Let’s Ban Camping

This is related to my dirt bike adventure yesterday but decided it deserved a separate post.

Subiya is one big garbage dump right now.

The causeway bridge is the worst thing to happen to Subiya because as soon as you cross over to the other side it’s now littered with garbage. Like EVERYWHERE! There wasn’t a single off-road area yesterday where we didn’t come across garbage. It’s so sad and upsetting and especially since I used to visit the area before the bridge was opened up and I remember how clean it used to be. There were barely ever any people there, no campsites at all, and just camels with herders. Now it’s just a big ass garbage dump.

People camp and litter and it’s disgusting. Instead of banning electric scooters on roads or importing car exhausts, how about banning camping in the desert instead? How about turning the whole desert area into a natural reserve and have people request permission to camp in designated camping grounds like they do in national parks in the States?

It’s so sad.

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Very true, Mark. Subiya is a TRASH!! There should be fine for the campers who don’t know how to clean their mess. Maybe they were thinking that the Bangalis comes there to clean too.

Weren’t you the one complaining 2 days ago how the government overreacts by banning everything? Now you just want to ban camping? One of the few venues for people who want an escape especially during a pandemic? We’re not all irresponsible, though I agree the trash problem is getting out of hand, but there are other ways to go about it than just banning, as you rightly pointed out in a previous post…

Just sayin’.. but I agree the trash is ridiculous and there should be consequences. In an ideal world the state park idea would be nice, but it’s Kuwait so let’s be real. Plus it’s not that big to begin with, and actual camping spots are limited as is with lots of land being off limits due to oil and military bases and government/private properties.

Dear Mark,

its a lost debate,things are sadly getting from worse to worse,i used to visit this place two years ago and it was so clean as you mentioned in your post,same gose to abu hasaniya beach right before covid 19 started i used to go to the beach opposite al saqran mall which reminded me of ras al arth beach club back in the 80’s with all sort of seas life there and wonderful shells all over, i visited the same place two days ago and it was literally full of trash, shame on everyone who is causing

It’s just the mentality of the people of Kuwait, can never really have nice things forever when the Kuwaiti government are also inept.

Goodness, that’s awful. Do people not have the common sense to clean up after themselves? There should be some sensibility when camping outside and cleaning after you are finished.
It’s the same story at many beaches and parks, people use the space and litter everywhere.

One more thing which needs to be banned is the use of plastic which already has been implemented in most countries as plastic is one of the main causes of this litter…

Some peoples litter, some don’t. Some people smoke, some don’t. It’s just that you’ll never make the public comply as long as you’re not applying harsh fines EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. They simply feel irresponsible, knowing very well that somebody else will clean after them or simply doesn’t give a care in the world! Seriously, environmental police should be more active specially in the winter season.

Wants to ban camping because of the trash, yet goes off-roading and leaves whatever invisible contaminant your vehicle brings, tc.

Yeah, right.

I literally laughed when I read your comment Mark! 😀 😀

But I wouldn’t even dare to figure out the thought process of such people…such a lame ass comment! 😛

the entire country is one big trash dump drive along the MSR see how the fences are covered in trash. stop by any gas station or fast food place on hwy 30 or 40.

don’t you love the way it glitters in the sun….

I agree! The amount of trash (most of it being plastic) is absolutely insane. Camping/kashtas & plastic NEED to be banned if people can’t act like responsible adults.

Awareness, are you aware which country do you live in…. Lol…. Not sorry but that’s how this country and the people here are…

Lol your impact, they recently announced that it’s going to be banned. Kinda stupid to ban desert tents but not kashtas which is literally the same thing but smaller with 0 social distancing.

Don’t worry! In ten years, when all the expats are gone, and all of the jobs belong to Kuwaitis, young Kuwaiti men with pride in their country will don their yellow jumpsuits and happily pick up garbage, loudly declaring, “We never needed expats!”

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