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Lion Found Near the 7th Ring Road

Supposedly the video was taken earlier tonight but I can’t confirm it. [YouTube]

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Sadly we don’t have an animal control department who can handle this kind of situation professionally. 🙁

This is fucking insane. There are a ridiculous amount of cases similar to this in the Middle East. Chances are it was bought by someone with a fat wallet, when it was a cub. Once it grew it obviously couldn’t be taken care of by that individual so he just decided to let it out the front door. I remember heading to Shuwaikh to pick up a motorcycle helmet and while checking out their stuff, I came across a Kuwaiti browsing motorcycles with a cheetah on a leash. It wasn’t fully grown so I guess that was enough reason for the people working there not to ask him to leave.

I hope they start implementing laws to stop this from happening, really it’s an accident just waiting to happen.

Listen, it took 6 hours for my cute little puppy from Hungary to be processed at Kuwait Airport. I asked why it took so long, they said because there are too many lions and tigers coming in and they want to be so,,,,careful in what they let in the country. Sorry folks, it AGAIN is the government’s fault because my response to that was “Why are they even letting lions and tigers in the country, these types of animals are not meant to be pets.”

I am so sick of this derailing tactic.
Nobody said this was exclusive to Kuwait. There have always been irresponsible, entitled people with way too much money who use that in harmful ways. We can point at other countries all day long and it will do absolutely nothing to change the fact that things are still messed up here. Tigers in the US aren’t a danger to me; wild animals out in the street in Kuwait are.

The fact of the matter is animals don’t have enough rights, we’re not really prepared to handle things like this, and there are jackasses who would rather endanger lives than make some phone calls and ask for help in getting rid of their unwanted “pet”.

I’m so sick of this! Who said that! Of all the irresponsible, entitled rahhh! It’s messed up! My safety is more important than people in the US because I’m not there! Actually it’s about the animals and it’s all the fault of jackasses that people aren’t safe and I know the background of how this Lion got there! On topic? Yes. Roller coasters have rails but they go up and down and spin around pretty fast! Please see the funny side 😉 What you say is pretty much true and it was said with such anger and passion, which makes it a bit funny.

Animals don’t have enough rights anywhere in the world

Even many humans don’t have enough rights. It’s mind-boggling that some animals in the West have more rights than some humans in the Third World

I agree. I don’t know why people can’t just leave them alone in the wild. Money is usually the answer given but it scares me to think that people are so shortsighted. The WWF (who are clearly the experts) think that the captive animals are a problem which they clearly are. Me, (not being an expert) when I first heard that there are more wild animals in captivity than in the wild thought “well at least when we kill everything in the wild they won’t be fully extinct!” I acknowledge this is not a good mindset!

nobody is harsh on ‘kuwait’. Kuwait is made up of individuals, and many of those individuals are assholes that come in different shapes and sizes. If anything we are not hard enough or thngs would get better

I reacon the owner of the lion told the care taker to deal with it and he remembered watching Madagascar and thought releasing the lion was ok. It will find its way back to Africa.

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