You know we have a problem when…

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…delivery trucks also start using the emergency lane during traffic.

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  1. SB Puri says:

    Must be an Ambulance “Delivery” Truck.

  2. aaa says:

    Trucks and buses are assholes, worse drivers than most cars. YOU ARE A TRUCK DON’T SIT IN THE FAST LANE AND SUDDENLY BRAKE I CAN’T SEE SHIT

  3. Tuan says:

    Everyday it keeps getting worse….. The speed cameras should also take shots of those driving in emergency lanes but seriously this video makes me sad…

    • aaa says:

      The only reason people do this is the traffic is too bad. The traffic is too bad because there are too many cars. Any solution to reduce the number of cars will piss someone off, expat or national.

      • Wael says:

        What is it, like a 4 car average per household? Disgusting.

        • aaa says:

          Why is it disgusting? Heads per household are completely different in Kuwait and the west.

          Everyone is just too densely populated, 50% of the population lives in 5% of the country, everyone goes to work in the same area, and nobody wants to live in a new area because it’s “too far.”

          • Putin says:

            right on the money

          • Arrgh says:

            Population growth is faster than development. Normally areas are developed to have their own communities and therefore there should be less need for everyone to work in the city or as ose as possible. They should develop another area as a downtown far from Kuwait City to seperate the congestion.

            Also a solution to traffic is improving public transportation. As in put an express lane for busses. It would be even faster than regular cars during rush hour.

        • SOS says:

          Why is it disgusting? We have large families and public transport is not exactly a great option.

          Maybe think before you hit Submit so you don’t come off as a negative, ignorant person.

          • Anon says:

            Maybe if you lazy ones would car pool instead of taking individual cars out to the same area, that would reduce traffic by the bucket loads

      • Tuan says:

        A person having moral ethics wont do this kind of things

        • Mrs. Mohammad says:

          +1 As I have often sat and stared longingly at the emergency lane (and the subsequent cars speeding down it), I think to myself, what if there is an ambulance who needs to get an accident victim to the hospital ASAP? What if that person is my friend or family member? Would it be any consolation if they died waiting in traffic because cars are blocking the emergency lane??

      • cajie says:

        I’ve been in much worse traffic in Canada (backed up for a few kilometers). Everyone just stayed in their queue till it cleared up.
        It has nothing to do with the roads, and everything to do with the people.

        • IT'S A TRAP! says:

          it has everything to do with the roads, and the people, and the roads, and the people of course.

          let me explain to you how the human body works. the roads designed for this country are too damn short. the areas designed in this country are too damn small. the rent is too damn high. when u have smaller areas u get smaller distances between intersections and interchanges and you get cars backed up for kilometers. shesma shesamoona

          • cajie says:

            Hey, you didn’t explain how the human body works.

            • Arrgh says:

              His explanation was shit, and it translates to congestion to a human body being constipated. Since if the areas are smaller with more intersections then that means there are more options for people to take a turn into where they want rather than lining up for the same turn.

              So he was speaking in shit logic.

  4. sak says:

    We are experiencing a normal traffic too without any rush while schools are on their break / vacations (either its for summer break or winter break or what ever). So other than reducing cars, there may be other solutions also like changing the school timings, working hours and so on..

  5. SONI says:

    traffic problem is big , and is growing day by day

    solutions are there but need to implement

    1. road use awareness, (citizens & expats)
    2. strictly apply law no wasta
    3. metro, its big project but will surely help in future
    4. increase buses to deeper areas, rite now the bus goes to main streets only
    5. change of timings

    • Al-Marzouq says:

      y do we always have to mention citizens and expats I never really understood it?… y cant we just say the ppl its not like different roads are used so a different type of awareness needs to be raised… idiocy does not have a nationality.

  6. ibnturab says:

    This is standard operating procedure here. If the tahoe and white landcruiser agad can do it, we wouldn’t the retarded truck driver. And if there was a law that banned it, why isn’t it enforced. And why do we need 200 thousand folks in the army, when we already have the americans here. Why not put those folks in cop uniforms and atleast make them earn their salaries.

    • Fishy omelette says:

      +1 Why only point out the truck drivers? We’ve had a problem since long before they started using ’em lanes.

  7. MAK says:

    7alal 3al kuwaiti o 7aram 3al ajnabe??

  8. pottterbarnbelly says:

    Lived in Sharjah and would commute down to Dubai for work back in 2006. The commute was a bitch and nothing like what is seen here. Cars would tail gate for kilometers and the rush hour sets in at 6.30 am till 11.00 am daily. Average commute time was like two hours to do a 15 km stretch and daily.
    Yet folks would never dream of riding the hard-shoulder lane as getting a traffic fine was virtually guaranteed every morning. Cops were everywhere and they would impose fines as if it was going out of fashion. Worked wonders and traffic stayed relatively disciplined in the midst of flaring tempers etc.

  9. Al-Marzouq says:

    I think the solution should be
    1-control the taxi population… the numbers r getting out of hand and tbh they r shit drivers and pose dangers to other drivers (yes I hate them if u have not noticed yet)
    2- installing lane cameras (available in UK and Europe) where they register ur plate number if u use a lane that u r not mean to (some lanes in Europe and premium where u have to pay more)
    3- well sort the roads out….. make em BIGGER, put simply

  10. the real says:

    Get over it.

    There’s a million more important issues to be solved.

    1. Young people work crisis
    2. Economic and business development plan
    3. Health care system
    4. Education system

    I don’t care about some truck speeding down the emergency lane.

  11. Sunny says:

    A new rule should be made by which all students MUST USE SCHOOL BUS..

    during school holidays you can see very less traffic,

  12. Nathan says:

    Hey! I can see my house from there! (for real)

  13. S says:

    It’s scary driving next to a bus or truck recently when they shoot in front of you with no signal to take over a slower bus or truck and you have to hit the breaks…they act like they’re driving Ferrari’s and it’s insanely dangerous!!

    The sad and worrying part is watching the Police presence on the roads yet still noticing them in their cars ‘Whatsapping’ and ‘BBMing’ and barely looking at the madness happening on the road next to them, and being selective with what they choose to move on…fine people, ticket people, take away licenses without being able to get it back easily with wasta….and things can start getting better!!

  14. Russian says:

    half-lorry drivers many times are very very aggressive in driving on the road, they behave just like those driving luxury cars and huge SUVs.
    I think it’s some type of mental problem, they are oppressed in home and vent out their anger on the roads !!!

  15. Bumper to Bumper says:

    Just do all your shopping & socializing online, home school your kids and spend your weekends in Oman for a respite from this daily rigmarole of stop- start traffic in Q8.

  16. LA Confidential says:

    You don’t realize how fortunate you are living in this country unless you start to drive in Tehran, Bangalore or LA.

  17. Blame-it-on The Avenues says:

    You know you TRULY have a problem at hand iff and when the shurti start to patrol routinely in the emergency lane. That still ain’t happening which is a good thing. There’s still hope left of a turn-around, after all. I blame it on the Avenues- their tag line screaming: the place to be. :) Come each weekend there’s a significant proportion of the population flocking to it and essentially, all roads are leading to the Avenues then. From an urban planning standpoint I’d much rather they had 3 smaller sized malls located in various governorates than to have one mother of all malls in an inadequately planned industrial estate.

  18. What Women Think Men Want says:

    The traffic situation in Kuwait will get worse some more before it starts to improve: come the Jamal Abdul Nasser expressway which is a longer term fix to this whole traffic nightmare. As stop gap, the govt could together with spiking of pensions declare a weekend get-away allowance for civil servants filling plane load fulls of people exiting Kuwait for the weekend. Will be good riddance, actually

  19. shabz says:

    may be some badu driving it

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