Millions of Milkshakes & Kim Kardashian

Post by Mark

It’s been quiet here the past few days but it’s because I’ve been working on a bunch of stuff for the blog. As most of you know Kim Kardashian is coming to Kuwait next week for the launch of Millions of Milkshakes which will be opening in Avenues Phase III (picture above). Kim will be arriving to Kuwait on the 28th and then leave on December 1st to Bahrain.

I’m trying to get as much content as I can regarding her visit and right now I’ve managed to score 5 tickets to giveaway here on the blog. These 5 tickets are for a “meet and greet”, so 5 lucky readers will be able to meet and talk to Kim Kardashian as well as get their photos taken with her.

I’m still trying to figure out how to give away these tickets so if anyone has any ideas let me know. It will have to be some sort of competition and I already have an idea in mind but I’m hoping someone can come up with a better one.

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  1. Del says:

    Give it to the terminally brain dead. They are the only ones she can find something in common with.

  2. neoark25 says:

    Mark, don’t give ticket to any girls, just guys, and lets pick three very fat guys like 180kg to make me and you look good :p

    hows that for a plan!?

  3. Ed says:

    How about the first five people to comment on this post win !?!


  4. Abdul says:

    not excited about her visit,but interested in the comments,how about the last 5 comments. lol.

  5. Ab7ag says:

    Just give them to me. I’ll handle the matter;)

  6. Ahmad says:

    I’m just curious about how are you going to give up those ticket !

  7. Ahmad says:


  8. il pazzo says:

    How about the 5 ppl who can name her co-star in her adult movie? Guess that would b fair if ask me, cause her entire should b thanking her co-star who made them famous with that tape xD

  9. sarah says:

    like the cheesecake factory wasn’t enough now we’re going to have even more fat people

  10. Trace says:

    How’s about the girl with the most Kardashian Kollection accesories on at the same time?! (I was in the States, Sears had a sale.. dont judge me!)

  11. Blake says:

    You should have a treasure hunt of things you have posted in the past on your blog and make it as detailed as possible so it wont be simple to find the answers.

  12. Latifa says:

    How about a quiz about your blog or on things you posted during your blog years.
    Ex. Which year did I start blogging? Why is my blog named 248am? Favorite burger joint? Biggest news I’ve ever wrote about? (the lawsuit obviously :p)

    200 KD giveaway for the devoted readers! :p

  13. Yon says:

    How about getting people to answer the following question:

    Why is it our society places such shallow people on a pedestal treating them as if they are heroes? Discuss.

  14. Omar says:

    Here is an idea
    Give them to me and i will figure it out :p

  15. Mrs. Mohammad says:

    You should give me one, because I am so fashionably inept, I need her help. Also, I am a stay-at-home mom who really needs to get out! ;-)

  16. Rehab says:

    I dont know, maybe drop those ticket from Al Hamra tower top and see people dancing like Indiana tribes

  17. Joe says:

    The responses with the 5 best justifications gets the tickets. Here goes mine. Three words are enough – Kim is tough!

  18. Rehab says:

    Mark maybe you go somewhere and upload a clue in your blog. Whoever solves it and finds you. Get the ticket. Treasure hunt.

    btw are you there on “Find my friend” app on iPhone. Give me your id :P

  19. q8123 says:

    pick me pick me pleaseee mark.pretty please :)

  20. Husky Husseni says:

    You should just raffle the tickets out.
    Write each name from the comments section then pick them at random.

  21. TweeZ says:

    guess how many people Kim had sex with?…

  22. dudette says:

    a short video convincing you why they NEED not want to meet KIM kardashain , the funnier the better :P

  23. Omar says:

    Maybe you can do a scavenger hunt/ mini amazing race kind of thing where the top 5 can win it. You can blog about the race, and blog about a competitor’s progress, post clues or whatever. This will give you something to blog about and give people something interesting to read.

  24. Kuwait says:

    I would not want to meet her even if I was forced to, for free.

  25. jaquar knee says:

    daaaaaaaamn that booty !!

  26. Ashraf says:

    this chic get on my nerves… just coz my fiance is crazy about her.. she’s be thrilled…lol.


    1. upload the logo of 248am on instagram and get maximum likes.

    2. upload a picture of 248am on FB and get max likes.

    3. the best suggestion.

    4. jack-ass your self on a video and send to 248am.. the best one or best 3 gets tickets.

    5. strike a deal with a coffee shop or something similar… purchase and save the invoice. later the invoice numbers will be feeded in to to select the winner.

  27. Avil says:

    Stand at around 2 in the afternoon at Irada square.
    Get some kickass Alpine speakers.Do a mic test and shout Kim Kardashian 10 times.Award the tickets to the first five people who join you.

  28. Ali Sleeq says:

    Give them to me so I can resell them for a nice profit.

  29. Samantha says:

    Maybe you could have a little competition on facts about Kim and the people who knows the most win?

  30. Eeshan says:


    give it to K’s path volunteers. :-)

  31. s1k0 says:

    random numbers from the website random. You did it a few months ago.

  32. sts says:

    Auction the tickets and donate the proceedings to a charity in Kuwait. Don’t throw away the tickets.

  33. Snowman says:

    Sell them and donate the money to charity

  34. Noushig says:

    I’m Armenain, shes Armenian your half Armenian! CHOOSE MEEEEE!!! :P

    (Its a great oportunity to ask her to donate money for Armenians in Kuwait, in order to buy a land for our church)

  35. d'fine says:

    I think I deserve a ticket for the most removed comments here.
    Or at least for the fact that my friends bully me because I am a fan, I am not kidding, I follow the whole family on Instagram.
    I can tell you right now what they all are wearing… =)

  36. Samuel says:

    Get down to Irada Square.Bring along an Alpine speaker system or any other Badass one with a mic.Do a mic test and shout “Kim Kardashian” 10 times.Catch hold of the first five people who will join you and as a compliment give them the tickets.(Record the look on their faces).

  37. What Men think Women Want says:

    I second Sam ‘s kick – ass idea. However, in all fairness I feel if you are to give away the prize then it should go to the person with the most number of lame comments to his credit, on this blog which is me.
    Am sorry English is a foreign language to me – did I hear you just say you’re giving away Kardashian as the prize??

  38. abdullah ali says:

    Dear mark, I have no idea how you gonna give away those tickets but im sure that theres unlucky people like me last year when she was in dubai i was dying to go there for just a pic and now when shes coming to kuwait on the 28th im off to dubai on the 29th afternoon.. I know its like a dream to me but sounds like this dream not going to be realized.. Cuz i will only have the 28th but i know i cant meet her.. I did all i can to make it work but i hope so theres a mirecal will happend.

  39. jassim says:

    u can give 1 to me :S lots of kim haters here in kuwait! lots dont deserve the tickets

  40. checkmate says:

    I’ll give you a million milkshakes for the tickets. So I can burn them and make sure no one else suffers ;p

  41. hala says:

    Dont make it questions and answers because everyone will simply get the answer from google, i suggest best graphic design of kim and and they should write ur blogname in the design so they wouldnt steal it from somewhere else;) and u choose the best designs because also if u made a voting lots will cheat by faking the votes lol

  42. penny says:

    my hubby would love those tickets * a bit jealouse* you could just walk up to 5 random people and give it . you could also do the following

    1) name 10 places in kuwait on your fourm

    2) wait at 1 of the 10 places

    and give a ticket to the first 5 people

    all about luck and good guessing to the person who gets it

    or if you wanna do it in your blog

    upload 9 photoshoped pics of you at places * im pretty sure you knpw how to photoshop xD*

    and add 1 real pic

    and the first 5 to guess which pic is real gets the prize

    * a little hint take the pic of you from the real pic and photoshop it to other places* simple and easy xD

    never liked kim but like i said before my hubby would love those tickets

  43. Kash says:

    First 5 to write down ALL the million milkshake names..

  44. Adel says:

    Idk what’s all the fuss about her, I personally don’t like her nor her visit over here..

    it saddens me to see that we don’t allow musicians / artists to come and perform here. But we allow someone who’s famous for being in porn video, play boy magazine and generally known to be proud of having the most attractive big butt, is the type of Influence I would want to see on people.

  45. Waleed says:

    The competition is about how many tv shows that she appeared in it and how many sisters does she have and what is the channel that releas his tv series  what is the name of his milkshake and how many movie that she appeared in it ?? , what d u think  , and I hop I will win because I’m a big fan of Kim :))

  46. Dash doll says:


  47. SONI says:

    be it any 5 winners , but can one of the winner take a portion of the clip , show her and tell her on face ” lady you got acting talent”

  48. Housewife says:

    Hey mark, i deserve the tickets the most. I will wear my full hajab and show her how women are respected in the eyes of people.

  49. Nasser says:

    Just do the randomizer thing, where you pick 5 people who leave a comment on a post, that are randomly chosen.

  50. Fay says:

    PLEASE let me have the tickets she means so muh to me noone will never understand!! Kim is my idol & i would more than appreciate it if i could have the tickets!!! Pleaasee pleaassee pleaaasee!!! I have been waiting for this for such a long time this would mean the world please let me have them!!!!:(

  51. Rehab says:

    After reading all fans. I really wonder what they really mean, when they say “I am a big fan”, Big fan of what ?

  52. Nixon says:

    1 post some questions about the blog, and see who can answer them
    2 sell the tickets and give the money to charity
    3 give the tickets to kids with cancer or any other disease. only if they really want to meet kim

  53. lulz says:

    You should give four of the tickets to the giddiest, most rabid, batshit crazy fan girls you can find, and save one ticket for my man:

    It would be an explosive event.

  54. Mmm says:

    Id say go out n choose random people

  55. Faisal says:

    Give me the tickets, Me and my mom will gladly go! :D

  56. shabz says:

    give me ticket i will sell it for a good price… then we split 50/50 … wat say

  57. Paul says:

    all 5 who end up getting a ticket..gang up..go right up to her..and say..”You stink you lousy big-butted moron!”..

  58. I can’t believe I’m commenting on this but here it goes:

    Have a best BIG @$$ Contest Male / Female. The top five best BIG asses win.

  59. Acerboy says:

    Better if you select five different nationalities and let them enjoy the milk shake !

  60. Zain says:

    Me me me!!! Have some sort of a contest??
    Any updates on what you decided on?
    Were all waiting!

  61. Zohak says:

    Mark, rather than have a competition, why don’t you auction the tickets off to the highest bidders and give the money to Charity.

    At least all these superficial mugs will do something worthwhile and a charity will benefit.

  62. HayaAlT says:

    Would it be rude if I were just to go and get a milkshake from there, like theirs nothing going on?

  63. Rick says:

    I wish her all the worst

  64. Nicolas says:


    Kuwait is very funny country sometimes.

    Censoring prince and princes kissing end of the cartoons in cinemas and same time welcoming #1 prostitute in the world like some kind of hero. Good job everyone! :D

  65. shah says:

    high kim,
    i am great fan of yours but i don’t hav any money to meet you can you give me 1 ticket

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