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Help Out the British Airways Media Team

The European production company behind the 4 part documentary on Kuwait that is being aired on British Airways will be in Kuwait next week and they need your help. The 4 part series is being spread out over a one year period, the first part was released last week while the second will be released before the end of the year.


The second part of the documentary will be focusing on tourism so they’re looking for places or activities to film that are off the beaten track. Meaning, they know about Souk Mubarkia and the Scientific Center, what they’re looking for is less popular but still very interesting things to do. I’m not sure how long the team will be in Kuwait for but here are my suggestions:

Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City (aka Khiran)
Paddle Boarding
House of Mirrors
Fish Market Auctions
Powered Paragliding
Friday Market
Weekly Al-Farsi Kite Show (not sure if they’re active in the summer)
Cinemagics Rooftop Movies (currently not active because it’s summer)
Qout Market (currently not active because it’s summer)
Shakshooka Market (currently not active because it’s summer)

This is all I could think of for now but if you have any other suggestions leave it in the comments below.

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let me try to help:
Sabah Alahmad natural reserve ( not sure if they allow everybody in )
the big mosque
aqua park
bait lothan ( Lothan House )
bait Deckson
Bait Al-Shuhada ( in Algurain )
the musical Fountain ( not sure if it still works )
the old cars museum

Thats the stuff I do not think people know about 🙂

List of museums and landmarks in Kuwait:

* National Museum of Kuwait
* Kuwait Maritime Museum
* Al-Hashemi Marine Museum
* Bait Al-Othman Museum
* Saif Marzooq Al-Shamlan Museum
* Mubarakiya School (History of Education Museum)
* Hamed Al Fuzaia Museum
* Dickson House
* Modern Art Museum of Kuwait (Al-Sharqiya School)
* The Kuwait Police Museum
* National Bank of Kuwait Museum
* Dar Jehan Museum for Islamic Calligraphy
* Kuwait Museum of Islamic Art
* Kuwait House of National Works: Memorial Museum
* Al Qurain Martyr’s Museum
* Al-Asfoor Museum
* Al-Turaiji Museum
* Historical, Vintage, and Classical Cars Museum
* Kuwait Science and Natural History Museum
* Dar al-Athar Al-Islamiya Museum
* Tariq Rajab Museum
* Sadu House
* Bait al-Bader
* Behbehani Complex
* Diwan al-Shamlan
* Bayt Lothan
* Ghaith Bin-Abdullah House
* Al Qeiblyah School
* Youm Al Bahhar Village (sailor’s day heritage village)
* Jahra Red Fort
* Sheikh Mubarak Kiosk
* Wall of Kuwait Gates – Soor Al-Kuwait
* Dar El CID
* Al Turiki Museum in Al Faiha

They should film Shuwaikh beach, Kuwait Towers, Green Island, and all the other neglected recreational sites along the Gulf Road. Then they should interview the Touristic Enterprises Co.

Failaka Island

There is nothing much to see there except for The Village and Sheikh Abdullah’s house but that place is a gem itself. The ruins left by the Iraq invasion speak silently of lives lost and the pain and sorrow of those who survived.

I wish the government would do something to preserve the history of that place, develop it without undermining the significance of the island to Kuwait’s history.

They should come soon to document the pearl diving thing which diwan alameri does on a yearly basis. That’s an off the beaten track activity (maybe the diwan can be approached to allow X number of non kuwaitis to join each year?).

I’ve tried calling, emailing and visiting the address on the Kuwait Sea Sports Club website who are organizing this event and the numbers don’t work, the emails bounce back and the address is actually a police station.

Does anybody know how I can contact them to organize filming this pearl diving trip??

Many thanks!

I think it already started and its nearing its end. I’m surprised that someone like you working on such project does not have a liaison from the Ministry of Information who already know all the events in Kuwait, have access to them and can easily facilitate your visits.

It’s actually going on until the 21st of August.

3azeez there are many people helping in the creation of our programmes, including people at Min. Info. however if i was to rely solely on 1 person or institution you would not see such a wide coverage of Kuwait in our programmes.

The only way we manage to create an outstanding and all-encompassing coverage is from the help of many, hence the request.

Also bear in mind most people are on holiday right now, so that makes it a lot harder and slower to use my normal routes.

Historical Car mueseum
Scientific center
The water resources development center in shuwaikh
Kuwait towers
Traffic jams in salmiya

these are phone numbers of the most famous offices that does auction
hisham alsalili: 99452130 ( sold the most expensive falcon in the world for 209K KWD and usually allows media to film )
Khalid alhidba :99037871
aldamak: 99023535

You may also film the guns club
You may film wild animals in farms or houses ( some Kuwaitis invite foreign friends to their house to play with their lions/tigers )this is a new trend in Kuwait. Maybe this could help you 🙂

hi! I contacted most of my friends who own lions/tigers, they all refused except for one!
He owns a female lion, bunch of birds, rabbit and some type of a mouse.
His friends, whom I did not contact, also have wild animals(you MIGHT be able to film them)
My friend does not speak English, so you must have a translator( if you dont, I might be able to do if the time suits me )

If you are interested tell me how can I contact you:)

I also recommend if you film the car racing stadium in Shuwaikh behind ford agency
their tel: 2824037 – 24846148 – 24819186

Sorry for writing a long comment 🙁 just trying to help.

Funny how the first Kuwaiti to speak in the video (above) is Sheikh and a member of government. Typical third world propaganda!

This is Kuwait.. not Dubai or Qatar… we have generations and generations of highly educated people with excellent public speaking skills. <<<And lets just leave it at this point!

Oh yeah and to add to my point… In neighboring countries where they don’t have true population… they highlight their buildings and infrastructure development. Here in Kuwait you have a population with true culture. Despite the tiny population… it is a very diversified (sea/desert/etc). That would be nice to show…

I think from the 12 speakers there is a great variety in our first programme and of course many more coming in the following episodes. Who goes first depends mainly on the content and finding the right quotes.

In the next episodes we aim to cover the sea / desert life in more detail.

What kind of tourism are they trying to film/show to tourists?

1- Cultural tourism? hardly any left with the demolition of old buildings going on, and the demolition of the art and theater scene (although Jaber Alahmad cultural center and the one in Maidan Hawalli are being built)

2-Nature and outdoor tourism? They can’t film the desert or the sea and expect people to flock to Kuwait to see garbage.

3-Medical Tourism? Not if the government send it’s citizens abroad to get treated

4-business and exhibition tourism? the visa restrictions and venues are a small minor part of what needs to be changed in this industry for it to flourish.

5- Unfortunately we are only left with malls (with the same shops anyone can find in other cities around the world) and SOME interesting museums.

Not trying to be a pessimist, but rather state facts. Yes Kuwait is lovely place if you were raised here, have friends and families, and have a sentimental attachment to the place. Otherwise let’s be realistic, off the beaten track Kuwait existed up until the late 80s or even mid 90s.

There are many old buildings in Kuwait

Pre-oil Kuwait houses:

You can visit Bait al-Bader, Seif Palace, Bait Al-Othman Museum, Behbahani Complex, Sheikh Mubarak Koisk, Al Qeiblyah School, Red Palace in Jahra, Al Ghaith Hous, Modern Art Museum of Kuwait (Al-Sharqiya School) and Mubarakiya School (History of Education Museum)

There are also still many old buildings from the 1960s and 1970s. Everywhere you go in Kuwait City, you will see those buildings

Pre Oil Kuwait houses and landmarks:

Bait al-Bader

Seif Palace

Bait Al-Othman Museum

Behbahani Complex

Sheikh Mubarak Koisk

Al Qeiblyah School

Red Palace in Jahra

Al Ghaith House

Modern Art Museum of Kuwait (Al-Sharqiya School)

Mubarakiya School (History of Education Museum)

Continued list of pre-oil Kuwait landmarks and buildings:

– National Kuwait Library (built in 1923)

– Diwan al-Shamlan

– Al-As’oosi

– Maqsab Gate (by the Seif down from the Sheraton Hotel)

– Jahra Gate (inside the roundabout at the bottom of Fahd Al-Salem Street)

– Shamiya Gate (at the start of Riyadh Street)

– Beraisi Gate (at the end of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Street)

– Bneid Al-Qar Gate (in Bneid Al-Qar)

Participate in a beach cleanup of the very ecologically important Sulaibikhat beach, home to mangrove trees and mudskippers, one species being only indigenous to Kuwait.

And also maybe visit the K’S PATH shelter in wafra to see the many animals including, dogs and cats, rabbits, tortoises, ducks, raptors, horses and donkeys, baboons, goats and sheep! A real animal haven in Kuwait.

Visit for more info.

Is the group responsible about the beach cleanup Kspath? Because I am trying to find a group that specializes only in beach cleanups and the marine environment in general.

Yes we are!

We have been cleaning the same stretch of beach for the passed 3 years and have seen marked improvement in vegetation growth and in reduction of waste. All the cleaning is done manually by volunteers, schools groups, and other youth groups.

This is part of our Habitat protection programs since K’S PATH stands for Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and Their Habitat. Therefore we don’t only care for pet animals but also care for animals in their own habitats. We have also done many cleanups in the desert and at some islands of Kuwait.

For more info please contact me [email protected] and I would love to explain to you in depth what we do.

The islands…especially Garooh, which is the only island left with natural coral reef…which is even a santuary for sea turtles…

1. Americani Cultural Center –

2. Shots of the chalets area (south of kuwait) from the beach during the weekends.

3. Seif Strip “Restaurants” on the gulf road.

4. Footage of Kuwaiti Dewaniya’s (Al Bader , Al Mulla – historical .. More modern dewaniya can be found all over kuwait for example Dewan Al Nusif which is really nice)

5. Kuwait Riding Center

6. Bait Lothan –

7. Kuwait Shooting Range –

8. Sahara Golf Resort –

Free Art Atelier (built in 1919): located in Sharq, Gulf Road, in front of Souq Sharq

Mubarakiya School (built in 1910): the History of Education Museum is located inside the school. The Mubarakiya School is next to Mubarakiya Market and Jewelry shops

Sharqiya School (built in 1938): turned into a museum named Modern Art Museum. Located in Sharq, Ibrahim Al Modaf Street. Tel: 22433613

Sheikh Mubarak Kiosk (built in 1897): located in Souq al Mubarakiya. During its 117 years of existence, the kiosk has been a court, a pearl diving affairs office, a post office, a real estate records office, a pharmacy, a library and in 2011 it was declared a Museum

I would highly recommend going to a shalaih in the summer and filming from the shalaih to garouh capturing some of the talented jet ski, super jet, and windsurfers we have. Since it’s a one year project, they should also film the activities that happen in winter. Ex: Desert camping, the small planes they ride, and visit the mini runway for remote control planes in Bnaider. They should also film young adults with successful businesses for a change giving them a chance for exposure.

We are filming with the world jet ski champion Mohamed Burbaye next week and will hopefully get the chance to show other cool water activities.

We are also looking into the young entrepreneurs, maybe we should hold a vote on which one to film?

I’d definitely recommend the Tareq Rajab Museum which is filled with all sorts of exhibits. Perhaps Mr or Mrs Rajab, or one of the family, could show you around if they are available?

The underground party scene in Kuwait

The Reem Koolhas designed Exhibition Hall hugging 360 Mall .

One of the British Colonels back in the late 1950s recommended that the Kuwaiti government keep the pre-oil Kuwait City (Sharg, Jibla, Al-Murghab & Al-Wasat) and not demolish it, to preserve its history

Sadly, the Kuwaiti government decided to demolish most of pre-oil Kuwait City

Btw, there are several mosques left in Kuwait City that date back to 1810-1850

The new Mini Showroom in Shuwaikh and the world’s largest Aston Martin showroom in Kuwait City are worth a dekko.

I would have loved to take them out on my desert horse rides that I do everyday in Kuwait. Too bad I’m back in the UK now.

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