Killa D Featuring Big D – My Way

Post by Mark

New music video by Kuwaiti artist Killa.D and features 248AM’s most infamous artist Big D! [YouTube]

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  1. the real says:

    Pretty good. It’s great to see people trying to make a creative difference. Well done guys.

  2. n19 says:

    Chorus isn’t bad, rest of song ain’t good enough. Autotune almost broke my ears.

  3. Zilla says:

    this gave me cancer to my ears

  4. the real says:

    In a country that is so creatively devoid, it’s a great shame to see people who “try” – get ripped.

    Typical response one comes to expect. He’s no lyrical guru, but he’s giving it his best shot.

  5. M says:

    the chorus is awesome. cant say the same about the rest of the song

  6. ash says:

    Oh dear…. gave me the giggles! Its got a nice chorus but yhe guys are ridiculous… i can imagine them thinking they are cooler then ice but c’mon …

  7. ash says:

    I wonder what their “struggle” is…lol

  8. rabbit says:

    I used to hate Big D and the shit this guy sings but I think this is a huge improvement from his previous ridiculous songs. I think if he really wants to be taken seriously he definitely needs to improve his English, take music classes, get rid of the auto tune, and improve the lyrics..
    Good luck.
    I think he’s still crap but I enjoy seeing people in Kuwait doing something different.

  9. Jasem says:

    some people should just not rap.

  10. OwlOlive says:

    Jeez. Look, I’ve got nothing against artistic expression or trying to have a hybrid, globalized voice, but there is a clear difference between artistic talent that integrates outside influence and flat-out copycat with no original thought.

    What about this beat or those lyrics or, really, ANYTHING in that song or video or artists themselves that represents Kuwait? Or forget Kuwait even, just represents a different, unique voice? Absolutely nothing.

    Everyone can dance, sing, and write but not everyone can dance, sing, and write WELL.

  11. B says:

    If it wasn’t for BigD, the song would’ve been somewhat decent. BigD gave my ears cancer.

  12. abdulla says:

    pretty good, i but wat’s up with the girls in the background ? they have no clue why they are in the video.

  13. desert sky says:

    This has the same ‘wow factor’ as me watching paint getting dry. Unoriginal and boring.

  14. Bader says:

    Tight song, atleast they giving it a shot! great work!

  15. M says:

    Ok, I take back my comment about the awesome chorus. He didnt do it

  16. Nixon says:

    inshallah they will improve…

  17. ash says:

    MYK…. that guy has got talented hands,more talented then big d.

  18. Bystander says:

    I just for serioused

  19. sooli says:

    i like BIg D but sorry this video is so lame

  20. Ali Sleeq says:

    The attack of the double D’s.

  21. Mishal Abul says:

    Yeah my wife showed me this several days back. Its not great but at least he is trying & doing what he enjoys. They have potential. All i can say to them is if they want a REAL rapper to star in their music video or do a song with them, let me know. I know quite a few back in the states.

  22. Rick says:

    D’s now? Makes everything much less orginial. I dont think they are anything good really.

  23. ali says:

    F..KING Bullshit!

  24. Jeff Gordon says:

    He needs to find some women with D cups for the video…

  25. cyc says:

    douche bag strikes again

  26. Nerdcore says:

    Ew, my ex is in this video. Tells me all I need to know about the people behind the music.

  27. bader says:

    i really don’t know where to start. Kuwaits most wanted? seriously?
    the girls where extremely unnecessary. this video would have been much better without them. having them in the video was just awkward. and what struggles with ferrari, boats and motorcycles are u talking about exactly?
    auto tune all over this shit… fucked my ears up. chorus is not bad, i see a huge improvement.

  28. Skillz says:

    My point of view is they should of done the chorus by them selves other than that the flow is nice good work with the locations and the shots as far as i know there is no place to shoot in kuwait …like the rnb and the rappin from each one of em ..

    Go kuwait

  29. Skeptic says:


  30. Someone needs to stop claiming to be the greatest…

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