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First Impression: Asus Eee 900

Asus Eee 900

My Asus Eee 900 arrived today from the States and its amazing. I had seen the previous version of the Eee with the smaller screen but the new 8.9inch screen with the higher resolution is wayyyy better. Like most Eee users have mentioned before, the keyboard is tiny which is going to take time to get used to. Currently I am touch typing this post from my Eee and I am doing fine except every few words I hit a wrong letter or two.

The size of the actual laptop is really tiny as you can tell from the picture above. Its a one lap laptop! I have the 20GB version of the Eee that comes installed with a custom Linux OS and I think its really cool so far. Boot time is like under 30 seconds and FireFox is runs great. I am really loving the Eee.

The Eee cost me KD140 and you can purchase it from Amazon:
Asus Eee 900 with Windows [Link]
Asus Eee 900 with Linux [Link]

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But practically, what exactly would you use it for?? I’m guessing its made for people who commute or travel a lot?

i had a talk with the guys selling it at harrods .. they only had the older version however .. he highly recommended i get this version you have, but said if i were to get the Microsoft version, i should upgrade it to 2gb ram … so instead of going through all this hassle .. !! is the linux user friendly and doing the job for u ?

the linux os the comes preinstalled is EXTREMELY user friendly.

eddy: its perfect for travelling, carrying to the office, university, school and just browsing from anywhere int he house

Mark I had The Eee the 7 inch the battery Sucks even ! Beleive me 140 KD ?? Do you beleive in a Good Performance .. Give me a Break ! Better Check The Lenovo Guys and Give me ur Comments .. Mark Just Post About The Lenovo and all the specs please im trying to gather more info .. if u can please post us a Brief info

Jassim u r not making any sense. what the fuck does good performance have to do with an Eee? u really dont need much to run firefox and word. Lenova is a windows based computer and i am a mac user so why do i need a lenova. 140kd for the 8.9″ eee is a good deal.

so ur buying a pc just for firefox and word ? dont u download torrents ? dont u watch movies ? maan although ur a mac user ur not using mac ! ur using linux ! ok it is similar to mac but alot of softwares are not compatible with Eee ! and if u run windows xp it will be much slower .. although Eee looks Great and its cheap but Man what about Quality ?? The Material is Low Quality .. Anyways Mabrookon ur Eee .. Hey Today i found 2 New Mobiles in The Market The Nokia 5000 and N78 .. available and Released in Kuwait .. There is a Cool Feature in The N78 Which is FM Transmmiter .. 220 KD in Sharq and the Nokia 5000 is an ultra Slim mobile and really cool for only 49 KD similar to Nokia 5310 Xpress Music .. Check Them out im Really Looking Forward For new and Cool Gadgets and if u want me to send u e-mails with new cool stuff such as Pcs Mobiles Aircards Wimax Routers and other Cool Gadget to post in 248am . .

this pc should go to africa, its stupid to have something like this and you can have something better with same or little over this price.

hohooo please enlighten us all. what other laptop in this size is better than the eee and doesn’t cost at least twice as much? The only other competitor is the Hp Mini-note which costs a 100$ and has half the performance.

I wouldn’t buy one of these right now. The Eee strikes me as overpriced for what it is. The keyboard in particular is uncomfortable. A number of products are about to come out that look more appealing – I’m thinking in particular of the MSI Wind, but Dell and Acer are also entering the market, which should shake things up.

Thats pretty cool, but I’m going to wait on these mini-machines for now. I know I’m going to get one I just don’t know when.

I’m going to give them at least a month, then there is the MSI Wind which also seems to be in the same league..

In the beginning the thing i struggled with most was the shift and up key are the wrong way round, easily fixed with a re-mapping of the keys.

well … to be honest i didnt use it, but my friend got one and it didnt attract me cuz of the screen!! am in love with my MACBOOK 🙂

classy you sure it was the 8.9inch version and not the 7inch? if your had it over a month ago its most probably the 7inch version.

Mabrouuuuuuuuuuuuk Mark… it’s really nice and nshala you’ll write good stuff with it ; ) .. good invest : P

emmm… yaaa my friend had it a month ago, but does that make a difference ? she bought it from the states not through amazon.

Yeah the Asus with the 7″ screen has a lower resolution and i didnt like it. the new one has a larger 8.9″ screen and higher resolution.

congrats. btw is it compatible with the e-go/w-net devices? and what distro of linux is installed on it?

honestly i dont know. i havent used much linux before and so i wouldnt know. i do know that frankom has gotten ego to work with linux before.

I was just going to buy the Asus 900 but the Asus 901 will be launched today it has the Atom 1.9Mhz chip and blue tooth plus some design enhancement for almost same price.

By the way although the machine is tiny but it has lot of potential, check out on youtube what kind of modifications some geeks did.

Also you can easily upgrade the memory to 2GB

I will wait for my Asus 901 😛

Also you can install windows XP on it with no problems and you can use it for more than browsing!

Mini afforable laptops is the trend now and you will see a lot of them soon but Asus will always be the best.

Mark ..

Just saw your Miskan blog .. its really amazing, and whats really dazzeling is your huge committment to the project. i bet it was hard but you really did it. am empressed!

Congrats Mark, am thinking of getting one of them from Urica today but i realy need to know if its compatible with the e-go/w-net devices also if they have the 8.9″ version.
please advice people!

not too sure. you can check hawalli, it was just recently made available in the states but the guys from hawalli might have gotten early version from the far east. Just check the battery and make sure its the 5000 something version not the 4000 something version. the early releases in europe and far east had the smaller battery.

Congrats. Good to know it is working for you. Some people think just because they use or own something then everyone is stupid not to use it!! Don’t listen to them, if it works great for you then don’t regret anything.
These people reminded me of a friend who open a car showroom and only sell cars that he likes and never sell other cars even if they make him a big profit. Eventually, he closed the showroom because the cars he liked didn’t fit other people needs and taste!! It was hard lesson for him.

Hey Mark,

I’m really glad you showed a photo of it with the Nokia..I have the same phone so I can see that the Eee 900 is too small for me. I was actually planning on buying the same laptop this month cause I trust your judgement.

But it is too small for me. Can you recommend a full size laptop (from Amazon) around the same price??? Please?? Thanks!

if you are looking for something larger try the MSI Wind. Its not available on amazon yet but its supposed to cost 500 bucks and has a larger 10inch screen

Mabrook Mark! you made a wise buy with the eee. i have a 7 and im loving it. oh yeah and you got the math wrong 😛

guys amazon is nice and all but you need to do some research! you can get almost anything in Kuwait for cheaper (if you include shipping expensive)

No more Eee PC 900 20GB on Amazon and the new Eee PC 901 will take sometimes to be available in US Market : (””””””

UncleBenz the 20GB has been out of stock since it got released. You just have to keep checking to see if its back in stock or not, thats what I did and got lucky.

hey man! i just checked out the asus eee 900! i mean it looks pretty wicked! but its the keyboard thats such a pain.! a friend of mine just brought the msi wind! dude! even though its just an inch! larger! still prefer it over asus.. check it out! you wont regret it 😉

also i read on tomshardware that the atom 1.6ghz is actually slower than the celeron 900mhz available in the Eee. Still waiting for the Eee 901 to come out so people can start benchmarking them.

Well Mubz, your friend is a miracle worker. From Australia as well! I think you might find you have your wires crossed. Neither love nor money will get you an MSI Wind right now let alone on the 3rd!

My two cents on the subject of the Eee PC 900/901/1000 vs Lenovo U110B: They are both small and portable but one is in the $500-700 range and the other is closer to $2000. Yes, the latter is more powerful and more versatile. Not sure if I’d want it as my primary (desktop replacement) computer, but it costs at least as much as a primary desktop computer. If one wants a small lightweight computer to do basic tasks that is easy to carry around and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, then the Eee PC is your choice. If you want the power of a desktop computer in the Eee PC-ish form factor, then the two-grand Lenovo is your choice.

Usually if you want small and powerful (Lenovo) you have to pay more than you would if you want big and powerful (desktop computer). With the Eee PC, you now have an option if you want small and adequate but not too expensive.

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