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Inside the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center


The Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center is set to be the largest museum in the world covering Natural History, Science, Space and Islamic Heritage, together with a Theatre and Fine Arts Centre. Construction has been on the way since June of last year and from what I am told construction will be completed by the end of this year. Once the buildings construction is completed, the interior work will begin and new renderings were recently released giving us a glimpse of how the museums might end up looking like. Below is some information on each of the museums as well as a link where you can check out the renderings.

The Space Museum (4,300m²) incorporates a 130 seat planetarium and tells the story of planet earth, the universe, space exploration and will also include an immersive reconstruction of the International Space Station. [Link]

The Science Museum (6,800m²) includes galleries for Human Body & Mind, Technology & Transport, Experiment and Robotics, with exhibits featuring hands-on experiments, games and simulator experiences. [Link]

The Natural History Museum (7,700m²) will offer visitors a unique insight into the natural world and includes a stunning ecosystem experience that allows visitors to explore a living rainforest, mangrove and coral reef. [Link]

The Islamic Museum (2000m2) tells stories of the importance of knowledge in Islam, the Islamic way of life and Islamic legacy in Kuwait. Features include stunning scale models of iconic mosques from around the world, a Treasures gallery and interactive exhibits that communicate the development and preservation of Islamic knowledge in science, arts and literature. [Link]

If you’d like to see how the exterior is going to look click [Here]

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As I mentioned in the post construction should be completed by end of the year and then the interior next year. They’re working day and night on it.

If this turns out anything like what they say it is I’m actually excited for once for something in Kuwait.

Mark, do you know if entrance is going to be free like the Smithsonian museums? It would be really cool if Al-Diwan Al Amiri became Kuwait’s Smithsonian or something

Seems like you’re trying to start something. Evolution and big bang are taught at Kuwait University, which is Kuwait’s state public university. Unsure about evolution theory but big bang isn’t featured in most high school education systems worldwide even IGCSE Physics.

Evolution is taught in private schools in Kuwait (maybe not all), TBBT might not be since the physics is not exactly high-school-friendly.

so the evolution that is taught in schools actually says that humans and large apes evolved from a common ancestor? and does it explain change of kind? or only evolution of one kind?

You see I’m asking this because it seems that the evolution taught in Kuwait is constricted by Quranic interpretations. The agree to some parts of it and reject the rest.

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