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Café Kitsuné is Opening Tomorrow

Café Kitsuné, the popular sub-brand of the trendy French-Japanese lifestyle brand, Maison Kitsuné, is opening in Kuwait tomorrow (Sunday).

Their first location in Kuwait is opening outside the Abdullah Al-Salem Co-op and has a trendy interior with the Sadu pattern incorporated into the ceiling. It was designed in house by Café Kitsuné, but project managed locally by @soufikw.

For those of you who are fans of their music playlists, I was told the local playlist is controlled and streamed directly from Paris. So expect the same style of curated music.

They’re one of the cafes I tend to pass by for coffee while I’m in Paris, so it’s pretty cool that they’re now opening in Kuwait. If you want to pass by, starting tomorrow they’ll be open from 10AM to 10PM.

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The weird thing about Cafe Kitsuné is that the best thing about them is not their food or drinks (although they’re great), it’s their PLAYLISTS. They curate and produce the best music.

I still can’t wrap my head around them being here in Kuwait.

mark off topic… do u have any old pics of the main post office in malia the one near the bus stop and kfc…..can seem to find one…

I arrived there at 9:45 and there was already a little bit of a line out the door. The place was and still is packed.

But it was so, SO worth it! Having their Chocolat Noir after so long was such a nostalgic trip! And the playlist did not disappoint of course.

Still can’t believe it’s here.

is there something wrong with the comments? on the outside it says there are 12 comments but when i click on the comments button it says theres 10 comments

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