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New Rules for Leaving Kuwait by Car

I recently heard that any expat wishing to travel by car outside Kuwait now requires a car “TripTik”. No idea why they announced this new rule but it basically means you need to get an additional paper now for your car before traveling.

A reader recently had to get this paper done at KIAC and this is what he shared:

There are 2 options for the TripTik, 1 month & 12 months validity. 1 Month was recently introduced by KIAC on announcement of this new rule to make it more affordable for expats, but if you travel a lot you should get the 12 months validity. The TripTik will be stamped entering and exiting the border similar to a passport.

Here is what’s required:

For 1 Month
Fee: 20KD
Deposit: 50KD that you’ll get back when you’re back from your trip
Paperwork Required: Civil ID, passport, and car registration

For 1 Year
Fee: 50KD
Deposit: 50KD that you’ll get back when you’re back from your trip
Paperwork Required: Civil ID, passport, and car registration. In addition to that you also need a Kuwaiti guarantor as well. The Kuwaiti guarantor needs to have their Civil ID as well as salary certificate.

Issuing the TripTik takes a few minutes after submitting all the correct paperwork.

In case you’re traveling by car, please double check the above information since it might change over time. You can contact KIAC on 24827524 if you have any questions or visit their website

As someone that travels often by car I’m personally really annoyed by this.

Thanks Uzair

UPDATE: According to a number of readers, they were able to travel to Saudi without requiring the TripTik. So looks like it might not be required or they haven’t started requesting them yet.

UPDATE2: I just went to Saudi yesterday and came back, didn’t require TripTik and nobody asked me about it either.

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Could you provide official news from any source? My friend returned from Umrah last Saturday, and up to that point, there were no charges incurred.

if you’ve double-checked with KIAC, what’s the procedure? Is it at the border, or do we need to show up at the KIAC location in person?
And if it’s valid for a month, is there a 50 KD deposit required for each trip outside Kuwait during the same month?

reas0n f0r this new rule ?
It will be difficult for many travelers t0 dep0sit and getting the kuwaiti Guarant0r :-s

I read all the posts online and made myself a triptik this Thursday. Some of my friends were like you won’t need it. I pass through Khafji on Thursday and no one asked me for it. 20 KD down the drain.

There is no official news anywhere? Never heard, nothing on their social media or website. What’s the purpose of Triptik? Is this same as CDP? Is it for all GCC countries?

shoooops…! It was the Saudi visa which was the unbeatable hurdle until 2 years ago.. (for us poor Indies). Once that was taken down by authorities somewhere someone got the itchy pitchy to bring in some sweet regulation (god knows what for). If it was for a new-found revenue wallahi why the guarantor!? I still get nightmares from the hardship I had to undergo when I was told I needed Carnet to enter Jordan. Actually it was not needed- a realization at the border 😐 On the very eve of my trip I managed to get the guarantor through friends’ help..

can someone elaborate? is this some sort of insurance? i paid vehicle insurance on my way to saudi at the saudi border…what is this?

Kuwait always finds a way to complicate things and now some citizens will make money off expats by being guarantors smh then they’ll have a crisis where a lot of Kuwait take money to be a guarantor just like the visa crisis where Kuwaitis sell visa

Then they’ll ban traveling by car all together just like they stopped issuing most visas 😂

I really have no idea wtf goes in their head while making these rules smh like make the fees 100kd if needed by why tf do I need a guarantor specially a Kuwaiti now makes zero sense

I would not be surprised if this TripTik gets ignored, like if it never existed. Somebody would show it at the border and the officer won’t event acknowledge it 😕

A friend of mine exited on Thursday and returned on Saturday. He didn’t require. I am confused as I am heading to Bahrain on thursday

My trip to Ksa and Bahrain summary
1. Carry cash ( kwd /riyal / BD coins for parking in manama)
kd 13 for ksa car insurance I had only 12 kd cash but insurance officer was nice and he discounted 1 kd
2. No one ask for triptik even I made it one from Hawally ( 35 kd for 1 year without guarantor+ kd 3 for additional driver ) before traveling
3. Kuwait Saudi board waiting line time from 1 hour to 3 hours be ready for it
( I reach Kuwait boarder 4:45pm and I crossed ksa border around 9.15 pm )

wait, so you’re telling me I need a Kuwaiti guarantor even though im driving a car that is under my name out of the country for a weekend getaway?


I always use to wonder “this Kuwait border security guys must be super annoyed from the fact that many expats are crossing the border for weekend getaway” at last finally they came up with something that they can make money and at the same time prevent expats leaving the country.

This is my first time to heard this protocol, could give as a link where I can its legitimacy? Don’t they need a visa for expat (not gcc national)?

@Mark have you noticed how the memo looked so informal (i.e., its not on a ministry letter head and its without an official stamp). Could be hoax!

Since the powers that be have stopped issuing physical driving license to expats when they renew, expats won’t be able to drive their cars across the border anyway. So whats the point of this anyway.

Along with this rule, the ministry also announced that expats have to use the driving license issued by their respective home countries. So even if they don’t ask at the border, what happens when you are asked in Saudi? I was stopped on one of my trips by the Saudi police and they asked to see my license. What to do then? Since I am an Indian, can I drive a Kuwait registered car in another country on a license issued from India?

Download the Kuwait Mobile ID App, your driving license is there. The only issue with a digital driving license is I’m not sure some rental offices in Europe or the States would accept it.

I am aware of that. I have it downloaded. The concern that I have is the ministry has specifically stated that expats should use licenses from their home countries to drive outside Kuwait. Which I assume includes GCC as well. So technically I cannot take my car across the border once I renew my license in a few months time. So unless I can confirm for sure I can drive in the GCC on a digital license, I guess no more road trips for me.

I think you’ve misunderstood what they said. They’re basically saying if you need a physical license for driving abroad then use your license from your home country. They aren’t banning you from using your digital license abroad and your digital license has the GCC logo on it as well.

I can confirm that.

Got mugged in Chicago last Summer, turned up at Alamo with police report as proof of mugging, mobile ID and International Driving License / Permit and the mobile ID was not acceptable in Illinois or New York. Also tried AVIS where I am AVIS preferred where my UK driving license is on file to get the same answer – no hard driving license, no rental.

Please post about this when you get it done Mark. My physical license expired, and I want to rent a car in Germany this summer. I never had an international license, but I remember seeing one years ago, and it was just a bunch of papers, no card, nothing laminated.. not sure if that’s still the case.

Even with the International License / Permit paper copy from KIAC, the above car rental places wouldn’t accept alongside the mobile driving license. Insisted on hard license or no rental

Hi. Where exactly does the ministry announce these things? Is there an official channel for these announcements that we’re supposed to be following?

Any update guys? I called KIAC this morning they argue that this CDP is required. But my company confirmed me that the GCC pass they provide me under my name is enough. The CDP seems to be necessary only outside GCC (like Iraq, Iran). Don’t want to pay extra fees if not needed. Thanks to anyone that can update!

My company (national oil & gas one) just confirmed me officially that the GCC pass they provide me with my company car is enough and that no other paper is needed.
On another hand if you check the website of KIAC, only few countries around need a CDP certificate (appearing yellow on their map). Saudi is in blue and obviously does not need such document. This is why recent travelers to Saudi did not get any issues. It is not needed.

Again, that WAS the case. This is a new rule that just recently got released so your company might not be aware of it yet. The KIAC website is not updated, please call them for the latest information.

I just followed the advises and get the TripTik done today as i will travel this large week-end. It took around 30mn total to get it done, with the fees as mentioned by Mark earlier. Straight forward process.
Many people there were commenting that it is new rule implemented beginning of January.
Will try to pass the border without showing it on Thursday morning and keep you updated in case it is required.
Good week-end to all!

Please make a post on how to apply for the visit visa under the new regulations 🙏 step by step starting from the meta app! It will go viral

I assume its more like the compulsion for fire extinguishers couple of decades ago.
It will be a requirement that will be forgotten

I traveled out of khafji border on Thursday morning
They didn’t ask for this
Even I got this done at the Shuwaikh branch

When I went to the Kuwait automobile at Shuwaikh they’re like oh we’ve had few people return from the border etc it’s entirely your choice but what a
Waste of Money and time!

Left Kuwait thru the khafji border on Thursday morning
They didn’t ask for any of this
Went to the KT office in shuwkaikh and they’re like you need to get it done , customers are returning from the border etc
Waste of time and money

Hi, travelled out of Kuwait via khafji border Wednesday morning and it was normal process,no triptik was asked .Safe trip ,take care

Mark, I recall how your vehicle got sand blasted on your first road trip to Saudi. Did you manage to get it fixed?

I might take a road trip soon, so thinking if I should just rent a car for the roadtrip; seen some ads on Insta.

I have travelled out through Nawaseeb Border to Saudi on 8th Feb and back on Sunday. Nothing was asked other than Car Registration.

Today 20th March, at Salmi Border they are stopping all expats for Trip Tik. Only Kuwaiti People are going without this.

Today, 22nd March,2024 at salmi border was asked for Trip Tik… of which we had no clue. He however let us go saying get it done when u travel next.

I (An Expat) have travelled on 28th March 2024 to Saudi on Umra trip. Nobody was asked about Trip Tik other than Car registration, Civil Id and Passport.

No one asked this in khafji but had this hurdle in the northern border while travelling. The rule is crappy by itself.

It looks like they implent this rule n0w. Who ever is cr0ssing fr0m Slami b0rder. KT is must. Whereas, Nuwaisin b0rder is n0t asking.

We were stopped at salmi border,and were asked to present the kriptik paper (KT), and almost 15 families were struck similarly there

We tried all means but ,being expats were not allowed,where as all citizens were allowed.

Then we returned and travelled to the Nuawiseeb land boarder, where everyone was allowed,

So please avoid salmi boarder if you are an expat.

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