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Post by Mark

This wasn’t made for Kuwait I guess? [YouTube]

Update: The KDD commercial has been pulled from YouTube so if you didn’t watch it you missed out.

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  1. Patrick says:

    The voice over dubbing is terrible. The actress seems to be saying one thing and the lady says something else lol

  2. caesar says:

    hmm, probably a test run or a displaced concept.

  3. Rehab says:

    What did I just see ! I was hoping something else since it was ‘KDD’

  4. area965 says:

    That was… surprising!

  5. Tuan says:

    totally Ok bro, i got one and i will be back after 5 mins LOL

  6. 3azeez says:

    This is what you get when you copy paste agency.

  7. darkwolf80s says:

    +1 Yup. It’s aight dude. This is one hot KDD commercial. Just went to the nearest store and bought me 1 whole box of chocolate milk and some Mango ice cream.

  8. Unique says:

    Its a porn movie not a commercial!
    I agree with patrick, the voice is terribale :/

  9. Q8Path says:

    I think it’s just a concept, but haven’t seen it published in media. As well, it should be translated to Arabic.
    I don’t really think it will be released because of the scenes.

  10. COPIED says:

    This is obviously a scene that is copied from the movie nine and a half weeks when mickey rourke does this exact same think to his girl

  11. anon says:

    Finally an arabic tv ad that was not extremely tacky.

    It’s a bit too much for my taste for tv, but definitely they are stepping it up. Kudos for that.

  12. rabbit says:



  13. penny says:

    lol , they dont allow kissing scences at the movies and they wanna air this xD. i didnt expect them to be so *perverted* maybe they went to work that day with thier heads on backwards? xD lol + totally agree about the voice it truelly sucks

  14. Omar says:

    .. Who actually does that?

  15. Jimmy says:

    Loool I just hope they put this on cinescape screens for every on to see for the ads before the movies.

  16. Ankit says:

    That’s a good idea for a date.

  17. Wselviz says:

    Get over it… it’s about time people here start doing some descent stuff for advertisement

  18. Robert Costa says:

    It’s unique … but indeed controversial for GCC. Can’t imagine what will happen if they air this … :D

  19. qeight says:

    KDD does approve saucy adverts

  20. syed says:

    OMG !!! KDD?

  21. Mathai says:

    KDD has launched their products in a lot of overseas markets and this is probably for one of them. Here’s a corny KDD ad from India :)

  22. sooli says:

    its about time people start accepting reality. our society should stop living in a bubble, thinking we are saints. This is reality, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

  23. Mohammad says:

    The video is down: (

  24. DX says:

    is the video not working for anyone else or is it just me?

  25. ash says:

    I wonder what he’ll do to her if she guesses wrong…… interesting sequel.

  26. Z says:

    I’ve just got a response that this ad was sent to KDD as a proposal back in 2008 and was refused by all KDD board members.. It was never aired..
    Kindly state the facts when anyone goes on to assume things..
    KDD is well known and a respectable company..

    • 3azeez says:

      a well known company for being greedy. They would go as far as anyone can and cannot imagine to make money. and if this ad was going to make them money they would have used it. the truth is, that ad was crap.

  27. Nixon says:

    can anyone tell me what happened, unfortunately i missed out.

  28. ash says:

    In case you didnt get to watch it.
    Blind folded pretty girl sitting in the dark with the light of the fridge only on her .Handsome guy feeding different flavours to pretty girl very seductively as she tries to guess it with slow tongue movements Very raunchy!

  29. Ahmed says:

    I saw the video before it was pulled and i got some things i would like to point out, Why was all the ice cream in the fridge instead of the freezer? and how can a couple own so much ice cream?,WHO EATS THAT MUCH ICE CREAM?!! and most importantly, Why did that guy open EVERY SINGLE TUB OF ICE CREAM?!,What waste of good ice cream if you’re just gonna take one spoonful from one of each!. This couple must be crazy!

  30. James says:

    Was expecting something more original.

    It’s like that refrigerator scene from the movie 9&1/2 Weeks.

  31. Ali Sleeq says:

    Someone got a new link?

  32. Humor in Rumour says:

    If my sources are to be believed; this ad was conceptualized by a Malayasian copyright based out of Iran for a Kuwaiti dairy product for exclusive marketing and distribution in Saudi and Afghanistan.

  33. Moey says:

    Damn I missed it.

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