Who and where is the Pizza Italia guy?

Post by Mark


Two years ago by complete randomness I found out who the Tikka “I like it spicy” guy was and posted about him. Now out of nostalgia curiosity I’m hoping to find out who the Pizza Italia guy from the commercial was and what he’s doing right now.

So if you have any information on the guy running in the commercial (pictured above) then let me know. Actually any information on the commercial like who did it, how it came to be etc.. would be interesting as well.

Update: Here is some information according to two readers. The Pizza Italia guy in the commercial is actually a Lebanese actor. The commercial was directed by Nick Cate, who is now living in the UAE. The scene in which is he running in front of shops was filmed in old Salmiya where Alamiah and Waleed Toys were located. The camera was located on the first floor of the building on the opposite side (the one with Xcite and Cinemagic).

Update2: According to Nick the director of the commercial, it was shot on a hand cranked 16mm Bolex camera and the music was composed by an Egyptian composer called Mohammed Al Banna.

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  1. Kuwait says:

    Aaah the nostalgic 80s in Kuwait :)

  2. AlHindi says:

    I wish Pizza Italia was still open.. i miss it.. i ate the last one few years ago in Bayan

  3. sabah says:

    Fond memories. Distinctly remember seeing this ad on TV.

    Does anyone remember the Ministry of Health short ads, the ones that always said ‘Salamat’ at the end?

  4. Sauce says:

    salamatak salamatak nawoudu lak salamatak

  5. Nasser says:

    What I’ve been trying to know for such a long time now, is what exactly happened to it?

    Why did it close down??
    Someone please give me an answer.

  6. Mathai says:

    I remember asking you about this guy a couple of years ago, hope you find it.

    Next on the list, locate the original cast of “Abanderado” TV commercial.

  7. Jeff Gordon says:

    Yeah, while you’re at it, what ever happened to that little boy, the Pizza Italia employee, the man walking on the street………. LOL!
    Fond memories. :)

  8. Eddie says:

    Mark I can help you find out:) he is a lebanese:) i know his niece but she is not giving anymore details:)

  9. Uwe says:

    The commercial was done by Nick Cate, who is now in the UAE. The Shops in Salmiah main Street, in the background, are gone. It was filmed from the first Floor of the Building, where the Open Air Cinema is. In those days, that was the busy area of Salmiah / Kuwait!

  10. aaa says:

    “shrimbys. SHRIMBYYYS.”

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