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Awhile ago as I was pulling up into my street and into my buildings underground parking, I noticed a cop car parked on the side of the road. I then noticed a bunch of cars that were parked legally on the side of the road had tickets on them. So I pulled up next to the cop and I asked him if this was a no parking street, he replied saying no he’s ticketing them for “عرقلة” which means obstruction.


What exactly are these cars obstructing (for example the 4 pictured on top)? I checked the tickets and noticed he left the space where he’s supposed to explain what the ticket is for blank. That can’t be right or fair can it?

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  1. th says:

    Ridiculous and its not like its the end of the month for them to complete their book!

  2. sala6a says:

    It’s “عرقلة” btw
    Maybe if the side is not coloured with white/black, then it’s left up to the police’s discretion.

  3. MZ says:

    Did you catch how much is the fine? Is it true now the parking fine is 30 KD?

  4. Adel says:

    Hi, this is became more common ticket type lately. I had it once in the street next to CentrePoint Al Salmiya, which is dark street with no “No parking” signs nor yellow and black curb. Another time behind excite in the old souq Salmiya. Can you object? And to whom ? And how? Are you going to object it and waste few days during your working hours? Or take from your annual leave? We just pay the 5 kd each time and that’s it. It’s another way to pay taxes

  5. q8expat says:

    Since oil price are down…!

  6. Nicolas says:

    Around 4 years ago I got same ticket in Kuwait city but description was not blank, there was written exactly obstruction as my friend translate it to me. My car was legaly parked on designated parking area. It was only 5 KD and I was to lazy to complain.

    Better call Fajer!

  7. mocman says:

    The big question here is if these tickets can be disputed and if so then what happens to the cop who gave out these tickets? Do they get disciplined or nothing happens to them?

    Whats worse is that if any of those 4 car owners are asian who do not speak arabic, whats to become of them?

    Long ago someone commented here something something something… GTFO. Are we really getting to that point where we have to GTFO?

  8. izzyq8 says:

    Fajer’s next article?

  9. abdullah says:

    The rumor about them completing their book is just a “rumor”. عرقلة is meant for all vehicles causing/may cause traffic. If 2 cars were to pass by your road pictured above, one or the other would be forced to pullover aside to let one pass leading to “Hawalli like traffic”. 2 lanes r there for a reason, respect the others or accept the tickets u receive, which I think is fair enough.

    • Mark says:

      It’s a one way one lane street

    • Bader says:

      It’s a valid point Abdullah. If you block the road then you shouldn’t be upset for getting a ticket. However, notice that the problem with parking is that the building owners don’t provide parking spots for every apartment, as per the law, and no body holds them accountable. It’s easier however to give people ticket, right?

  10. Jacqui says:

    I got one of those last month and I was parked in the parking lot in front of my work building in a regular parking spot, stupid thing though the ticket cannot be even read the ink was completely faded I couldn’t even read a reason on it.

    Funny thing is, they fined only on that day but other days nothing there.

  11. Hamza says:

    Are these 4 cars not obstructing the path of the people who use this street? How can u argue that it’s fine to park at this spot? And I think it makes sense. If u park in front of a ‘No Parking’ sign or a footpath marked to indicate no parking or bus bay, then u get fined for parking in a wrong place. If u park on a road which doesn’t have these signs (but it’s actually a road/street then u should be fined for obstructing a public driving path. It’s fair!

    • Mark says:

      What you’re saying doesn’t make sense. Either parking is allowed or parking isn’t allowed. According to the cop he isn’t ticketing them because parking isn’t allowed, he’s ticketing them for obstruction. That means they are parked legally but they’re obstructing something. What exactly are the obstructing here?

      • Hamza says:

        Parking is allowed only if either it’s a parking lot or the footpath is marked to indicate that parking is allowed. This clearly isn’t the case on this spot. Now the cop will ticket them for ‘Parking on No-Parking spot’ if either there is a no-parking sign there or the footpath is marked to indicate no-Parking or bus bay. Again, u don’t have those here. So the violation clause,in this case, will be ‘obstruction of public path. Does it make sense now? Consider someone parking on 5th Ring Road and asking to show a no parking sign after getting penalized.

        • Hamza says:

          Technically speaking, no parking signs are not meant for roads. They are meant for places which can be mistaken for parking spaces but the authorities don’t want people to park there. Road is a public space and no one is expected to mistake it for a valid parking spot. Hence any vehicle parked on a road should be considered as an obstruction

        • Mark says:

          I see your point now and you make sense but I don’t think this is the case here. Not unless the backstreet behind my house is meant to be 3 lanes of traffic which would put it on par with the 4th ring road which it clearly isn’t.

          • Longhorn In Kuwait says:

            Al Dabbous Street in Fahaheel has a big problem with crap like this too. It’s like the normal everyday working hours cops don’t issue tickets for certain parking violations. Al Dabbous St running towards Al Kout mal usually only has one usable lane because everyone and their mother are parking on the street, but that is only because there is no parking. Their are certain “people” here, and they know who they are, bold and lazy enough to park in the no parking zones while a cop is issuing tickets 10-20meters away. What is just as funny is when they do park while a cop is giving tickets and he sees them and tells them to move. The lazy ass pleads for him to let him park there, then a short talk later and a couple of kisses on the cheek and wala….. he is allowed to park there!

  12. FYI says:

    obstruction should be for parking on a corner there by not allowing people to take the turn with ease.

  13. lolguy says:

    29.271202, 47.967385
    Head to this street. ‘No parking’ signs (even one that says vehicle will be towed) and cars are parked on either side of the road. Mostly customers visiting barber shops on this street. Let them actually do their jobs and ticket these.

  14. annonymus says:

    Parking on the side of the road is a traffic violation for blocking a lane of the road (تسكير حارة)

  15. Buzz says:

    In European cities, you are generally not allowed to park anywhere outside of a designated parking space, which you usually have to pay for. Some exceptions are made on some public holidays and it’s announced beforehand. The point is, unless it says “Parking” then you shouldn’t park by default regardless of what color the curb is.

    The problem in Kuwait is the police let it go most of the time, so people believe it’s okay to park unless the curb is painted black and yellow. For example, parking in open sandy areas on the side of back roads in places like Hawally is illegal, but people do it anyway and they usually get away with it, so they believe it’s legal. It’s not.

    • Ipsom says:

      But come on even the sand parking is illegal? A ticket for that would be ridiculous.

      • Buzz says:

        It’s true. Not many people know this, but parking on public land not designated for that purpose is illegal, even if it is a random sand area behind buildings. I’ll take it a step further; parking in front of of your house (the one you actually own) is illegal unless you own the land. Otherwise, it’s public land meant for pedestrians, not cars.

        To see the logic of this, go to a crowded residential houses areas like Jabriya or Salwa. There is no space for pedestrians to walk among houses. Most times they walk on the street risking their lives because the “pavement” has become a parking space for home owners. Once again, the authorities let it go out of necessity, but that doesn’t make it legal.

  16. RaZ says:

    I got one of these yesterday at the village although i was parked off the road

  17. I was parked in my parking space in front of my building, I had a for sale sign on my car and was ticketed. Is there even a way to fight it? Easiest thing to do is just pay it, they win.

  18. Robyn says:

    Bit of a side topic- but I heard that if expats now get flashed for going through a traffic light they will not get their residences renewed.

  19. Ipsom says:

    To answer your question Mark: the ticket is fair. But not saying the reason is unfair. Kudos to you for asking him.

    How much were the fines?

  20. Fahed says:

    The Ticket is fair. I Dont see any signs that says you can park here ? and yes these cars really cause congestion …the road became 1 lane instead of 2 ?

  21. ibnturab says:

    In this situation, it appears that you can ‘bark’ all you want up and down the road, but just don’t “park” there.

  22. Devil says:

    Unbelievable! Empty pavements to walk on

  23. John says:

    My driver’s license and car’s registration were confiscated for just parking for a second not even a minute… #ajnabiproblems

  24. Kuwait Life says:

    I Got3 of these just for parking in the street near to my building legally.

    The whole parked cars had tickets same way.

    Cops wants to fill their Ticket books to get their commission. that’s it.

    Some of them have no conscience..

  25. Khaled says:

    The cop who’s area that is definitely is stretching what can be considered illegal. I was parked IN the parking lot behind the Xcite down the road and he gave me a ticket, I wasn’t on the road.

  26. Lawyer says:

    I think thats obstruction – sorry for those ppl btw there should raise their awareness coz 2 lane roads should never be 1 lane road otherwise thats an obstruction to the road

  27. zee says:

    You know parking on the left side of the road is not allowed even if there’s not a ‘no parking’ sign assuming this is a one way road as it appears, that applies to the 3 cars to the left of the road. The red car on the right of road looks to be parked legally though!

    • Dun says:

      Left side of the road!! Hahahah, wtf is that. My left, your left? Turn around and tell me which left is right, wrong…


      • zee says:

        Is this too hard for your brain to process? If you pull over and park to your left you’re in violation. You are only allowed to park in the direction of traffic flow. I.e the 3 cars in the photo should be parked the other way around and the rear of not front of them be seen.

  28. N says:

    May be now they should start fining all the folks that park on the main road next to AUK (block main road traffic) during the Friday prayers.

  29. Cali says:

    No parking 5 kd

    25 kd

  30. VJ says:

    I got a Ticket online for not wearing seatbelt ,which is wrong coz i wear it all the time
    i really don’t know where to complain about it, eventually i had to pay the amount

  31. Sara says:

    Somehow Kuwait has to recover from the oil loss. Lets help them.

  32. Anon says:

    Oil below $50.00, what do you expect? Someone’s gotta pay for that.. Well let’s fine the voiceless expats!

  33. Tarek J says:

    My colleagues and I got over 15 of these in the last two months for parking where we have been parking for the past five years for work. It’s all for “3arqala” and it’s utter BS. Same situation, grey sidewalk, parallel parked without obstructing anything.

  34. Anon says:

    Oil below $50.00 something’s gotta give, right!
    But officer why are you fining me??

    I dunth laike yur fase!

  35. Marc Gonzalvez says:

    Question: Will the cops do the same in residential areas inhabited by Kuwaitis?

    Answer: anyone?

  36. MyBloogle says:

    i would love to hear Fajer’s opinion on this; many thanks to her for replying to my email too btw. but specifically, can this be contested or is it irrevocable? Like can u actually have the fine waived or is it final?

    if it turns out the word of the cop is final, then that is really upsetting in that it gives them undue power to wield in ways that they see fit that are not always explained.

  37. mak says:

    MOI is a joke!

  38. kev says:

    I suppose parking car in opposite direction will be the issue. We do have same rule in Australia.

  39. Danny says:

    My dad has been parking in the same spot for the past 18 years. One fine day a cop gives him a ticket.

    Welcome to Kuwait.

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