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What’s going on here?


There’s currently a mega project that’s currently under way in Maidan Hawalli. Just over a month ago they demolished the Al-Maidan Cultural Centre and the Abdullah Al-Salem School that were both located there and since then they’ve been working day and night (literally) at the construction site.

My guess is its one of the projects that is being led by Al-Diwan Al-Amiri, the people who are also leading the Kuwait Cultural Center project. The reason I am assuming they’re behind it is because when I last met with them they hinted there were 5 projects in the pipeline and they mentioned one of them was going to be in Hawalli. The fact that this project is also moving really fast with work taking place around the clock is another sign that this could be them.


I was pretty upset at first when I found out they had demolished the Al-Maidan Cultural Centre but if the Al-Diwan Al-Amiri is behind this project then I know whats going to come up in its place is going to be something much better. If it’s anything like the Kuwait Culture Center I’ll be more than pleased.

If I find out what the project is I’ll post an update. The exact location of this site is near Shaab Park on the Gulf Road. Here it is on [Google Maps]

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Hey Mark, why are you ignoring my previous comment?

Tsk too bad..I’d have send you some renderings of the project but you don’t seem to be interested, oh well..

Maybe just another concrete shopping maaaaaaall!! We need more maaaaaalls to buy more stuff!!! like our atmosphere isn’t polluted badly enough!

It’s the second of the Amiri Diwan cultural projects, this one is the Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Center. It’s about half the cost of the Jaber Al-Ahmed center.

Love the comments saying Malls or Food Courts, congrats on having 0 understanding of what Diwan Al Amiri is and pretty much no awareness of your surroundings. Hey guys is Ministry of Health gonna build a new courthouse? I heard it was gonna be next to the school built by Ministry of Interior

Dear Mark,

I am glad you actually posted about this subject.

This project is called Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center, led by Amiri Diwan, Main Contractor: Alghanim International is going to be one of the largest Museums in the world and the Jaber Al Abdullah Cultural Center near the church and Sheraton in Kuwait City is going to be a group of theaters. Both were initially designed by Jean Nouvel Ateliers in association with SSH International. Now, there is some final design development.

As, far as the other projects there are 3 more( Farwaniah& Jahra Courts Complex(Under Construction), Al Jahra Hospital ( Construction to begin very soon)and the refurbishment of Al Salam Palace ( Construction to start soon.)

As, i am in the construction industry, if you need any additional info on any of the ongoing or future projects, i would be glad to assist.

I think i have a few pictures of each of the projects, if you need some let me know.

Last October, the local newspapers stated that Al-Diwan Al-Amiri will build Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Center, which is located in the same spot Mark indicated as the location of Abdullah Al-Salem School and Al-Maidan Cultural Center. Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Center will include the Kuwait Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Space Museum, Islamic Museum, Islamic Cultural Center for Fine Arts, a theater, a gift shop, exhibitions and cafes.

This project along with the Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultar Center and the revamped Martyr Park, the revamped Al-Salam Palace and Flag Square are the mega projects developed by the Diwan.

There was a football ground there.
we used to play there every Thursday night until somebody bought the land 🙁

i think they decided demolishing the place in March – April..

al-Maidan had a really cool gift shop – fantastic for decent quality local souvenirs and gifts. Anyone know where (or if) it’s relocated to?

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