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So about my garbage problem, I decided to try and create a timelapse to see how the garbage ends up building up so much. I hadn’t done a timelapse before and this was my first attempt and although it’s not great I think it’s pretty clear what the main problem is. Not only do we need a few more garbage bins in the lot but some of the bins aren’t being emptied which is why the garbage is getting pilled up all around them. In the video you’ll see a garbage truck come by but they only empty one of the bins and leave the other three. This timelapse was around a day and half long, 432 images in total, one image taken every 5 minutes. I’m going to try and make one thats a few days longer and see how that turns out. [YouTube]


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I see lots of car parking around the bins. maybe that why the truck cant empty the other bins. try to make time laps for night only to see what is the exact issue is and make it 1 pic every 30 seconds. begin from 12am till 10am. try to take the time laps for few days. so u can judge and find and the solution for it. and the decision dont be on one night timelaps only. good luck

The garbage truck is not responsible for those pins another type of garbage collectors shall come and empty those yellow and blue bins, It needs to be emptied and compacted inside the collector, if you notice in the 10th second there are two trucks fully loaded, so this kind of trucks is not suitable for the mission, the problem is the cars surrounding the pins in the collecting time.

Why is lil Jack, the bin on the right, in solitary confinement while his parents and sister enjoy together? Grounded I guess.

Anyway, just noticed that even after Jack is almost empty, people still dumped trash right outside it..! What the luck?

It’s currently running at 24fps, the way to slow it down would be to take more shots like one every minute for example instead of 5. Problem is my battery can’t last more than two days I think at 1 photo every 5 minutes. I guess I need to get it a power adapter.

I dont understand why Kuwait can not get their garbage situation under control, I had high hopes for the new company, but it seems they took over some old habits.
We have the same problem were I live.

feels like living with pigs…

and something else if you see in second 16 and 17 you will see people are dropping their garbages beside the bin and the bin is empty !!!!!

Exactly!! We can’t just blame the cleaning company.
It’s those kind of people who are causing this problem.

Yea, go Mark! 👍

Would have liked to see a slower lapse with more pictures for a clearer view, so I can spread it around. But a good start nonetheless.

So I have a reader who has been helping me get this garbage situation sorted and I just found out why the other 3 bins were not emptied.

Turns out the three bins on the right belong to the PREVIOUS cleaning company that had a contract with the baladiya. Again just to be clear, I said PREVIOUS and not “other company”, as in they no longer have a contract with the baladiya. So the new cleaning company isn’t responsible for emptying the bins of the previous cleaning company and they also don’t empty them because they fear it might cause them a problem with the other cleaning company. So they just empty their own bins and in this case, the one bin. So not only are 4 bins clearly not enough for this neighborhood but its actually just one bin out of the 4 that gets emptied while the trash builds up around the bins. So the current cleaning company cleans all the garbage around the 3 bins but doesn’t touch the garbage inside the bins. hilarious.

It was a bit fast. Wish they put one more bin or people reduced their waste output.I always think of a possibility to reduce.

You could always make a rumor that the pile on the left has jinn or is possessed by having a hidden radio broadcast scary sounds and perhaps add a remote controlled stuffed animal in there for kicks.

In seriousness though, it seems that you could solve the problem by adding 2 dumpsters to the one on the left and perhaps one more on the right.

Unfortunate that people need to be shamed to do the right thing around here. Only thing left to do is to snapchat this.

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