Amazon and Aramex Weird Delays

Has anyone ordered from Amazon directly to Kuwait and had the item shipped with Aramex? The last few items I ordered were shipped with Aramex and I noticed an odd pattern once the package arrived to Kuwait.

Once the package arrives to Kuwait I start getting “errors”. For example, Amazon would first email me the following:

Unfortunately, ARAMEX wasn’t able to complete your delivery and needs additional information to try again. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

and then a day later:

Unfortunately, a problem occurred during shipping and we had to cancel your delivery. The package is being returned, and we will issue a refund within 3 – 5 business days after the return is processed. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.

The first time that happened to me I freaked out and of course, there is no way to contact Aramex. Their call center number won’t allow you to talk to a real person and so you have to send them an email. When you do email them you’ll get a generic response asking you to resend your complete address so they can deliver your package.

I learned that if you ignore all the errors both Amazon and Aramex spit out, or the email request for your address, Aramex eventually delivers your package a few days later.

I didn’t think of it much until my friend complained to me about the same issue. So, I have a theory to why this is happening.

Amazon probably has expectations from Aramex on delivery time. Because Aramex can’t meet it, they put the blame on the customer by saying the address isn’t complete. That way they no longer are the reason for the delayed delivery, the customer is. It’s bad business practice.

So I’m curious as to how often this happens, it’s happened with my last 3 deliveries, has it happened to you? Just to be clear this isn’t using Shop&Ship, this is Amazon straight to Kuwait via Aramex.

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I always order from Amazon AE, and I have not faced any issues so far. And yes, Aramex service is horrible there is no way to get in touch with them except for going to their office.

I ordered Directly for many years now, first time they delivered it with DHL (Playstation 4 2013) after that all the shipments from Aramex.

Last shipment was March 2022, it was late but without the emails you mentioned.

I tried to return shoes once they are dealing with DHL in kuwait, they will pass your house and collect the item for a refund (got my refund in the same day of the pickup).

Can you explain this part a bit more. I never thought you could return to Amazon from Kuwait. Who pays for the return of items through DHL? Do you just go online and click return or do you have to call DHL here? Sorry for all the questions.

I had this problem before. I ordered something from amazon to Kuwait direct and the item arrived damaged. opened ticket with Amazon, they told me I could return it via DHL and they sent me a shipping label. Super easy and they gave me 30 days or so to drop it off at DHL.

WOW! This is a game changer. Do you know if this only applies to damaged items? Or is it like the regular Amazon where you can return for any reason. What if I order clothes/shoes and the size is off, or I just don’t love it in person?

You can return for any reason (based from my personal experiences last year.) However, some reasons will not offer shipping fees refund only item price

I recently ordered from Amazon and they delivered it through Aramex.

The first thing that happened was a message from Aramex that my address was incorrect/incomplete (this has never happened with DHL or FedEx). I suppled my address again and delivery went forward but it was much slower than the other couriers.

Local Aramex is trash , they delay everything. The local office has bad service and they dont care If you complain. They have 2 different ways of dealing with customers using the pickup service and delivery service. For example the us embassy Visa if you use pick up you’ll never get an sms but if you choose delivery which they get 4kd off you they will send an sms. When I complained to the manager he said day hmdellah that you got the visa .

If you want to reach Aramex customer service there’s a hack – call 1820011 , press 4 for shop and ship and then press 1 for set up delivery – you”ll get a representative on line – then you address your issue even if its not related to shop and ship – works all the time

i had the same thing happen with me with aramex, but your theory doesn’t sound right.

i ordered a bunch of things at the same time from amazon, and i was expecting 4 packages from aramex. i received 1 package before the expected delivery date. i received the next 2 just 4 days after the expected date but on consecutive days.

1 package never arrived, even 3 weeks after the expected delivery date. i got a refund because i assumed it would never arrive. it doesn’t make sense that aramex would purposefully deliver 3 packages and not the 4th, to the same customer about the same time.

there’s definitely something fishy going on.

All my direct shipments from Amazon so far were handled by Amazon itself. Super fast, no issues.

Aramex, on the other hand, had issues with every single package in the past! Every shipment would hit me with some variant of “Customer not reachable/available” etc. and then deliver it 4-5 days later.

Recently, though, I’ve started receiving WhatsApp msgs from Aramex with a link asking me to fill in pick up or delivery details and then deliver it 4-5 days later.
Delivery time has remained the same but now they’ve replaced putting the blame on the customer, with a delivery form. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Amazon couldn’t have handled your shipments directly. They use a courier like Aramex, FedEx, DHL etc when shipping to Kuwait.

You’re confusing Shop&Ship with Aramex. Aramex have a courier service separate from Shop&Ship.

I meant under shipping it mentions “Handled by Amazon” and all my packages usually have UPS stickers all over.

And no, I’m not talking about Shop&Ship either. These are packages directly via Aramex.

I have a whole different set of issues with Shop&Ship where I cannot pay online or via app and then the delivery dude sends me a myfatoora link after arriving at my door step.

it happened to me too, I ordered a few times from Amazon directly and the one time Aramex delivered, they kept sending me text on WhatsApp asking for my address, and that was very strange no shipping company would ship anything unless they had the address so I kept ignoring them they delivered it a few days later, DHL on the other hand was great.

I once ordered from Amazon AE back in Feb, it came to Kuwait and was in customs for a few days, then it told me it was being processed, AND THIS WAS BACK IN MARCH!!! I get no calls or texts, but other items ordered from Amazon US got delivered through Aramex just fine. WTF is going on???

I really hope Amazon stops shipping with Aramex. The just enjoy delaying shipments even after early arrival for no reason except customer annoyance.

I ordered 15 small items two months ago from Amazon US directly to Kuwait and faced no issues. They all shipped as four shipments that were delivered by Aramex on four separate days, took a while though.

Happened to me more than once and only when Amazon ships the item through Aramex. They delay the delivery so a way to shift a blame to the customer and make it is it’s no longer the fault of Aramex from Amazon’s perspective. I still have a package stuck with Aramex from a month ago past the delivery date and blaming me that the address is incomplete. I don’t like dealing with Aramex so I asked Amazon for a refund.

I’ve also noticed that sometimes they say that they’ve attempted delivery or attempted to call the customer but it’s a lie because I have cameras around the house and I have no miss calls on my logs from them during that period. But that might be with SnS not directly from Amazon.

Unethical behavior from Aramex Kuwait and they’ve been like that for as far as I can remember.

I had items on my hands and amazon saying sorry for your order being very late. Fishy because it happened more than once with Aramex.

I agree. Have had several issues with Aramex. Their chatbot goes nuts if you start trying to ask questions – its very limited. No way to get through a call center. Had notifications in the lines of: customer not available, wrong address provided, etc. If i choose a delivery time the delivery gets delayed further. for the last order i just left it and ignored all messaged and it got delivered in time. They say held at customs for days which doesn’t make sense.

This happens to me all the time. But the message about “The package is being returned, and we will issue a refund within 3 – 5 business days” is something I have never received.
Eventually, I get the packages after 2-3 days. Their service is really horrible.

This is not a new thing with Aramex and your conclusion is spot on. In fact they do the exact same BS with Shop&Ship. Here’s a couple of excuses they used for my last couple packages which they’ve delayed for over a week each.


They never once called, never attempted delivery nor have I changed my address in my 15 years with them. On top of that they keep raising rates lol

For the past 7 years, I am ordering from to a shop&ship address in the UK. Aramex delivers in Kuwait. Never had a problem!

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