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Here is another activity to add to the list of things to do in Kuwait. ProDrive Academy recently soft launched and are offering drifting and manual transmission driving courses.

Drifting Courses
They have four stages of drifting courses with each stage being more advanced. You learn to drift in a Nissan 370z and the prices are as follows:

Stage One: 3 hours long, costs KD130 and includes 2 new fresh tires
Stage Two: 1 1/2 hours long, costs KD100 and includes 2 new fresh tires
Stage Three: 3 hours long, costs KD130 and includes 2 new fresh tires
Stage Four: 3 hours long, costs KD100 and includes 2 new fresh tires

They have a package deal where if you decide to go with all four stages then the total cost would be KD400 instead of KD460.

Every Tuesday from 5PM to 11PM is an open drift day in which anyone can bring their car to the ProDrive circuit and drift. The cost to take part in that is KD30.

Manual Transmission Courses
With manual transmission courses they charge by the hour and depending on how quickly you learn the less time you need. They offer lessons with three different car options:

Nissan Pick Up: KD15/hour
Jeep Wrangler: KD20/hour
Nissan 370z: KD30/hour

If you’re interested in the above you can call them on 60049000 or 60604418.
For more information on ProDrive including a map of their location, check out their instagram account @prodrivekw

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  1. Kuwait says:

    Do they also teach how to drive sideways, on 2 wheels? Would really help me in peak traffic that’ll be upon us after Eid.

  2. T-rex says:

    every man here knows how to drive manually

    • Nicolas says:

      Do they teach how to drive manual when smoking cigarette and talking on the phone simultaneously? Once saw my Kuwaiti friend trying this combination on his old car when his new car was in service… Wasn’t pleasant to be on passenger seat when he was doing that :D After that I realize why manual transmissions isn’t popular in Kuwait :D

    • Sh says:

      Why would every man “here” know how to drive a manual car?

  3. mak says:

    good luck elberk!

  4. Ali says:

    Guys.. I can teach y’all how to drive a stick shift. I’ve been driving stick shift since I got the license (back in my home country). And let me tell you, stick shift is a thousand times more exciting and fun and engaging to drive. Your car, just one to two sessions, absolutely free.. I wish we had more manual cars here in Kuwait..

  5. Eric Sansonetti says:

    I’ve been here to the “Open Drift” three Tuesdays in a row. I can promptly say, it’s amazing. I used to Drift in Texas almost 3 years ago, and coming here with Fahad was phenomenal! I was given the keys to someone’s 350z and literally had a blast. I only did 3 laps, but had a blast. I’ll be getting back into drifting as soon as I purchase my own car out here. Pro Drive is an amazing complex and it is worth a visit!

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