The New Scrap Yard Location


Back in April the government forced all the scrap yards in Amghara to close down and relocate to a new location further up north near the Saudi border. The previous location used to be located off of the 6th Ring Road, around 10-15 minutes from 360 Mall but the new location is around 45 minutes further away from that location. I’ve been wanting to visit the place but I kept putting it off because I thought it was too far away until yesterday I decided to finally check it out.


Before I headed out I filled up my car with a full tank of gas, got a few bottles of water with me and set up a music play list. If this was going to be a long trip I wanted to make sure it was a comfortable one. The location of the new yards was on the same road as the Ali Al Salem Air Base, an area I know pretty well since it’s where I usually drive to when I take cars on a test drive. It’s very easy to get to, you just take the 6th Ring Road and drive north until you see an exit for Ali Al Salem Air Base, you then take it and drive 30 minutes further down past the base until you see the scrap yards on your right hand side. It’s not complicated and I have the exact location linked at the end of the post.


Once I got near the scrap yard location I noticed a small sign on the main road, it had a Mercedes logo and an arrow pointing right so I exited the main road headed down a dirt road towards the area. It suddenly felt like I was in a post-apocalyptic future where I was driving in the middle of the desert looking for supplies and I just found this small lawless city. It literally was a city in the middle of the desert surrounded by sand on all four sides.


When I finally got to the junkyards the sight was very familiar, different fenced up yards all located side by side with each one specializing in a style or brand of vehicles. I wasn’t looking for anything so I just drove around scouting the area before heading back to the city.

The journey really wasn’t bad at all, there is never any traffic on that road and it’s really peaceful. If you’re interested in heading out there, here is the location on [Google Maps]

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Depends which border crossing you want to go to, the current location of the scrapyards is close to the Saudi border on the west and from my place it means heading northward. Google map of Kuwait…

The old location actually gave me an option to buy something for 15 rather than 25-30 lets say.

The new location however makes it not worth the amount i save unless I’m getting a lot of things.

Allah yir7am ayam da3amiya b 5 kd 😛

I still wonder if they are as expensive as they used to be, I tried several times to get things from the old yard just to find that they are too expensive and was better off buying it in Shuwaik, I would not drive all the way to the boarder just to find that a used scraped parts are 70% of what a new one cost

I support ATG..

I Just stopped going there long time back once I realized that i paid 25KD for a 17KD tail lamp at the dealer.

i feel like they purposely took it as far as possible so you would go through the hassle of buying the parts you wanted from the dealership

Does anyone know how i contact the scrap yard to come get an old beater from me. It is park in a friend’s garage and i would like to get rid of it. Thanks for any help

Hi mark,
I am an engineering student who has been assigned a project and I believe you can help me get it started.
The project is based around the idea of recycling old tyres in Kuwait. I was hoping you could give me email addresses to owners of local scrap yards or landfills that contain tyres.
Also would you be able to help me find laws and regulations regarding the disposal, transportation or recycling of tyres in Kuwait?
Any help to get this project started is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Hi Larence,
I´m starting a similar research at the moment with old tyres in Kuwait, did you find something in your own research back then?
my email is [email protected]
Would be great if you can share some information.
Best regards,

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