Landcruiser FZJ – From Kuwait to Barrett Jackson

Last December, @classic_rides_q8 started posting pictures of his 1994 Landcruiser FZJ with Kuwaiti plates but all the photos were in Arizona. I’ve never met the guy but we’ve been in contact for a few years now through Instagram and it was because of his account I was able to find my first Datsun. So I sent him a message asking how he got the car to the States and he told me it was was a simple process using a RORO service and it cost him only $3,500 including taxes.

I think his plan was to use the car while he was there and then sell it before coming back to Kuwait. That plan changed when the car was accepted at the Barrett Jackson auction, the worlds great car collector auction. The car went on the chopping block and quickly sold for $38,500. You can watch the whole thing unfold in the video above which was originally posted on his Instagram account. It’s a pretty good-looking Landcruiser.

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Not worth it to be honest for the seller. After deducting the shipping cost, and auction house fees. It would have brought more if he sold the truck locally.

it would have sold for like 4-5k here which is $16,000

lets calculate how much he made selling in the US (keep in mind he didn’t send the car to the US to sell for profit but instead to use and then sell before coming back)

Sold $38,800
The auction fee is $3080
shipping and taxes were $3,500

Total pocketed: $32,220 (KD9,980)

So he basically sold it for double what he would have made here.

Stop showing off about exchange rates. The euro, dollar, and pound are currently being equalled to bring in the one world currency

just spoke to him, since his first experience of shipping a landcruiser and selling it in the States he’s helped 10 other landcruisers get to the states.

sounds like one of those animal rescue groups in Kuwait that save dogs and cats by finding them a home in the states lol

Used up trucks, yeah not worth anything. But the rare ones in mint condition are sought after and expensive. Either here or US.

Sports cars are undervalued here because of shitty roads and garages.

You keep repeating the same thing over and over as if that will change things.

The guy isn’t an idiot, he’s more involved in the landcruiser market than you are. He has also shipped 10 more cars this year to the States so not sure why you think you’re more of an expert in this subject matter.

If you think the car would have sold for more money in Kuwait, that’s really just your opinion, but in no way is it the reality of the situation.

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