Must Visit: The Habitat Museum

Post by Mark

Last week I posted that the Habitat Museum at Al Shaheed Park was now open but I only managed to pass by it this past weekend. I left so impressed, that here I am posting about the museum again a week later.

The museum showcases the unique beauty of Kuwait’s plants and animal life by taking visitors on a journey through the local ecosystem. When you first enter the premises you need to pick up your audio guide as well as a round disc that contains a plant seed. This disc can then be used in various parts of the museum to activate screens and interact with the exhibits.

The museum isn’t that big but I loved everything about it. My favorite part though had to be watching different families and people just walk around interacting with the displays. Its pretty obvious that people in Kuwait are hungry for museums which is why I can’t wait until the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center opens up end of this year.

Another thing I liked was the fact the museum brings up two important issues, illegal hunting near the wildlife reserves as well as how camping can be very disruptive to the environment. Two very important issues which I’m glad they talk about in their exhibits because it will definitely educate the visitors especially the young ones.

The Habitat Museum is located in the same building as the escalators that take you to the parking lot (the far end one) and right across from the restaurant Table Otto.

The opening hours are:
Monday to Friday: 4PM to 9PM
Saturdays: 12PM to 7PM
Sundays: Closed

Entry is free just make sure you have an ID card so you could pick up the audio guide and plant disc. The museum is really worth checking out so pass by.

For more photos of the interior taken by the photographer Niccolò Guasti, click [Here]

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  1. A Proud Kuwaiti says:

    Thank you for the post, Mark. Everything looks fantastic!

    The problem here in Kuwait is that there are over 30 museums, public and private, but nobody knows about them. NCCAL tries its best to promote them to no avail. Most of them are free and been running for decades.

    Many thanks to Al Diwan Al Amiri for gearing towards the opening of these museums and providing a shot in the arm for the museum scene in the country.

    • pain says:

      “The problem here in Kuwait is that there are over 30 museums, public and private, but nobody knows about them.”

      True, no one knows about them

      • Ahmad says:

        I just had a great idea….

        Mark should create a post about all the museums and gallries in kuwait with references and timings. We can all help, similar to the internet shipping post.

  2. blackswan says:

    Great presentation, I`ll definitely check it out along with the family.

    Also hate to be the nazi, but you have a typo 2x camping :
    as how camping camping can be very disruptive

  3. Ipsom says:

    I think there should be a small fee (.25kd) for the headset and interaction… I don’t want to ruin it for everybody, it’s just that i don’t want to see the museum ruined

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