British Airways to Air Documentary about Kuwait Onboard All their Flights

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For the month of August, British Airways will be airing a short documentary about Kuwait on board more than 3,000 flights around the world. The documentary is called “Kuwait: Through Our Eyes” and is divided into four 10-minute films. Originally British Airways were planning just a 10-minute film but due to the overwhelming demand they ended up turning it into a four part series. Kuwait is just one of twenty countries from around the world that are getting a film done and Kuwait is the first one from the Middle East to be featured.

August is one of the busiest months of the year so Kuwait should get a lot of exposure. I couldn’t find a copy of the film online to watch but I’m hoping British Airways will upload it next month onto YouTube or their website. Check out the full article on KUNA [Here]

Thanks @Buzfairy

Update: Part one is now online, watch it below.


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  1. Little Amsterdam says:

    The mass exodus out of Kuwait for the Eid break is now on. Holy Moly! Al Matar Al Kuwait Duwali is now in full-on Souk Samak mode :) Btw, Can’t wait for the new terminal building to oben soon.

    Good- thanks to BA, leisure travelers the world over will soon be introduced to Dubai’s smug sleeping giant of a Northern neighbor: Miss Q8.

    • Desertfox says:

      Are you praising or insulting Kuwait? I can’t tell

      • summer says:

        Most well-off Arabs leave their countries to vacation abroad during the holidays, I don’t see how that’s insulting…

        Do you think most Emiratis vacation in UAE?

        Most Bahrainis vacation in Bahrain?

        Most Qataris vacation in Qatar?

        Most Saudis vacation in Saudi Arabia?


        Most Gulf Arabs leave their home countries during the Summer holiday to vacation abroad in Europe and America.. BIG DEAL!

        Kuwaitis are no exception

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