day.


  25. Moe says:

    man stop video taping my car :P

  26. Q80 BOY says:

    WOW, An owner of a Bugatti Veyron has commented on
    That is an achievment for you Mark

  27. Salbader says:

    alla iyhaneek Paradise man… i think you should call Jeremy Clarkson and let him pass by since he is in AbuDhabi checking out thier Cars, and let him see what we got !

  28. 3azeez says:

    “you did not know how much he cost me if it was $10000 or $1?and you don’t know if he was my friend or not,maybe he is making it for free you never know,” -paradise_man | June 2nd, 2008 at 1:40 pm

    “paul dalton miracle detail is using the crystal rock wax the most expensive wax in the world $10000 on the bugatti veyron.” paradise1man May 31, 2008

    nuff said i guess.

  29. 3azeez says:

    Salbader, I already emailed Clarkson about this. no kidding. heh.

  30. moose says:

    hey paradise man mind giving me 10,000 kd to wash my car.

  31. TanGo says:

    Sheikh Hamad reads 248am! Interesting!!

  32. ISF-Man says:

    everyone reads 248am you’d be surprised ;)

  33. UncleBenz says:

    Give me this car and I would lick it every time it get dirty!

  34. Mohammed says:

    The car costs 424,000 didnt Zayanni announce that in their press release when the very same car white/gold came out any ways I dont care if its a penny more or less. Congratulations to the owner, do as what you do and never economize on luxuries and continue to enjoy the car in the best of health.

  35. Dodo says:

    paradise1man plz i want to see ur car bshare3… i never saw a bugatti bshowari3 ilq8.. wedi ashoof 9ara7a :/

  36. The Dude says:

    @ paradise_man

    nice post, amazing cars you have! and you have chosen well for keeping them in pristine condition. Ignore the jealous comments!

    @ everyone

    check it out:

  37. Me says:

    Well why can’t you ppl Leave the car alone….. and the MAN …. its his money and his car and he can do whatever he wishes……

  38. lawyer says:

    mark chayeck 3ala alryal ba3ad shahr akeed sar feh shay mn e3yoon alkuwaityeeen

  39. Zahed says:

    walaa maa 3indikom salfaa i wish him all the best walaa let the guy enjoy it o i7naa shakoo feeeh sidg 7asoodeen.

  40. punky says:

    at least Paradise Man is taking care of his car. How many great cars are left in the sun and dust! Keep doing what you doin, o ma3laik min a7ad. Too many haters!

  41. 3azeez says:

    ٍSo.. this is really not a $10,000 wax!! We got confused… and apparently so did paradise man! Its £10,000 ! >_>

  42. DarkWolf80s says:

    seems like someone hit a gold cash jackpot to be spending all this money. :)

  43. paradise_man says:

    well 3azeez,if some body saw you talk like that they going to think that you have paid for it from your own bank account,i think there is many different things to keep your self busy with,well people of every country he have bin too were proud when the best car detailer came and visited their country,but here we found a different reaction for it,im really sorry for you 3azeez,hope you will be better in the near future,good luck to you all.

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