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Kuwait is Building the Largest Museum in the World

According to the 40 minute film below, the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center that is currently under construction will be the largest museum in the world once completed. The museum will be located next to Shaab Park on the Gulf Road and include:

– A Natural History Museum
– A Science Museum
– A Museum of Islamic History
– A Space Museum
– A Fine Arts Center
– A 350 seat Theatre


I knew the project was huge but I didn’t think it would end up being the largest museum in the world. I still find that hard to believe. Check out the film above and for more information on the project including 3D renderings click [Here]

Thanks Arad

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I believe its due to be completed next year since the project is meant to be completed in 2 years. It’s already been less than a year since construction started and as you can tell the buildings themselves are basically done. They’re working 24/7 so your comment really is out of place.

It’s really pathetic seeing these people trying to be funny by telling the same joke over and over again, if you go to the project’s instagram account you’ll see them telling these jokes thinking they’re original.

I’m really against “tallest” largest” projects. Eventually a neighbouring country will build a bigger project.

Isn’t it next to the palace they are refurbishing as well? They could have included a section dedicated to Kuwait’s past, including the martyr museum, Sheikh Fahad’s car and Saddam’s cast iron head. That way they could close down the National Works museum, it’s so sad.

Nevermind, I forgot they are trying to erase the past.

It’s like the Avenues of museums. Can I have an indoor ride park like the one in Mall of America?

No that’s a different place. And why build a second martyrs museum? Haven’t you been to Al shaheed park yet. Also isn’t saddams cast iron head already in a museum?

Never mind, I forgot you just like to trash kuwait whatever chance you get even when they’re actually doing something good.

The martyr’s museum is in Qurain and its maintained well. I’ve been there twice and I hope it’s retained as is.

Regarding Saddam’s head, I didn’t see it at the Memorial museum but a reader left a comment that its still in there. I hope that museum is removed and reinstated inside the new complex or at least spruced up a bit.

you can tell by the way they talking that this is the first time for these engineers to actually go to the site it hilarious really because we know how make the actual work from designing to licensing to construction

Some people flame and trash just because they can. We’ve all criticized Kuwait after being subjected to countless delays and frustrating ineptitude but it’s constant negativity that still plagues us today and until people change their perspectives, we’re always going to keep seeing the glass half-empty.

That being said, I have no words that can sufficiently show my gratitude to the Amiri Diwan and/or the agencies behind projects like the Sheikh Abdullah Cultural Center, Sheikh Jaber Cultural Center and the Al Salam Palace. Kuwait’s been lagging behind in the Gulf scene for too long and even though our attempts at growth and change have been slow, the projects we’ve been getting lately have been of a world-class caliber and should be considered a source of pride for us as citizens and residents of this country.

I hope and believe that the standards of excellence set forth by these pivotal projects spur the rest of the country and its people into making it the best damn place it can be.

Thats the thing, I don’t have a problem with people criticizing Kuwait, I do that myself but when there is a reason to. On the other hand there are some people who have a tendency to criticize for absolutely no reason, like it’s a sport. That I have an issue with.

I just don’t have her pegged as one of those people who criticize for the sake of criticizing. She doesn’t come across as someone who’s like that. Just the other day, she was talking about how great it is living in a country where the food is good and cheap. She also loves talking about the wonderful events here.

it would be great if Kuwait can unify all the “private museums” into one under one roof – for example, The Tarek Rajab Museum, believe it or not, has opened a wing at the museum in Singapore – it was really nostalgically sweet to walk into a little piece of home whilst on my honeymoon (with my wife who also went to NES).

initially i thought it was a cultural village.

plus wasnt a kuwaiti bidding for the rope that hanged saddam?

You aren’t looking at this from a motive point of view.

Government Project hmm ;-). What do officials think.

How much money can I drain from this project.
Actual Cost. 20 Million KD
On paper cost…..500 million

Company with family influence in government gets contract
*Cough Cough* Lets take a few 200 Million – 20 million

Government Officials. The people that run the show.
of course we will need the rest ! 300 Million Spread it among the BOYS YEAH 😀 !!!

Now let the Kuwaiti people go and watch the fine art. LOL

JK lets go avenues.

BE REALISTIC. How many Kuwaitis that have gone to London have actually visited the FREE museums and seen the historic art there..greatest galleries in the world for free and wont even go for a minute. Lets spend more time in Harrods and Laduree.

I don’t see this only as a way to drain more money from public funds.

I know its innocent till proven guilty, but not here.

Guilty till proven innocent.


When we don’t have museums you complain that we don’t have them. Now that we are getting museums you’re complaining that it’s a waste of money. Make up your mind already.


As much as I hate corruption and would love to see things more tightly regulated and transparent, I don’t care what happens behind the scenes as long as things get delivered and executed to a very high standard rather than getting something half-assed where corner cutting is obvious.

As for this museum thing, I’m one of those Kuwaitis who actually spends their time in them along with galleries, concert halls and other cultural venues when they travel; to pick at London since you brought it up, I personally haven’t been to Harrods since 2011 nor have I been to the Knightsbridge area since then because there is much more to London that caters to what I’m looking for. There is a dedicated crowd of people who DO seek education, enlightenment and exposure outside of Knightsbridge just as much as those who do spend their time between Harrods and Edgware Road. THAT’S realistic.


It doesn’t matter what Kuwaitis like, not everything has to be about Kuwaitis. Most people in Kuwait aren’t Kuwaitis. Many expatriates want world-class museums. Kuwait’s new cultural district will attract LOTS of expatriates and foreign visitors.

There are PLENTY of Kuwaitis who like space museums. There’s a significant minority of Kuwaitis who do enjoy fine art and museums. The finest art in the Gulf is coming from Kuwaiti artists. Most GCC art is Kuwaiti.

Most local GCC artists are Kuwaitis. coincidence? No. The cultural center will have many Kuwaiti visitors. Even people who aren’t interested in art/history will visit the museum.

There are no figure heads or politicians in the video, but strong leading woman, engineers, and architects that have dedicated so much time and effort into this incredible project. I’m so excited to see how this investment in culture will play into the fields of not only tourism but education as well. Thanks for sharing this Mark 🙂

Mark, I am one of the suppliers who was involved in this project. We are a multi national company and we have been involved in this project since design stage but I am sorry to say that some of the very critical things in this project is not done as per Specs. Things that are related to public safety. Contractors are looking to go with the cheapest products or lowest subcontractors. End result is prestigious project like this build with least safety concern. Sad part consultant closing their eyes in all this. I know you won’t post this comment to public but I am just letting you know this is what happening in Kuwait.

Jacob, you should expose this information on a more public platform. The public needs to know this in the event lives are lost due to the ineptitude of the people responsible.

As excited as I am for this wonderful new project, I can’t help but worry that Kuwait is catching “Dubai Fever” with these grandiose statements. Who cares if something is the “biggest”, “tallest”, “widest” etc… why doesn’t anyone aspire to just be “good”?

That said, I sincerely hope these beautiful buildings will contain some worthwhile museum pieces.

Build whatever you may. Just do it with your own money. Don’t come up with some ‘cleaning fee’ to be collected from expats to fund this stuff.

amen – i already got a twinge when i heard they were working on it 24/7 but hopefully they dont mean the expat labourers. Its funny how in history its never teh labourers that get the credit for building something. Who built the pyramids? why the egyptians of course!!!

No shame in admitting you need it and frankly I have no issue with it as long as it is applied equally to everybody. And please for your own sake call it what it really is, a tax.

I have an advice for chronic complainers: wait 30 minutes before opening your yapper or start typing your response on a blog.

I am so excited and proud for Kuwait, this is amazing and I’m looking forward to the opening. I love museums , and I’m happy my country is take this step.

On the same note, why can’t people in Kuwait just take it for what it is and be happy? Its as if anything Kuwait tries to do, even if its something great like this, theres always critisism and complaints! Its pathetic.

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