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Update on New Rules for Leaving Kuwait by Car

Just a quick update on my previous post on a new rule requiring a triptik for your car if you’re planning on driving out of Kuwait. Yesterday I had a day trip to Khafji and I didn’t get triptik for my car and nobody asked for it at the border.

The only issue I had actually was a 5KD parking fine. They wouldn’t let me leave Kuwait without settling the fine, luckily the border was empty due to the rain storm, so the guy just let me pay the fine while still at the window using the Sahel app.

So lesson of the day, always check to see if you have any fines before traveling. This applies only for expats.

Update: So it seems it could depend on what border you exit Kuwait from. The Salmi border are supposedly asking for triptik, the khafji border isn’t.

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I renewed mine a couple of days ago, it’s digital now and can be accessed on the “Kuwait Mobile ID” app.

It is only digital now onward.
Question is, whether the digital license would be accepted at the border or not.

Thanks Mark.

The triptik is applicable if you are driving through Salmi Border. Khafji no issues reported so far

I assume, that is the busiest border, as several buses and cars choose that border to go for UMRA while Khafji is mostly used to visit Dammam, Khobar or drive to Bahrain

A friend of mine with his 3 other friends, tried to cross the Salmi border last Friday around 12 AM. This car leaving from the Kuwait 1st time. The border requested KT paper. They were not aware of it. The border refused to stamp on passport and ask them to return back. It took them 30 to 45 mints to make papers, approvals, stamps and U-turn to Kuwait, whereas the border was almost empty.
The officer told to my friend, even if you cross from Khafji, they will also request for KT paper.
Now the confusing part is, a friend of mine was able to pass from Salmi border last week and nobody asked for KT :-s

I departed via the Nuwaiseeb border on the 23rd without any additional paperwork for the vehicle, set about on a week-long vacation. The journey was exciting as we drove all the way into the UAE. Traversed through most of the emirates, from Abu Dhabi to RAK, exploring various destinations along the way. It was a relief to find that I could activate and use my Salik tag, utilizing the hotel’s WiFi, which ensured smooth passage through toll gates across Dubai with peace of mind.
Upon return, Saudi border officials did complete vehicle scan using an X-ray machine, followed by fuel tank scan using some cable device. This took time since each vehicle was to be scanned one by one.
I got one more GCC country left to cover by land…hoping to get that done soon.

In Sahel there is a service called
الاستعلام عن المديونيات المستحقة قبل السفر

My car Nissan Sentra is registered on my company and i have a valid Saudi visa and this Eid holidays i wish to cross borders, Kindly advice me on all paper work and procedures to do so….As a first timer I don’t want this to be failed experiment.

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