The Emergency Lane Situation

Yesterday I was stuck in traffic on the First Ring Road due to an accident and I had to watch a fire truck struggle to get through on their way to the accident. Unlike some other highways, the First Ring Road still has an emergency lane on the left side with the rumble strips but people were on the lane preventing the emergency vehicles from getting to the scene of the accident.

I know most of the emergency lanes in Kuwait have been removed but I’m curious to know if hospitals, police and firefighters have voiced their concerns with this decision. They can’t be ok with this can they?

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This is the worst decision ever taken by the authorities and need to change precisely for such reason when in an emergency rescue workers need to get to the scene of the incident as quickly as possible as someone’s life could be depending on their quick arrival. Emergency lanes are there for a reason and for emergency vehicles and not for people to use when there is an accident or just traffic jam. In the west all vehicles must come to a complete stop to the right side of the road when an emergency vehicles if passing this should also be implemented in Kuwait. instead of doing the opposite allowing people to use the emergency lane.

yeah thats the other issue, ok we don’t have emergency lanes fine, but it’s not like people also move out the way for emergency vehicles like they do in the West.

Mark how did you even know other roads’ emergency lane has been cancelled, did any official party announce it any where? The truth, is no one knows nothing and nothing is clear or announced.

Which leads me to the question, how did you know the first road emergency lane was NOT cancelled?

Again, no one knows anything for sure and when driving it’s pure luck.

Yeah they announced it also you’ll notice some emergency lanes got paved over removing the rumble strips. THe first ring road one still has the rumble strips which is why it’s still technically considered an emergency lane.

After my son’s birth we had to shift him from Mowasat to Sabah Hospital. The transfer was arranged for a Saturday evening, and my wife and I were following the ambulance in my car.

On the way we had to go through a red signal and there was this one guy who saw us and drove right in front of us blocking our way – I stopped and requested him to move, explaining my situation. But he just kept looking at me angrily. I got back in the car and tried driving around him but he would keep moving his car blocking our way!

Till date I do not know why he think I wronged him!

That’s so awful. From what I’ve seen, most people use the emergency lane to get where they need to go faster. It’s just horrible how that lane is seen as a means of convenience instead of its actual purpose to help paramedics and other emergency services get to where they are needed.

Until people fix their self-entitled driving mannerisms and we implement stricter rules…nothing changes. The nerve some drivers have is appalling, they just care about getting where they need to be faster without any regard for others and their safety.

Pretty sure the emergency lane is for breakdowns and shouldn’t be considered a lane for emergency vehicles.

They could display “USE OF EMERGENCY LANE PROHIBITED” along with all the other usual safety warnings on those overhead LED screens on ring roads. Sure it won’t solve the issue but it may deter some from using that lane for convenience.

When has anyone taken anything that is displayed on there seriously?

Traffic ahead, slow down – you will see ppl speeding at 120
Dont use mobile phones – most of them use it. When watching the majority of ppl do this, i wonder if its a rule to drive with mobile in one hand. lol

At this rate, i really wonder if those LED displays are of any use at all.

I dont think its a matter of having emergency lanes or not but a matter of changing peoples thinking and cooperation when they see an emergency car going through traffic. From what Ive noticed people either dont realize they have to make way for the emergency car or are just too lazy/entitled.

Perhaps emergency lights would also mean more here if MOI vehicles didn’t drive everywhere with them on.

Regards the emergency lanes that are left, it is easy. Have Average Speed cameras and loops in the asphalt in the emergency lanes triggering traffic monitoring cameras every 1km with transgressors being penalized regardless of nationality and people would start following the law.

Penalties should also be reflective of wealth rather than just standard across the board as is the case in some European countries.

The answers are there. Only the will is needed to solve the issues.

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