Habitat Museum Now Open

Post by Mark

The Habitat Museum at Al Shaheed Park is now officially open to the public. The museum showcases the unique beauty of Kuwait’s plants and animal life by taking visitors on a journey through the local ecosystem. It’s located in the same building as the escalators that take you to the parking lot (the far end one) and right across from the restaurant Table Otto.

The opening hours are:
Monday to Friday: 4PM to 9PM
Saturdays: 12PM to 7PM
Sundays: Closed

For more photos of the interior taken by the photographer Niccolò Guasti, click [Here]

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  1. Ipsom says:

    They should do something like this at the scientific center with marine ecosystem rather than build that dolphinarium

  2. Majid says:

    The Memorial Museum is also open! I visited both and it was a great experience to see something like this in Kuwait. what’s even cool about the habitat museum is that all the plants and animals sculptures that are showcased are 3D printed!

  3. bla bla theory says:

    Wow! both of the Habitat Museum and the Memorial museum look amazing!

    I will enjoy visiting museums with such level and quality in any place around the world ..

    Good job, great place for tourists and even locals!

  4. Ana_031 says:

    Is the entrance free of charge?

  5. Mutii says:

    Mark I would really like to know your opinion on Kuwait food scene versus Dubai food scene.

    • aaa says:

      Kuwait’s is better

    • zaydoun says:

      It’s like comparing apples and oranges

      Kuwait’s dining scene is more casual and youth-oriented whereas Dubai’s scene is more geared towards fine-dining and targets tourists and executive expats.

      Wine lists make all the difference of course

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