On My Way Out

Post by Mark


I was at the Kuwait airport before Eid heading to the States and was waiting in line in emigration when I noticed this really good looking emigration officer walk by. He was tall, great body, had a nice beard with great hair, like a super good looking guy. So as I was admiring his looks in the most heterosexual way possible, he does something really messed up. He goes up to a South Asian expat standing in line and yells at him. The expat froze and didn’t understand what the officer wanted so then the officer punches the expat hard on the chest and opens and closes his fist yelling passport passport. I was like WTF?! I was like thats messed up, the officer is clearly all jacked up on steroids and just punched this poor expat. He then gave him back the passport and yelled at him to go to another line. He then sees a group of South Asian expats in line and shoo’s them all to another line like cattle. I thought about complaining to someone in charge but then realized if I did I might not end up flying out myself.

A few moments later I’m still in line still trying to grasp of what I had just seen when another incident takes place. There was an expat at the front of the line waiting for the emigration officer at the desk to stamp his passport and I overhear the officer making fun out of the expat cuz he’s wearing an earring. Not only that but the officer gets the officer on the adjacent desk involved as well so they’re both poking fun out of the expat now. Not quietly or in secret but literally in front of the expat while pointing at his ear and asking the expat embarrassing questions.

To have incidents like this still take place in this day of age is bad enough but to have them take place at the airport by airport employees is just ridiculous. Someone told me recently they replaced the over-maked-up female officers because people were complaining about them but if this is what they’ve replaced them with I’d rather we go back to the female officers again.

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  1. Itsame says:

    I witnessed pretty much the same scene where the officer shoo’d Asian expats under a staircase like cattle, shouting and yelling at them. I felt so terrible seeing that.

  2. Abraham says:

    Welcome to kuwait !!!

    This is the best we can say to the poor chap.

  3. Natalie says:

    I’ve witnessed some of the most absurd situations in my life there. Was once using the airport parking garage elevator with an immigration officer and a pilot when the immigration guys cell phone went off- the ring tone was a sound bite of a woman from a pornographic movie on repeat at the most obnoxious volume level- all the response the two of them could muster was to laugh while the cell phone owner winked at me with a smile. Sad.

  4. Joe says:

    Well that asshole can do that only here in his country, anywhere else in this world he is a pussy. Everyone is a king in his own palace. So next time when you yell at an expat dont think that he is scared of you. he is just scared of his circumstances.

  5. faisal says:

    i work at civil aviation and i use to work in an office near the immigration office and trust me i saw awful things from officers there. once an officer made a pregnant asian who worked in one of the shops to pass the metal detector just because he felt like it the woman tried to explain that she was pregnant even though she didnt have to explain because it was very obvious.

  6. Nathen says:

    I wish if anyone could literally show this post to that officer at the airport. Next time when i travel to my country i want him to come along. The moment i reach my country, i will show him whom iam.. no matter which ever gold fish he is he will get it.

  7. Jon says:

    This shows how much the country is deteriorating under its own people. No values, no respect. Just arrogance.
    Its like walking to a jungle.

    • Mohammad says:

      Yes thats what we do lil jon, I will yell at you because you look meek and cowardly.

    • mungeeman says:

      sadly – as an asian expat who has been through this – (and it is VERY common) there is absolutely no deterioration int he country. This is just being seen by others more now – it’s always been like this for us.

  8. mocman says:

    Next time snapchat it or something. these people should be shamed

  9. dfine says:

    You dont need to go to the airport to see this type of behavior, just drive a few meters on the roads and your either bullied or an attempt to murder you is unfolding.

    Unfortunately nothing is going to change unless the leaders put on some glows towards its own people.

  10. _sK says:

    Well, I’ve heard a similar story from a British friend who just got back few days ago, She said the officer came to her que and tried to move her ahead to the beginning of the que because her que were south asian’s.

    when she turned him down he gave her the look and went to the beginning of the que and shouted at the asian’s to have their passports in hands on the visa stamp and pushed one of them within the line….

    Like seriously I believe after hearing Mark’s experience, it’s safe to say that the current batch deployed in the immigrant desks/section could be the worse of’em all.

  11. Dun says:

    I miss the saucy hijabi tarts with the extra makeup.

  12. Azz says:

    Development, development buddy, NOT!!

  13. Mel says:

    Everyone is a Lion in his own den

  14. Mel says:

    What can you expect when the country is listed in most unfriendly country for expats, wonder why expats still keep on coming

    • Mohammad says:

      I wonder the same thing. why don’t you leave?

      • Jami says:

        People do leave, huge turn over rate at the schools for example. I stay until I find something better, and I plan to suck as much money out of the Kuwaitis as possible before I leave.

        • Mohammad says:

          and that’s exactly why we should have less expats “sucking the money out of Kuwaitis” among other things.

          Europe is freaking out over less that 5-10% of foreigners and we have to put up with over 70% of mostly hateful, depressed under-qualified and overpaid expats.

          • mungeeman says:

            Again with the lumping all expats into one category to fit your very particular view of the situation.
            |If you mean you are getting just out of college white ppl to be teachers – then yes – a lot of europeans and north americans are coming over with absolutely no experience.

            Then you have a good chunk of the lower middle class south asian population – accountants, it professionals etc – who are OVERqualified for the amounts they are making. Then you of course have the lower classes who do the cleaning and the building – which you know, is kuwait’s own damn fault if you aren’t getting ppl that know what they are doing when it comes to construction.

            there are tiers within the expat population and some ARE overpaid and MOST are underpaid.

            I was luckily one of those who were overpaid – but did i still hate the country? yeah i did. How could anyone with any degree of empathy not hate it on some level. hate and love can exist together you know

            • Mohammad says:

              Yes, I generalized in my comment there. I feel for the south Asian community and believe they should be paid more on average and always be treated with dignity.

              Love it or hate it that’s your business, you sound level headed enough -tho not very fair- not to make outrageous statements on how you wish ill to the country and it’s people.

          • Joe says:

            Under qualified. I agree. I have no shame in admitting that I probably wouldn’t get a similar job back in my homeland (or in any developed, competitive market). And that’s exactly why I’m here, putting up with all this shit.

            But remember, I still beat all the Kuwaitis to it. :)

            The next time I come across a Kuwaiti capable of doing what I do, I’ll pack up and leave.

            • Mohammad says:

              It appears that your one of those expats who live in a bubble.

              “The next time I come across a Kuwaiti capable of doing what I do, I’ll pack up and leave.” Judging by your naive reasoning, you can’t be doing anything that required much qualification or above average intelligence.

              I for one, can almost guarantee I can do your job. Let alone all Kuwaitis with highest degrees, qualification and work experience. Work experience that they sadly got from abroad. while the likes of you come here and get the post with all your hate and prejudges.

              I bet you are from a country villainizing immigrants and refugees and painting them as blood suckers.

              So on your promise, I will give you a ride to the airport.

              • Joe says:

                95% of Kuwaitis work for the govt. Meaning, they’re on govt payroll. Hardly anyone’s “working”.

                Now for the 5% that work in the private sector – most of them have a job purely because of the Kuwaiti quota. Remove the quota and I can bet my life’s savings that the percentage will drop below 0.5%.

                Why do you think there’s a quota in the first place? Most countries have quotas for backward/poor minority communities that require special help. The rest have to face open competition.

                My HR is constantly trying to find qualified Kuwaitis who is willing to work 8 hours a day. Its a struggle. Go to any bank in Kuwait and ask the HR about it and they’ll all give you the same feedback. The best they can do is find tellers.

                Think about it – how many success stories have you heard of a Kuwaiti doing extremely well.. climbing the corporate ladder without any wasta? Kuwaitis that work hard, late hours? (excluding Business owners).

                I have come across quite a few companies where the owners (Kuwaitis) refuse to hire Kuwaitis. Why do you think that is?

                It’s time you called a spade a spade.

            • aaa says:

              What do you do out of curiosity

            • SH says:

              Do us all a favor please: Pack up and leave now buddy.

      • Nexus says:

        I left because I could. Most people I know stay due to one single reason. Family. It could be the family back in their native country or the family in Kuwait, but most of the expats I know(of whatever nationality) are willing to go through all the injustices, just so their family can have a better day because of it.

        I personally believe the tipping point will be reached soon, and there will be a mass exodus at some point.

      • Expataussiegal says:

        I did !

  15. Man says:

    I am a south asian expat who is hardworking, honest, loyal and very well educated. But,for a Kuwaiti at the immigration, on the road, in the mall I am just a speck of dust who has no self respect.
    Every time I get shouted or pushed, at the immigration. This happened yesterday too…the same officer who shouted at me was smiling ear to ear when he was talking to a “white” guy. This pure racism or the locals are just too afraid of the Westerners.
    Every-time I go out there’s at least 80% chance that I will get ill treated. That too by uneducated, arrogant, racist locals. Please don’t tell me to f*** off from this country. Probably I have been more loyal to Kuwait than most of the citizens…so back off.

  16. Mike says:

    Sorry to tell you this Mark, but you are wasting your time buddy. This is a hopeless case.

  17. Sami says:

    i “washed my hands” from this country long ago.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait until all the oil runs out and Kuwaiti’s start to respect expats. We can all agree that 90% of Kuwaitis are horrible beings and 10% are. If every Kuwaiti was like the Amir/Emir, then Kuwait would be flawless. The only reason they act this way is because they get paid for doing jack shit and just act as though oil will never run out.

    • aaa says:

      Lol when the oil runs out there will be no more expats left in Kuwait

      • zaydoun says:

        I think that was his/her point… If all the expats leave do you expect all of us Kuwaitis to roll up our sleeves and do all the hard work we never had to do before?

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m glad someone is also aware of this. I have faith in Kuwaitis like you to make Kuwait golden once again. With all the resources you have (education, scholarships to study abroad, etc), you have a chance in life. Your government is providing everything, but some people aren’t putting it to good use. If every Kuwaiti put effort into school and didn’t have to worry about financial problems, then 90% of Harvard would be Kuwaitis. Think about it. You can be the South Korea of the Gulf.

    • Mohammad says:

      What a hateful stupid comment from a leech that’s been sucking that oil money for awhile now. this is exactly why you are not treated with respect.

      when the oil runs out, we will still be in a better position than you in your poor hometown.

      • AJ says:

        You’re delusional. When the oil runs out even the Kuwaitis will leave. Especially the more educated ones that had the foresight to buy properties abroad.

      • Anonymous says:

        First of all, I’m American. Second of all, you’d be an imbecile to think that oil is a sustainable source of income. Oil prices went down more than $50 in just one year. However, you guys don’t notice because your government still pays you for doing nothing for your country (weird, I know). Oh and this is the reason why we’re not treated with respect? A guy cut me off and bumped into my car and since he was Kuwaiti and I wasn’t, I was the one fined. Kuwait is going into debt in 2017 if they keep spending money the way they are now (According to the IMF). Oh, and the only one sucking here is you sucking out the money from your government.

        P.S. I’m not saying your government is bad, and to be honest, it’s probably the best. But the people are the worst. Thanks for proving my point.

  19. sarah says:

    A business friend of mine that is a manager of a prominent company in Dubai unfortunately has to fly to Kuwait periodically for business reasons and her company pays for Emirates flights (Sidebar: Emirates should move to SST with FLYDUBAI). She was in the queue at Kuwait airport and the immigration officer called her a dog in Arabic, she is Lebanese and understood what he said, so she walked up to him and defiantly told him that she understands Arabic and not to speak to her that way, he proceeded to yell in her face that he was going to throw her in jail, so she said “Come on, let’s go!!!” He backed off. She now gets a visa paper so she just walks past the immigration desk and flashes it in their face and doesn’t queue. Moral of the Story: A dogs bark is stronger than its bite. She hates Kuwait and they wonder why they can’t attract business. All immigration/emigration officers should go through PR classes which involves manners classes – they work in the gateway for the Kuwait nation and should not act like Nazis. The most appalling airport in the world – KIA! All airports and national carriers are a reflection of that government’s status – not looking well Kuwait!

    • Burhan says:

      Re your sidebar, SST can’t handle Emirates level traffic; since Emirates doesn’t fly any small jets.

      It was designed for private aviation, and thus only small aircraft can be serviced through SST.

      Even the smallest aircraft in Emirates fleet can’t fit in the apron at SST; and Emirates has a daily A380 service to Kuwait.

      Speaking of PR classes, etc. – just look at the contrast between the immigration officers at Dubai and Kuwait.

      Its all about training. If you just accept anyone into the service, without any reprimand for their actions, then what else do you expect?

      • sarah says:

        Emirates officers go through PR classes, they also have EGATE which cuts down on the queues. That’s ashame that they can’t restructure SST terminal to handle some of their planes, they shouldn’t have to deal with this terminal at KIA either. Sidebar: I really don’t understand how this airport got the clearance to handle an A380??

      • BlarneyBob says:

        a few years back, I think Kuwait airport (or was that the airways?) personnel went through PR training via/with Burgan Bank or something.

        it’s the psychological make-up of the nation as a whole, and no amount of PR trainings can do shit, unless you train them since they are kids to be respectful.

  20. Majed says:

    shame on us. I wonder where this sick attitude comes from? what the hell is wrong with us kuwaitis? I know some of us are not like that but this scene is happening on a regular basis in immigration.

  21. Former Expat says:

    I love it when you’re waiting in line forever, and just get to the front, and then the immigration clerk decides he/she needs a bathroom/tea break. They just get up and leave, no one comes over to relieve them, so you’re stuck standing there until they come back, 10-15 minutes later.

  22. stanley says:

    This nonsense happens only in kuwait…. you gotta see how well q8tys behave when they go abroad…. one small move can land them in jail…. on a serious tone… they cudnt make a coffee themselves….

    • Salim says:

      Why learn to make coffee if you are our chaiwalla.

      “you gotta see how well q8tys behave when they go abroad” correct. Kuwaitis don’t travel to your country for work, take high paying jobs and make prejudice comments about your people.

      • AJ says:

        How can it be “prejudice” if it’s a true deduction made through years of observation and experience?

      • Human says:

        Dude chill. All these comments aren’t coming from nothing. expats over here ARE treated like crap (shamefully). Most, not all, but most Kuwaitis really do not have proper manners and respect to our fellow Human Beings who came here to do the jobs we apparently don’t want to take responsibility for. No, they didn’t leave their families and countries and their Dignity back home and came to Kuwait just to “Suck our money” or “steal our oil”.
        so man up and admit that the Kuwaiti people, our people, have a problem. they have a huge manner and disrespect problem that needs to be changed and fixed asap. don’t give them the the bullshit of “if you don’t like it here GTFO”. If you want them to really get out then get our people ready to do their jobs. by then, trust me, you’ll be crying for their help because our lazy asses aren’t ready and will never be ready do these jobs. we want the fucked up high paying gov jobs while we sit down and drink tea and staple papers or some other shit.

  23. Z says:

    Never had an issue with the immigration line; although it could have been different if I was from a different race. Some improvements the immigration service can use: 1- Have one queue with a person directing traffic to the next available officer. (Maybe 2 queues: GCC and non GCC) 2- Have one manager/supervisor on the floor monitoring the entry and exit processes. and 3- instruct the immigration officers to put a little smile on their faces and keep their smart phones on silent and in their pockets while at work.

    • Burhan says:

      They already have the following queues:

      1. GCC
      2. Non-GCC
      3. Aircrew

      • Z says:

        Hi Burhan, What I meant was to have one queue for each category(GCC, Non-GCC, Aircrew) that will cover multiple immigration agents similar to what they have at many airports (JFK and Heathrow for example). this way no single line will suffer due to an agent trying to resolve an issue with someone’s visa, is too slow, or just taking a smart phone break.

  24. Sfh5 says:

    Every time I come through the airport I just have to relax and get in such a ‘zen’ state of mind and hold myself…the things you see are shocking you could get into a fight or jailed every single time if we wanted to pick at all the ridiculous, ‘inhumane’ things that happen sometimes!

    I was coming back to Kuwait with my Canadian fiance and we stood in two adjacent lines, the officer in her line started checking her out and “loudly” speaking to the officer in my line to check her out and they started snickering to each other…my officer might have noticed my rage and evil eye so he quieted down…but seriously no respect whatsoever…

    Other than what they do to the workers and maids and so on of course…

    • Mohammad says:

      Maybe you should’ve stood up like a man and shut them up. Your story says more about you than them.

      You don’t hav to fight. maybe a stare. I’m positive that you wouldn’t be arrested for that. go back to your ‘zen’ state of mind.

      • On The Fence says:

        Problem is, Mohammad, as people have mentioned…we expats are afraid of the repercussions. I don’t even put my real name or main email address when replying in such forums for the same reasons!

        Most of us relocated here for good, and if we suddenly get thrown out, or stuck in jail, that puts us straight in the sh*t. Imagine one day you are told to get out of your home, you lost your job, yulla good luck! Same for us. We come here for various reasons. Experience, opportunity, our loved ones are here and it forces us to come…

        For me, i find it VERY hard to hold my tongue. If someone is going to disrespect me, or others in front of me, i will act, and screw the consequences. I don’t care who it is or where. Fortunately, being white here in Kuwait, i have never had that problem. My experience in the 1 year i have been here, have been positive so far. I haven’t had any un-comfort at the airport even! That said, i do find so many locals unfriendly, arrogant, rude, and ‘lordy’ (look down at you). I absolutely love how Kuwait takes care of it’s people, i admire it and wish my own country took some lessons. However, the way that Kuwaitis treat expats (not all, of course, but majority) is appalling.

        Telling people to get out of your country isn’t a solution mate. Who will serve your food? Who will nanny your kids? Who will pump your gas? Who will clean your streets? Who will build your buildings? Who will teach your youth? We expats give SO MUCH to Kuwait, and (the majority) respect the rules. We only ask to be given some respect and treated fairly, much the same as Kuwaitis are when in our home countries.

        Give us a chance to love Kuwait, and not just tolerate it.

        • Mohammad says:

          I didn’t say you or expats should leave. I am saying to those who continuously blaming all of their misfortunes to being here and keep keep saying they want to get the f out of here to go for it. We’ve lived with non-Kuwaitis all our lives and we know some don’t view Kuwait as a giant scheme to make as much money as possible.

          I am amazed on how those claiming moral superiority find it acceptable to say hideous things about the country and how they wish we run out of oil. Saying that while still living here making a good living while 60% of Kuwaiti college educated youth are either unemployed or underemployed. Two of my friends who just got their MBA can’t even get a chance in a decent job interview. All that while expats with very little work experienced are flown in for the better positions nearly in every field. and needless to say, most of the HR personnel involved in recruiting are expats who hold very negative opinions about Kuwaitis and are not shy to share them out loud.

          What would the sentiment be if that was the case in your country?

          • On The Fence says:

            It’s interesting to see it from a Kuwaiti side actually. I have always had the impression that Kuwaitis don’t need to work, don’t want to work…that’s why expats are here. From what you are saying, that isn’t always the case. If that was (and actually, to a degree, it is) the case in my country (UK), i’d sure as hell have the same attitude as you Mohammad! And to be honest i do here. When my co-workers and friends complain about Kuwait, i often tell them that no one is holding a gun to your head…get the f*** out if you don’t like it! It is such a simple notion. If you hate so much about a place that isn’t even your country, and you have the option to ‘go home’, do it!
            But then, for people like me…I am happy here, I didn’t have any serious issues so far thank god, but of course as anywhere, there are things that grind my gears and I will have a moan about, I’m not afraid to admit. Small stuff really, but still.
            In the end…I wish Kuwaitis and expats weren’t so divided. We offer a lot to your country, and you graciously host us.
            Those in the comments wishing such things on an entire country, based on the bad people they encounter, are 100% wrong to do so. The sad truth is (and we ALL do this) that we put whole groups of people into one category, based on the actions of a few. All English people are cold, all Muslims are terrorists, all Kuwaitis are rude, all black people are criminals etc. Just know, as i know not all Kuwaitis are rude (looking back, I have met some lovely and gracious people), that not all expats are dicks. A lot are (even ones i encounter as a fellow expat), but not all :)

            • Mohammad says:

              Thank you for your reasonable reply. I didn’t want to sound like I’m blaming expatriates who come here for an honest living for the misfortune of Kuwaiti graduates.

              Not all Kuwaitis are rich and we do need jobs and have ambitions naturally as people do. it’s sad to see so many unemployed youth (especially the ones who self-financed their education abroad) who after a year or two job hunting fall back to a low paying unproductive job for the government.

              I’m glad to hear that you are happy here and hope you mingle with Kuwaitis to defrost your Englishness ;)

              • On The Fence says:

                I see what you did there ;)

                Don’t worry man, the second I have a shitty experience, I will be straight back to these comments to blame you personally!

      • Sfh5 says:

        Thank you Mohammad for your very valuable comment!

        If you clearly read my comment you would have understood that I was staring them both down and so the other officer understood and quieted down!

        And yes I’ll gladly stay in my zen state of mind because people like them are not worth me getting angry and starting a scene, as well as judgmental people like yourself!

        Enjoy your country.

        • Mohammad says:

          You are welcome, and I will enjoy my country as I should.

          “Other than what they do to the workers and maids and so on of course…” who’s they? Have you spoken to a Kuwaiti ever? or do you fear deportation and imprisonment?

          My comment is judgmental, you are correct. But this could’ve happened in any country where the custom officers think you don’t speak the language. and it also can happen to Kuwaitis in Kuwaits airport, and it does.

    • aaa says:

      First of all if you’re Kuwaiti she can stand in line with you
      Second of all complain or say something

  25. Fahed says:

    Most of the jobs which are suffering in Kuwait with such kind of problems/treatment involves customer service, unfortunately no body understands the meaning of customer service in this country (Kuwaities and non-Kuwaities who have been living here for quite some time)… Police, Immigration etc are positions of power and responsibility, its common to expect such behavior from these people, but look at the people working at positions which demands you to respect your customer/clients like CSRs at banks, Telecoms etc… if you don’t like to serve/help people, change your job!!!

    • AnonToo says:

      Unfortunately there aren’t many alternative jobs where extreme arrogance and delusions of self importance are required qualifications.

  26. InQ8 says:

    Experienced it more than once. Not only the emigration officers but most Kuwaitis behave like this. lived in Salwa for years , you know how they behave in Kuwaiti neighborhoods. may god never forgive them as they know what they are doing….

  27. Neo says:

    Common Sights and Sounds at the Kuwait Airport….

    Mark, Wondering if you had recorded that and posted it all over Social Media, would that change the situation in future!?

  28. Simple_Man says:

    Sadly the only recourse would be to put a Harry Potter spell on him. Oh, they pulled the books out of the country.
    no recourse.

  29. Musaad Alawadhi says:

    As per my experience Beirut airport was worse than this!

    • Mohammad says:

      We need less expats. The comments here are more infuriating than this moron of a cop.

      uneducated and unskilled migrants are treated badly in all countries. I’ve sen it very in Europe and America. this is not a Kuwaiti problem, it’s a global one.

      With less idle foreign workforce we will have a better system, and many unemployed and underemployed Kuwaitis will find better opportunities in their own country.

      • k says:

        listen dude.

        its obvious from the comments you posted here that youre a very butthurt kuwaiti.

        there might actually be a problem in other countries where migrant, unskilled workers are treated disrespectfully. the difference is they (workers) can actually DO something about it ’cause laws are actually ENFORCED. the second law enforcement finds out youre a local, the law book goes out the window.

        and also, do you think that any of these migrant, unskilled laborers would be here if there werent actually any jobs for them in the first place!?!? and lets be fucking real pls, most kuwaitis would not replace the unskilled workforce were they given the opportunity to. sending back your migrant work force is NOT gonna provide most kuwaitis with more jobs because they DONT WANT THESE JOBS.

        but maybe it would be better to give you guys these jobs seeing as how most of you possess as much intellect as of these unskilled workers (if not lesser). who can blame you though when all most of you entitled shits do is sit your ass on your couch in your govt provided house waiting for that cheque from the govt every month so you can spend it on either a lipjob or your next batch of roids.

        • Inzain says:

          +1 to all except the last paragraph

        • Mohammad says:

          First of all it’s Kuwaiti, with Capitol K.

          Don’t talk about intellect if you think a population of 1 million should be supported by 3.5 foreigners. that a non-brainer demographic problem but obviously not to you.

          Not in any of my comments I called for the deportation of all expats. and i did not mean Kuwaitis are more deserving of labor/blue collar jobs. I meant they are more deserving of yours. And I say that because of all my Kuwait university and MBA graduate friends who can’t get an interview or a call back from the non-kuwaiti recruiters who hold similar opinions to yours. how is that not prejudice? or it doesn’t count because their just Kuwaitis.

          I’ve probably lived in a more diverse environment than you have. and I know a lot of non-Kuwaiti friends who love this country. People like Mark who wrote this post. I’m even hesitant to call them expats and would say they are deserving of the Kuwaiti nationality and are more Kuwaiti in heart than some Kuwaitis I know. But the more i read and hear of what is said I’m more convinced that we need less than the 70% of the population.

          I don’t get a check from the government. I work in the private sector and i get paid less than my non-Kuwaiti colleague. A shocker to you nimble brain maybe, but if you care to know and not just live on assumptions, ask around and see how Kuwaitis get paid less in the private sector than others in the same position.

          Your last paragraph shows how little you know. and what a hateful little k you are. “govt provided house” that’s just plain stupidity. Now this is to you specifically. if you really believe this country and it’s people are mostly entitled little shit, have some pride and leave to your shithole.

          • Mark says:

            Do you know what the ratio for Americans vs Expats would be if expats in the States weren’t given citizenship? Or the ratio of Canadians to Expats? The reason population here is 70% expats is because you have a ton of expats who have been here for decades and are still considered expats. In developed countries those expats would have integrated into society as locals but Kuwait doesn’t want to integrate expats and then complain there are too many of them. I’ve been here for 35 years and I’m still an outsider, I’m not considered a local and as soon as my residency expires I’m not welcomed here. So why are you surprised that the majority of the expat population here don’t treat Kuwait like their home. Obviously they’re gonna treat kuwait like a pitstop to make money and leave because that’s all it can be. We can’t own homes, we can’t retire here, we can’t even get permanent residency.

            I think one of the reason expats count Dubai as their home more than expats who’ve lived in Kuwait longer is because they can own property in Dubai and Dubai appreciates the expats. They know expats are helping Dubai grow and expand. In kuwait though we are thought of as a hindrance. We honestly feel unwanted and you guys keep coming up with all these laws and rules that just reflect how much we are disliked over here. Fuck I’ve been here all my life and I count Kuwait as my home much much more than I count Lebanon as my home and for the first time ever I’ve been thinking what the hell am I still doing here? How much longer can I fight to stay here. If I’m unwanted fuck it I’ll leave you know?

            • AJ says:

              Very well said! For a change, I feel you’re being honest about your feelings of living in Kuwait.

            • Mohammad says:

              I’m sorry you feel this way, and I agree about your point of integrating expats. There must be a path to citizenship or at least permanent residency to those deserving it, regardless of their ethnicity or faith.

              One thing to keep in mind in comparing Kuwait to parts of the UAE, is that the government of Dubai relies heavily on taxes on it’s businesses and residents. Which will be more guaranteed if more reside and purchase property in the oil poor emirate. But still i don’t believe this should be a basis for an issue that should be looked at humanely not financially.

              Kuwaitis are grateful for your work and passion, I hope you know that and remember all the positive feedback and love you received on your blog when in doubt. I’m hopeful that things are changing for the better. Maybe not as fast as we wish, but that’s why we need people like you Mark.

            • aaa says:

              It’s actually not that much for Americans at this point, less than 10% of Americans have a parent who was an immigrant or are immigrants. But yeah obviously the country was founded on that in the past.

              The Kuwait government is forcing these laws intentionally to get expats to leave which is unfortunate because I honestly don’t think the majority of the Kuwaiti population wants all expats to leave. In the 60s and 70s they were nationalizing people that contributed to the country which was good, then they started nationalizing people based on their ethnicity or religion to shift demographics which ended up being a massive mistake… then they thought OOPS LET’S STOP ALL NATIONALIZATION and you end up with several politically sensitive issues. Like I know you feel like it’s unfair to you (and it is) but imagine how the stateless people feel

            • aaa says:

              Hell forget that, even CHILDREN OF KUWAITI MOTHERS who live here their whole lives aren’t allowed to become Kuwaiti. Most people I know are raised much more by their mother than father, and end up speaking the dialect and adopting the culture of the mother. But they still are not considered Kuwaiti.

            • Mohammad says:

              Kuwaiti’s are called entitled little shits. I see you have no issue with that statement. Would that be OK if it was said about anyone?

          • AJ says:

            If you’re going to make fun of someone else’s grammar, at least make sure you’re not making mistakes with every sentence you write.

            The VERY SIMPLE truth is that private companies (by default owned by Kuwaitis) don’t want to hire Kuwaitis because they’re spoilt, they’re “sick” all the time, don’t do any work, and are difficult to fire.

            • Mohammad says:

              I wasn’t making sun of anyone’s grammar, and I’m not making mistakes in every sentence. And it’s spoiled not spoilt. So learn your language before correcting mine.

              “private companies don’t want to hire Kuwaitis because they’re spoilt”.
              1. Owners don’t hire nor fire. It’s HR department who (just like you) stink of prejudices about the people of this country.
              2. Your generalizing claim that Kuwaitis are spoiled is a reason and a symptom of the employment problem we have here. and that’s why i say we need more of them and less of your type.

          • ManoftheMoment says:

            BTW it’s capital K not Capitol K but continue to talk about intellect.

            • Mohammad says:

              wow, you’re the guy that wins discussing correcting typos.
              A lot of your fellow expats in this blog make sure not to capitalize Kuwait and Kuwaiti, while making sure everything else is properly typed. That says more about them than any argument they have.

              • AJ says:

                That is actually the craziest thing I have read on this blog.

                I wonder if your fellow kuwaitis feel as strongly about Expats, British, and Americans as you do.

                • Mohammad says:

                  My feelings are not about western expats. I most probably know more of them than you do. this is a reaction to your type of individuals who make a living they never dreamed of in Kuwait and still find it necessary to bash the country and it’s people.

                  And still you insist on not capitalizing Kuwait. You are just another little s#it who can’t look a Kuwaiti in the eye out of fear of deportation.

                  The more comments I read the more I’m convinced that a lot of you need to be thrown out.

                • Mohammad says:

                  out of curiosity, what do you great white folks of your country think of the middle eastern migrants there?

                  I those poor 5% are called all sorts of names.

        • Ali says:

          Your comment makes me want to punch a white guy. I hope that random person will be you.

  30. Mohammad says:

    We need less expats. The comments here are more infuriating than this moron of a cop.

    uneducated and unskilled migrants are treated badly in all countries. I’ve sen it very in Europe and America. this is not a Kuwaiti problem, it’s a global one.

    With less idle foreign workforce we will have a better system, and many unemployed and underemployed Kuwaitis will find better opportunities in their

    • Dude says:

      We need less expats? Really? That’s your solution to the problem. That somehow by having less expats, the airport officers will magically become better. The root of the problem is lack of enforcement and the way they were raised.

      • Mohammad says:

        You’re right. i was angry of the Kuwaiti bashing comments and I over reacted. Yes this cop is an idiot and this reflex badly on the country.

        But the sentiment remains really. too much hate this country and it’s people are getting from expatriates. and we do have to depend on ourselves more and get a chance for growth in our country instead of relying on foreigners. that’s not crazy talk. It’s the moral thing to do.

    • LOL says:

      if the expats are taking the locals jobs, then the locals must realize how unworthy and uneducated they are.

      • aaa says:

        It’s not really a compliment, expats are chosen because you can pay them less than half what a Kuwaiti would be paid for the same work.

        • dee says:

          From experience thats not true, Kuwaitis don’t get better salaries. The company can pay them whatever salary and the government pays them the financial support (da3m) to raise their salaries. Therefore, companies can easily employ kuwaitis without the financial burden, but for many reasons they chose not to.

          • mungeeman says:

            only if you take into account the ‘salary’ amount – thats not to mention what is left behind for pension or other benefits and the amount of free stuff – you gotta take the whole package into account.

            And also you are completely ignoring the number of underpaied expats. of course you are getting paid than the thousands of asians and arabs working in construction and cleaning. its ignorant to say otherwise and you cant unless you lump ALL expats in one cateogry

          • aaa says:

            I’m a Kuwaiti working in private. IMO I’m underpaid but Indian expats are way, way, way underpaid. They will definitely hire an indian and brit for the same job and pay one half of the other.

    • mungeeman says:

      hahaha wait wait – asian expats are unskilled and uneducated? let me tell you man that there plenty of uneducated (despite the education) and unskilled groups here. – it includes western expats but most definitely kuwaitis. This cop for instance.

      and if you think the VERY mild comments on here – which are completely justified – are worse than a cop punching an expat for no reason – then YOU are the same breed as that shithead and a person that should be locked up on account of being a psychopath

  31. Sam says:

    Lion in his own den huh!!!
    Is that why they can’t protect for their own nation?
    hmmm i fail to understand why they need protection from the west!

  32. James says:

    You Reap what you sow.

  33. aaa says:

    Last time I came (Right after this most recent eid) it was still the women and they were actually being pretty respectful to everyone in line. It was also right after Hajj though so maybe they brought out the friendly people I dunno

  34. Reem says:

    I really wish if these posts are in Arabic too, mark. It would reach a much bigger audience of Kuwaitis. Anyways, I would be happy to translate this post and send it to accounts like q8needsyou or many other kuwaiti accounts these days that are concerned with these type of problems. Better than being a sitting duck…

    • Mark says:

      Thanks but I’d rather not attract that crowd since they don’t know me and so would misinterpret my post.

      • Kuwait says:

        Benihana na na na :(

      • Reem says:

        I wont mention who it is that expressed the problem. The accounts usually dont show the identities of the people complaining.

      • Reem says:

        And I can pretty much bring it up in a different way like not a litteral translation. With my own words in it. This is a general problem we all see with our own eyes so yeah…

        • Dave says:

          As sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, I am deeply sorry for my sarcastic comment Reem. AJ and Mark will both let you know I have a terrible sense of humour.

          It’s lucky for me that such witless people can still make a fortune in Kuwait. I’m going to eat some cash now and leave you all alone. There are plenty more hamour in the sea!

    • On The Fence says:

      Reem, you could still bring it up in a different way. I agree, better to highlight the issue. It may well result in a new generation acting a different way.

      • Reem says:

        Yeah I’ll express it on my behalf. I dont mind.

        • mungeeman says:

          go for it – and i dont see why we cant complain anonymously ABOUT that cop. he is an asshole and needs to be stopped. psychopaths like that are not just doing it to the person you see.

  35. Fahed says:

    Have you been to any of istanbul airports :) recently a Saudi family got beaten to the extent that their PM sent an apology.

    Regardless of the guy attitude, its not the aviation issue. Its the issue when you let people with no high school certificate be the interface of the country. They couldn’t finish school, how in the world they will be suitable enough to work as immgraition officers. ( Most of them take special courses after Middle School and then divided among places that needs police forces )

    • mungeeman says:

      Fahed i am aware of this but it is because the Turks HATE kuwaitis and saudis. A few years ago a Kuwaiti in line STARTED a fight with me just out of the blie – we had just arrived from Kuwait to istanbul and he was under the illusion that he still had any power. He came up to and got in my face. I reacted and the shades flew off his face and broke. He said he was going to call the Turkish police. He did. As soon as they realised he was Kuwaiti they did nothing. THey knew there was no way I started the fight and that this guy was an asshole.

      I’m not saying its good that they generalised all kuwaitis. of course it isnt. but this guy was an asshole and im guessing theyve seen plenty come through. Another friend told me that in clubs they often have to beat up Kuwaiti guys who try and hit on the local girls.

  36. Inzain says:

    Don’t see how he looked was relevant but hey it’s your blog

  37. PedroD says:

    What would you expect if you hire un behaved un educated people.. I see this treatment from all the places where you need the best actually for example police and airport employee’s

  38. Angry Bird says:

    We may get a new grander and sleek airport and it is to be hoped eventually, KU may get its act together after all but unless there is a sea change in attitudes and racial tolerance, nothing is going to really change.
    It truly is never about the bricks and mortar but has everything to do with the human
    element or the lack of it, in this case.

    Spare a thought to the hapless domestic underlings in his employ at home or the sex slave cum wife with whom he must have spawned like a wild bunny. What the officer needs are lessons in meditation, yoga, anger management and yes, a castration to close the loop.

  39. Security Adviser says:

    Some one mentioned UAE immigration officers compared to Kuwaiti Immigration officers that’s like comparing Apples to Oranges. I know for a fact that the Emirati officers are quite highly educated. I know this because a consultancy firm I have worked with have been responsible for the guidelines that recruit these officers. Besides the minimum educational requirements and the mandatory knowledge of both the Arabic and English languages it is required that they master one foreign language including Hindi which is most widely spoken south Asian language in the middle east. Also they are required to speak in English to all foreign nationals who arrive at the airport unless of course they are Arabs. I was pleasantly surprised one time when I was at the airport when I heard a call go out for a Swahili speaker and a young Emirati gentleman in uniform actually showed up to help this African couple with complete courtesy and politeness. If that couple were in Kuwait that couple would have rebuked, criticized, mocked and would have ended up in a holding area until some African Embassy official would have showed up to help them. Yeah Kuwait is lovely that way .. You aint Kuwaiti or a western expat so it sucks to be you. Get used to it or as some love to say GTFO .

    • aaa says:

      That’s actually really impressive. If only our government had standards when it hired Kuwaitis for these jobs instead of just filling up people based on a quota they have to reach

  40. Sossy says:

    This is sad but unfortunately not surprising (and almost expected). I’ve been in Kuwait for over 3 years and I personally like it but then again I don’t face as much discriminating and mistreatment as other non-Western expats. I have met a brunch of great Kuwaiti people but I do agree there are those that ruin the reputation of the community. Your first impression when you land in Kuwait is not the best and that impression usually gives you a preview of what the country will be like. Let’s keep in mind that like with any news, people focus on the bad rather than the good, but sometimes the bad is just so horrendous here. And these horrible stories are repeated (with Kuwaitis even using these stereotypes in their favor – e.g. my colleague always boasts that he doesn’t have to show up at work since he’s Kuwaiti and it’s his country so he can get away with being lazy).

    When I here “GTFO of Kuwait if you don’t like it,” I have a few thoughts. I agree that it’s my choice to stay. I can either accept the circumstances and stay for my personal reasons or stay and try to change my circumstances (this takes time and effort). I’m scared to think what will happen to Kuwait when all the expats decide it’s just not worth it to stay – I’m pretty sure the country will crumble. Rather than reminding non-Kuwaitis they are expats and will always be considered that, why not make them feel welcomed and included?

    I don’t understand why it’s so hard to understand (I’m talking about my place of work too), the better people (most of them) are treated, the harder they work and the more they do to improve that company because it will in turn benefit them. Of course, you always have the few that decide to take advantage and try to ruin it for everyone but that’s a small minority.

    I hope they reconsider who they place at the airport because it is an important location which makes a first impression for those coming into the country and last impression for those leaving the country.

  41. Reaper says:

    السلام عليكم
    This incident is very horrible! I feel ashamed of the Kuwaiti’s behavior. Not so shocking because you get to see it every other day.
    But Alhmdulillah I have never experienced anything till now. But I know these Kuwaiti’s consider expats & I would like to mention name of certain countries- India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Phillipines as piece of shit.
    May Allah protect us against these morons.

  42. mak says:

    same time as your travel dates, i came back to kuwait and the immigration guy was on the phone for 10 minutes (not even a headset like the make up junkies before)and ignoring the whole lane. please bring back makeup junkies

  43. truly says:

    A person’s family upbringing plays an important role in his/her values and how they treat another person. There are enough examples of Kuwaiti people who have been brought up well and treat others well.Everyone’s personal environment impacts their personalities in either a negative way or positive way and shapes their character. When a child grows up in an environment where intolerance and disrespect to a certain demographic is common then how will that child ever realise that what they are doing is wrong even all the way untill they are adults and someone points it out to them. Tolerance doesn’t come naturally. Tolerance and respect is a value that is influenced upon an individual by their parents behaviour at an early stage; by teacher/guardians influence at a later stage; and influenced by society/friends/companions attitude at an even later stage. But the earliest stage is the most impactfull. Because that’s when a parents role determines what the child will grow up to be.
    Parents should take their roles seriously.

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