Mercedes Dealership Now Open in Avenues

When I passed by they had three cars on display, the new GLE, G-Class and the new A-Class. Such a smart move.

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Smart move because you don’t have to go to them, they’ve come to you. You’re already going to Avenues and now they’re there. It’s great for brand building because now while you’re shopping at Avenues you can just walk into the dealer and check out what they have. A lot more people will be spending a lot more time with their brand now that they’re in Avenues. Even those who aren’t interested in buying a car. Previously you’d only visit their dealership if you were looking for a car and if it was in your budget, now everyone will get to spend time with their brand even teenagers and people who weren’t thinking of changing their car.

I see the logic however based on my first hand experience elsewhere for such showroom to achieve “brand building” you’ll need excellent representatives. Polite, friendly, approachable, professional, and knowledgeable representatives are necessary.

Unfortunately, from my local observation… that showroom will likely end up with a female rep which was hired purely for the shape of her butt, a rude car enthusiast whose greatest achievement is drifting Mitsubishi Colt in a roundabout, and that extremely friendly totally lost guy who is excellent at greeting you and taking your contact details to provide you with answers to your questions but you’ll never hear back from him ever again.

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