Habitat Museum Not Being Maintained?

Post by Mark

I’m a big fan of the Habitat Museum at Al Shaheed Park but now not so sure. I was there over the weekend and it looked so sad. One part of the ceiling looks to have leaked near where the glass floor is with the sea creatures so there are plastic sheets covering part of the area where that happened, and then none of the 3D projectors were working. So you now have this large room with plain white empty tables but nothing projected onto them.

From what I understood from the employee is they’ve been like this for a while and they’re just waiting on the company that built the space to fix them. Hopefully, the issues get sorted soon since the weather is going to start getting cooler and the park will be busy again.

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  1. Green says:

    Not the least bit surprising. I’m actually impressed that it lasted this long.

  2. J says:

    Mark, if you can give me a single example of anything in the country that has been properly maintained since it was originally built I’ll be impressed.

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