Uber for Tow Trucks, and it’s Local

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Yesterday when I was on my way to Khiran to wakeboard, I passed a tow truck which had its phone number printed on the back. In my head I was thinking I should remember that number because what if my car broke down here, in the middle of nowhere what would I do? Oddly enough later during day a friend of mine sent me a link to the advert above for a locally created app called WINCH.


WINCH is Arabic for tow truck and the app works similar to Uber where as in when you need a tow truck you launch the app and request one. The app requires you to fill in some basic information the first time you run it like your name, email and phone number but after that it automatically logs you in. The app uses your GPS location to find you as well as displaying nearby tow trucks on the map. Cost wise, according to the app description WINCH is free to use but for the towing cost you need to deal directly with the tow truck company. From my previous experience with tow truck, that usually means a bit of haggling.

The app is a good idea, it’s definitely not something I will be using often (I hope at least) but it’s a good app to have if I ever need a tow truck. The app is free and available for [iPhones] and [Android]

Thanks Musaed

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  1. Kuwait says:

    I think you meant AND in the title.

  2. Ahmed says:

    How is Uber in Kuwait, I never tried it.

  3. That’s a pretty cool idea, it sucks when your car breaks down and no tow truck in sight. A lot of guys might have the number of their go-to tow truck guy but for females it’s a wait and see game.

  4. Ahmad says:

    أكبر بداله ونشات وخدمة طرق بالكويت على مدار الساعه
    تلفون 22277722
    سعر الونش موحد لأي منطقه في الكويت( 6 دنانير)

    got this message a while ago.

    They’re apparently some governemental service or so and have a fixed price (6 KD) for towing your car.

    tel : 22277722

    • Mohammad says:

      Yah actually i tried them before, their actually a private company and when I asked them about the 6KD offer the guy said that the pricing depends on your location. So pretty much any other company…

    • Basel says:

      There is another number: 1807000.

      There was no fixed pricing last time I used it.

  5. Q8ya says:

    I LOVE The idea! Its so much easier to locate my car using this new app :)
    defiantly installing it!

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