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Coffee Machine Upgrade

Late last week I ended up upgrading my coffee machine and grinder from a Rocket Appartamento and Faustino grinder, to a La Marzocco Linea Mini with a Mahlkönig X54 grinder.

I’ll post a review once I spend a lot more time with the machine but for now, if you’re looking to upgrade your coffee machine, I’m selling my previous setup with some accessories. Here is the link to the classifieds page.

10 replies on “Coffee Machine Upgrade”

Daymn son.. congrats.. Maybe u get the rest of us a cool discount for the Linea using a MARK248AM code discount?? 🙂

Looking forward to the review.

Congrats, the last machine you will ever need. good choice and looks so Retro plus after sales are amazing

No Still Cause I don’t want to void the warranty as they are really good at backing up their warranty so will wait for now

Not yet since I’m still learning how to get the best of the machine still, the Rocket was much more forgiving with my bad coffee-making skills…

Beautiful in white with wooden accents! Is the X54 that much of an upgrade from the Faustino, if at all?

Hmmm yes but not sure by how much yet since I’m still dialing things in. I would imagine they would be pretty similar with the X54 edging slightly. Visually though the coffee comes out of the X54 much more fluffier. Like so fluffy I’m struggling not to make such a mess when filling up the portafilter. Also I like the fact that it doesn’t have a touch screen. The rockets touch screen doesn’t work if your fingers are wet.

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